Style Savouring: A Quick Fix


Sometimes the unthinkable happens, you know when you pick up the typical his and her dry cleaningonly this time it's from a new place and the surprise is that they ruined one of your garments! Yes, lesson learned.

It almost never happens, however I ventured out to try a couple of different places regarding special laundering services, which was certainly needed for several garments. Although, in the end the damages were covered, it did not nearly take the place of my item that was once ... a dress. The hem, now significantly shorter needed a reason to remain in my wardrobe.

Perhaps looking on the "bright side," this dress was already shorter than I had wanted it to be initially, but now I would definitely not have any other option other than to pair it with layering pieces underneath. This time I chose denim instead!
 Urban outfitters Skater dress
I bought this pair of skinny jeans during Christmas holiday shopping, and I must say, they are incredibly comfortable. The fit feels very nice. The fabric has a luxe and versatile hand to it and I love how I can almost wear them as regular pants. Most people could not tell that they were denim. I wore these a few weeks ago, incorporating them into a work ensemble, then wore them again with this look.

Sure, it was a classic garment going wrong, but with good intentions that turned into a wonderful and clearly fixed solution! All thanks to the dry cleaning service that I will likely not visit again. But, I thought savouring every part of this dress was worth it!

Do you have any garments in your closet that you've needed to alter in order to "make it work," so to speak?
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The goods: Skinny Jeans-Gas Jeans, Crop Trench-Topshop, Heels-Gifted/seen here (buy similar), Skater cut-out dress worn as top-Urban Outfitters, Tee-H&M, Vintage leather clutch-Brandahl Sweden. *I am also linking up with Elena, of DC in Style for spring


  1. Love the outfit with the jacket! Nice!

  2. francesca romana capizzi12 March

    Well your dress is now a cute top! I love this outfit!
    Don't Call Me Fashion BloggerFacebookBloglovin'

  3. Dainty Doll12 March

    It's gorgeous...what a shame that happened, but I really think you saved it with the skinnies! This has happened to me & most likely loads of people and I do the same, whatever goes too short I put a pair of skinnies on and keep wearing it. Hope you have a great day petal xx

  4. well... i love this top. never know when you get something great.
    awesome pants! I would wear them constantly

    Inside and Outside Blog
    P.S. I'm hosting an international 2 friendship bracelets giveaway on my blog here check it out!

  5. Daniella12 March

    Oh I'm sorry to hear the dry cleaners ruined your dress, It's always a fear of mine when I take my clothes to the dry cleaners. Anyway you made the dress work, I love how you styled it and that cropped trench is so chic, lovee it :)

    Take care and enjoy your week,
    Daniella xox

  6. This is such a cute look - love that cropped trench!

    The Other Side of Gray

  7. The dress works really, really well as a tunic!  You did a great job in repurposing it dear!
    I've had bad dry cleaner experiences and now try to hand wash when I can. You can never be too careful!

    xoxo,Chic 'n Cheap Living

  8. Sam @ Frills & Thrills12 March

    Its doesn't look like jeans! It looks like a well tailored pair of work pants. I love this look even more with the chic coat.

  9. Lilli C.12 March

    Hi Madison, I like how you wore the dress as top, so nice and creative combo! Love the trend, looking good dear! Kisses! xo

  10. Oh bummer for sure - but you've totally made lemonade from a lemons here.  The dress looks awesome as a tunic over the skinnies - I would have never guessed that it wasn't originally supposed to be that way.  The little swingy trench is adorable too!

  11. Erika Sorocco12 March

    Oh how I love this look, Madison. I have never actually had to alter a garment before {thankfully}. Digging that swingcoat - it is the perfect balance for skinny jeans!  :)

  12. Gorgeous look, darling!
    Love those skinnies!


  13. kim bim12 March

     love the way you styled it up with the jacket, i loveeeeeeeeee your heels you look super chic!!!

  14. I absolutely hate it when a dry cleaner ruins a great piece...its why we take themt o the professionals in the first place! glad though you've found another use for this amazing dress turned shirt!

  15. Sharon S12 March

    That dress still looks cute as a top! Glad you can still wear it!

    The Tiny Heart
    Avon Giveaway!

  16. Kim A.12 March

    oh madison! i've definitely been there. hahaha such a cute dress. i love the pants you're wearing underneath and that jacket looks so good on you. i've either given the garment away or thrown it away. LOL so glad you were able to work with yours. you look too cute doll!

