Jan Knibbs: Fashion’s Triumphant Achiever


Around this time last year, I met designer, Jan Knibbs in London, during the chaos of London Fashion Week. After my work was done there I headed to a not-so-typical work-related event showcasing a vast amount of emerging talent amidst the weekly excitement.

Knibbs displayed garments from her collection for a fashion savvy crowd to view. I remember taking a closer look at her creations backstage. With each glance, it was like discovering hidden gems embedded in dramatic threads of whimsy florals. I caught up with Knibbs a few weeks ago to chat with her about her designs.

Of course, initially, it was the lace and flowery romance seen in Knibbs’ garments that captured my attention given my reverence for details with a costumed embrace. “Hmm, most interesting,” I thought with a pleasing nod, and soon I would find out even more behind these fanciful concoctions.

Photo: Jack Willingham 

“I  don’t think I really know where I sort of belong, I’m not mainstream fashion."

Photos: (Above left) Kris Talikowski, (Right) Jack Willingham

Knibbs uses silks, feathers, and Swarovski crystals, amongst other materials in her designs. The multi-award winning fashion and textile designer is very down to earth considering her esteemed accolades. It was very inspiring and easy to speak with her about her faithful beginnings and career.

“It’s been sort of a gradual build up … it’s especially difficult marketing, because I am not based in London," Knibbs said.  

Throughout the collection you'll find a variety of options from specialised bridesmaid’s pieces to red carpet events. But, her one-of-a-kind items are what keep many admirers coming back for more. The excellence in her craftsmanship truly shows in the embroidery pieces, which are an eyeful alone. 

Yes, the very feminine woman, perhaps even quirky styled dreamer type of lady would wear these garments. However, if you’re simply a lover of blooms interpreted into artful threads you’ll definitely appreciate them too!

“I don’t think I really know where I sort of belong, I’m not mainstream fashion. I’m also interested in wearable art. It’s sort of in-between all of them really, art, craft, and fashion! It doesn’t really fit into one category,” Knibbs said, regarding her works.
Jan Knibbs Press UK Designers
    Photo: Marek Neumann   

Aside from making couture Knibbs also has an upcycling service that she offers to clients. With this ethical mindset, she takes existing pieces, whether it be appliqués or garments, and creates novelty pieces. “Sometimes people just want little bits of fabric that they want me to incorporate or even old bits of jewellery. I’ve done quite a few things like that for weddings … so it can be really personal,” Knibbs said.

A few personal favourites are her embellished neck and shoulder pieces. They have just the right amount of over the top glam added to them.

So, what’s next on Knibbs’ agenda? You can expect to see more of her works in an upcoming collaboration with famed Iraqi-British designer, Reem Alasadi for Tokyo Fashion Week.

If you are in the area catch Jan Knibbs participating in the annual Herefordshire Art Week (h.Art).

For more information or enquiries visit: www.janknibbs.com
London Designers Helen Machin Photo
    Photo: Helen Machin

Getting to Know Jan Knibbs ...
On influences:
Christian Lacroix, and Alexander McQueen. This is something that I’ve always wanted to do. It’s always been a passion and I’ve just sort of never given up really!

On most proud works:
I’m quite proud of some of the competitions that I’ve won, receiving the British Bridal Award in the embroidery category, and in the Hand and Lock competition winning the Swarovski award for embroidery.

Do you have any words of wisdom to give aspiring designers?
Stay true to yourself and work hard! Stay after it! It’s literally taken me about 30 years to build up to where I am now; it’s not an overnight success!

Photos courtesy of Jan Knibbs


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