Brow Beauty: Anastasia's Bold and Beautiful Kit


It's the beginning of a new week and first off I would like to congratulate the three winners of my giveaway with Tic Sweden: the fab lovelies, Vix, Cheryl, and Kimbim!

Bold & Beautiful Kit:
Secondly, I decided to give the new Bold & Beautiful (eyebrow) kit from Anastasia of Beverly Hills a try. Like most of their brand marketing, there's a visually appealing instructional booklet with well-guided tips for various uses. But, this time the brow kit included mini tweezers with the complete set.

You may remember the See and Be Seen kit last season or the Beauty Expressthis version is a simple followup to define your eyebrows, freshen up your lids for spring, and learn a bit as well if you're not too savvy in the brow shaping and colouring business.

What To Expect:
The kit is cleverly styled like a beauty novel case set. In Vol. I: Bold Brows it includes a mini duo brush, tweezers, and tinted pomade and Vol. II: Beautiful Eyes includes matte and shimmering eye shadows in neutrals and a peach pink colour. The shadows may be used wet or dry to create a subtle look or a more intensely preferred look.

To be honest, I have recently been going to my friend who does an amazing job at threading eyebrows, so I had to wait to use this kit so that I could get the full effect. I started slowly tweezing away, which I don't usually need to do much of because I actually like the natural arch of my brows. Then, I just followed the outline of how I wanted to define the shape of my brows. Mobile uploads below:
Anastasia Beverly Hills Product Reviews
Anastasia Beverly Hills - Beauty Bloggers

I love this kit's version of bold brows. I find the powder and pomade to be richer and easier for grooming, resulting in a nice smooth finish. The shadows are nice, however I like the neutrals more this time than the colour (see more below). Shade four was also my favourite. This kit would be great for travelling, as the size is perfect and compact as well..

None ... Well, it's really more of a preference! I prefer the deeper eye shadows of the "Want you to Want Me Kit" for creating my version of "A Catty Eye," smoky eye, or merely in general. But, that might be because my eyes are very almond shaped and I tend to play upon that best. 

The Verdict:
All in all, this gets a 7 out of 10. A worthy palette and likely versatile for most people! 

This kit is available at,  You may also find it at Sephora and Nordstroms.
Product: Bold & Beautiful Kit: Courtesy of Anastasia Beverly Hills.
All opinions expressed are my own. 


  1. francesca romana capizzi18 February

    Ooooh i want to try it too!!
    Don't Call Me Fashion BloggerFacebookBloglovin'

  2. Valerie Brems18 February

    Great post. I love the result. Subtle but pretty. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I like this and Will check to find it here!
    Your brows look amazing!

  4. Lilli C.18 February

    They are so cool and inspire me a lot, I'd love to use and try them too! Great review! Happy Monday dear! xo

  5. Fab review, darling!
    I have this kit too and I love it!


  6. I have no idea how to use the wax palette for brows....I use a waterproof automatic pencil from sephora. $14 a pop ;)

  7. Dainty Doll18 February

    Gorgeous review, love the look on you :)) I hope you have a splendid week doll xx

  8. Erika Sorocco18 February

    Your brows look fantastic! I have heard such incredible things about Anastasia products - I must try them for myself one of these days.  :)

  9. Vix Brearley18 February

    Your brows look lovely, really natural and neat. Mine are tattooed on. x

  10. she's the best when it comes to brows! i admit i don't fill my in because i think they're too bushy already :/

  11. Your brows do look great!

    PS I have a giveaway
    happening right now! hope you'll enter So
    Fresh and So Clean Giveaway

  12. Love that eye makeup on you! Absolutely gorgeous :)

  13. I'm really digging the packaging! They look like mini books!

  14. Great review. I've seen this, and was wondering if it's good. Glad to know it is:)


  15. LGreaves18 February

    Yeah, I usually don't mess with my eyebrows...they're thick enough as it is haha. I just keep them plucked and call it good ;)

    Trendy Teal

  16. Sam @ Frills & Thrills18 February

    This sounds like such a cute and user friendly kits, I am impressed by your photos, you're brow and eyes look fantastic!

  17. Thanks Laura! Right, they certainly always have amazing packaging. :)

  18. I think you would like this kit, they have several this one was great since it included tweezers, which were very nice.

  19. Oh, for some reason I thought you had tried them, yes, as a whole very quality products! xo Thanks doll! 

  20. Thanks Ofelia, haha, yes I was a bit tired, hence the mobile upload, and just kept my glasses on. xo Hope your day is going well.

  21. Definitely! Glad that I wasn't the only one who thought that. I love a smoky eye! :) x

  22. cute frames (bottom right)!

  23. Great job! It's been awhile, but I tried her kits awhile ago and loved them. I started going to someone and they did a good job. Now I'm back to doing my own (saving money). Eyebrows are a must! They really do shape the entire face.

  24. This looks like a pretty cute & easy to use kit. Your brows look fantastic!

  25. I would love to try this kit! 


  26. Nice review! Sometimes it's good to have a kit, makes things easier.

  27. AlexisGrace19 February

    Bold brows are really such great statements and do such a great job of framing a face.  This sounds like a great kit!

  28. Rowena Rolala Loves19 February

    It sounds like this kit make brow shaping a cinch and I love how yours came out as well as your specs.

    Rowena @ rolala lovesEnter my iPad Clutch Giveaway!

  29. Thanks Rowena, Yes, this kit is quite easy to use, which is nice. :)

  30. Definitely! Thanks!  :)/Madison

  31. I agree Kim, well-groomed brows are a must. Thanks for your comment dear.

  32. Oh thanks Lilli, glad that you were inspired.  :) xo

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