Candied Romance: Spring Style


With every seasonal change there's always certain items of repetition that one pulls from their wardrobe, be it a go to jacket or even a favourite accessory. But, this spring and summer I have decided to incorporate at least one item that I don't typically gravitate toward. For me, it's shift dresses: a very simple body silhouette.

Although, I actually have several shift dresses in my closet I don't usually wear them too often. In this style board (seen below) I paired a romantic floral print with an edgier wooden heel.

At the moment I am drawn to artful footwear worn with softer palettes for spring. I also decided to go for a more modern version of the dress, and have been admiring the slightly boxy and vibrantly hued styles lately. Because, let's face it, me and colour ... well, we are already fully acquainted!

 ACNE Burberry

Above: My top five style flavourings: (1)Givenchy Albertina PVC Sandal more here, (2)Stella McCartney Floral Jacquard Jacket other styles here, (3)Acne Green Short Sleeve Dress (4)Burberry Berkeley Mini Leather Shoulder Bag, (5)Yves Saint Laurent Exaggerated Cat Eye Sunglasses. All items found on Lyst.

Have you taken any risks this season with your fashion choices? Even in the smallest way? Are you implementing colour in your wardrobe ... wearing less colour? Perhaps, just adding accessories and splurging on nicer shoes this season is crossing enough uncharted territory for you. Whatever it may be, I would love to hear about it in the comments!

Crafty Update:
Lastly, remember this fabric? Well, if you follow me on Instagram, then you've likely seen the pencil skirt that I finally finished and designed. Of course, sometime in the future I will wear again and style on the blog. The fabric was just too adorable to not do anything with it!

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  1. the apple green and bright red make for an excellent pairing, and i love how the blazer ties it in.

  2. I love shift dresses too Madison! They're like a plain canvas just waiting to drawn on. I love how you accessorized the one above. I'm trying florals, bolder stripes and some brighter colors. I'll peek them into my blog posts here and there. Great fabric! I love that print! Have a happy Easter doll

    1. Definitely Kim, great analogy! They are quite like a blank canvas asking to be accesorised and styled! :-) Thanks dear! Have a great Easter! xx

  3. francesca romana capizzi29 March

    I'd dare those shoes, they are gorgeous!!

    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger



  4. Alexis Grace29 March

    First off, those heels are fantastic!!!!
    As for my fashion risks. I have a confession. I spent the last couple months (leading up to and following the birth of my daughter) in fashion hibernation (expect to see that phrase on NoH soon- working on a post on this topic!). So since I moved to Singapore I have made a confession to truly put together a look every day. With a baby this can be challenging. So basically, everything is fashion risk these days!!!!

  5. kim bim29 March

    Wow! perfect set, the perspex heels are fantastic, i just got one from asos they are very posh,am so loving the acne green dress too, i want :)

  6. I agree! I really LOVE that dress! The colour is gorgeous! Thanks for your comment Adeola!

  7. Thanks Daniella, Enjoy your Easter weekend as well dear. xx/Madison

  8. Yes, I heard it was great, and I will be catching up with her this wkd. actually. Thanks! Happy weekend Lilli. xx

  9. Some great items! The shoes are very original and the bag is so lovely :)

  10. Akinyi Ragwar30 March

    Love the selection. My favorite items are #1, 4, 5!

    xoxo Akinyi

  11. ofelia30 March

    The green dress is something that I'm into this spring because I love emerald green and I sued not to see much of it before but is in all of the stores and even in many of my favorite thrift stores.
    Happy Easter to you and to your family.

  12. LGreaves30 March

    Its funny...if you look back at my old posts, you'd see how extremely colorful I'd get with my wardrobe. Lately I've been implementing a more simply style with my closet and have slowly lessened the doses of color. Its interesting to see. Haha, anyway, LOVE those wooden heels! *_*

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    Trendy Teal

  13. Gorgeous selections!
    Love those sandals!


  14. This looks so cute and I love to add some color too. Beautiful dress and the sandals are to die for. Too bad I can´t afford them. Happy Easter!!!



  15. Sapphire City30 March

    Love that dress! I have a necklace giveaway going on at if you'd like to enter! x

  16. SACRAMENTO Amate30 March

    Love and want the dress, ahhhhhhhhhhhh

  17. Erika Sorocco30 March

    I LOVE that bag - the color is phenom! I've been buying loads of mint pieces - shoes, tops...I love pastels for the spring! :)

  18. Thanks Ofelia! Happy Easter to you too! xx

  19. I agree, it's very interesting reflecting on our own style. I used to always wear black and grey growing up, even though I've always loved bright colours as well. :)

  20. I probably ought to have taken a few more risks with style over my pregnancy but it's been so darn cold in London for the past 5 months that I never got really excited! Now that Spring is slowly arriving maybe I'll get a chance to bring in some colour.

    Now those heels got me swooning in a big way! They're gorgeous!

  21. I'd pick the dress, the bag and the sunglasses!


  22. krystal/avillagetown.com31 March

    i think i'm a fan of those shoes! happy easter!

  23. Eva Wu31 March

    great trends!

  24. loving these picks! the colors are perfect :)

  25. Margaret Cruzemark31 March

    I love the Givenchy scandals and the Acne dress. Great choices my dear.
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  26. miss b bobochic31 March

    It's too cold here to be wearing lovely spring clothes but when it warms up, I would be happy to wear the floral jacket you featured here.

  27. I love the shoes, I need to invest in a bit more colour this spring as my wardrobe has slowly become devoid of it.

  28. I know the sandals ... swoon! Happy Easter! :)

  29. Yes, hopefully warm temps will come your way soon. xx Happy Easter Missb. /M

  30. Thank you. Happy Easter!

  31. Thanks so much Margaret! xx :-)

  32. I think we all may go through a colourless (fashion) period in some way, although I suppose mine just never lasts too long, lol. Thanks for your comment. :)

  33. Happy Easter, my love.


    Lots of Love,

  34. mosamuse01 April

    LOVE those shoes!! so fun

  35. :-) Hope you had a great Easter! Thanks!

  36. Dainty Doll02 April

    Gorgeous pieces! I like the dress and jacket. My wardrobe usually gets jumbled up each season, but sometimes it stays the same. Sometimes I wear black in spring/summer and colours in winter. Just depends on my mood.I love that fabric, so sweet. I hope you had a wonderful Easter doll & wish you a gorgeous week xx

  37. Thanks doll! I do the same, haha, wearing summer/winter garments all year round. Plus, I love a great jacket anytime! Will be back to the blog later this week. Wishing you a lovely day. xx/Madison