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Sweet Vanities

Okay, so you're not exactly shouting Fa-la-la-la-la  from the rooftops yet, and if you're a busy fashionista like me then you're likely pondering the best times to get the ball rolling. Of course, with loads of sale advertisements filling your inbox you may still be in shock saying to yourself, "wasn't it just November?" (dramatic pause)

It's alright you needn't fret just yet. I was right there with you! There is still plenty of time to get your gifting wants, wishes, and loves in order. Between the free-shipping hubs online, and my favourite 50% off or more discounted flash sales tempting us all as fast as you can say, "Grande non-fat latte, thank you!" That's right, Christmas cheer has officially begun!

Since most of everyone that I know went off shopping for giftables and such I was determined to have a relaxing spa day somewhere into the weekend welcoming of December. My little sister was in town for a visit, and yes, we had a bit of a girl's day. Nothing too extravagant, just brunch ... then the powder room of rejuvenation commenced!

Don't get me wrong, we did shop later on as well, but for ourselves! A little spending here and there after a busy week felt marvellous, although I acquired more skincare and legwear than actual garments (I shall be wearing them soon).

Right, now I can continue to do my Christmas shopping for others, which is pretty stress-free at the moment, thanks to the (CBW) Click, Buy, and Wrap It button on my laptopvirtually making those once hard-to-buy-for people the easiest to purchase for in seconds type of people, and without even using your own giftwrap or scissors. But, don't judge too much, I do wrap some gifts.

As for this outfit, it's one of my shopping outfits that I wore some time ago! I love this heart printed blouse. The soft pink hue encompassed by black hearts was fitting that day, as I was going through such a weird time. I love the irony of a feminine and funky blouse with a dark-hearted edge.

It sort of exudes an attitude of style both lady-like and tough girl, yet also demanding a causal smile in passing with its romantic wink of pink colour. If this blouse could speak that day, it would probably say, hey there, "I'm kindhearted, but mama, don't take no mess!"

Well, I am absolutely officially in the Christmas spirit, so all is well! Did you score fabulously over the weekend?

Happy December! 

Next up ... a touch of holiday cheer from my crafting treasure chest so stay tuned. In the meantime, here's a song to get you in the Christmas mood here!

The goods: Heart printed blouse-Marshalls, Collar-DIY, Denim-Express, Handbag-Vintage, Spike earrings-Burlington Coat Factory, Swallow necklace/Aeroplane necklace-Maylee's Jewelry, Tank-H&M, Riding boots-Banana Republic.

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