  17. I'm loving it! Xo Megan,

  18. I hate when that happens!! However, it forces us to be creative. I love your dress as more of a tunic now. Super cute!!

  19. DemiMist12 March

    Very beautiful photos!
    I like the outfit and the colours.

  20. AlmostStylish12 March

    Looks still cute though!


  21. Viktoriya Sener12 March

    You look like Hollywood diva! Very interesting and stylish look!

  22. Rachel12 March

    LOVE the trench.. so chic!

  23. SACRAMENTO Amate12 March

    Always fabulous, my dearest Madison.

  24. Veshoevius12 March

    I have had drycleaners ruin clothes and then have the cheek to say that the garment was obviously not meant to be drycleaned.  Kudos for salvaging the dress in a positive way. Love the little cropped mac too! I have a back log of alterations and repairs I have to deal with this year!

  25. Dry cleaning lessons we all learn at a point.
    You save it and look amazing wearing it too.

  26. LGreaves13 March

    Loooove this chic look for day! Perfect skinnies and heels :)

    Trendy Teal

  27. Yeah, I'm so happy that I could salvage it, lol. Thanks doll. enjoy your week.

  28.  It was quite a disappointment, but I'm happy that it all worked out in the end. Thanks for your comment dear. :-)

  29. Thanks Erika! Oh, you're soooo lucky to never had to alter anything. I'm glad all if good now, so it's okay. xx

  30.  I thought so as well, yes they are my favourite pair of denim at the moment. xo

  31. Thank you. It seems that many have shared experiencing a few dry cleaner episodes of their own. So, glad that most people understand. xx

  32. Oh, yes, I have had to experience that one, which is not fun at all. But, fortunately this disappointing experience didn't have me kick off too much, lol ... although, very irritating.
    Thanks for your comment. 

  33.  Oh, thank you. Well, glad that it looks that way! And, yes, loads of lemonade was made in this case. :-) xo

  34. This is one of your best outfits! 


  35. Very nice your look. I love your heels!Alessia
    Video outfit YOUTUBE

  36. Slim, trim, sassy and fabulous! 
    I've a few dresses that need taking in but I have to be in the mood before I get to business with my seam ripper or it'll end in disaster. x

  37. Maiken M13 March

    I can't remember stuff like that from my experiences... or maybe many years ago my mother ruined something.. or was it my grandmother.. gosh, I don't remember. anyway, your dress/tunic still looks great and that's the most important part. I love the layering of this outfit btw. reminds me of spring and makes me dream about warmer days :)


    Maikeni blogi - part of

  38. Kstylick13 March

    I love this fashion blog. Maybe we could follow each other on Bloglovin and/or GFC?

    Please leave me a comment on my blog and I will follow you!

  39. miss b bobochic13 March

    That's the perfect way to rescue the dress. When I saw the photo I couldn't have guessed that it used to be a dress! I love your neutral jacket - just what I'm looking for for spring.  

  40. Lola Finn13 March

    Wooooow, you look so nice today!! :) Love those hot shoes!!

  41. OH NO!  That is my worst nightmare!  I'm so sorry!  On the plus side, I love that cropped trench!

  42.  Thanks so much missb! xx

  43. That skater cut-out dress is so pretty!

  44. Oh to Be a Muse13 March

    I've definitely had to alter some things to make them work. I think this dress works great as a tunic!

  45. I'm ready for springtime, so glad it reminds you of that. Thanks for your comment. xx/Madison

  46. When life hands you lemons, right!? I love it as a top, you look so pretty. I did try to get my old prom dress altered into a cocktail dress... but the tailor I used at the time completely ruined it. I tried to save it and make it work, but just couldn't. I was so sad. I have since found a tailor that I trust and use all the time.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  47. aniacytrynka13 March

    You look gorgeous and classy :)

  48. :) Thank you. Oh, well just very happy that I could make the most of it! x

  49. I would have never guessed this was once a dress! That jacket is divine. It fits you perfectly. 

  50. Jennifer14 March

    So cute!
    xo Jennifer

  51. Looove your jacket, the mix of creams with black, and yes...the "dress" works.  It helps that you are willowy.  Beautiful. Lynaea @ 

  52. chris ed14 March

    Very stylish and chic look! I love your jacket and shoes! kisses chris

  53. Ivana Džidić14 March

    I think you look great and I always liked combining dresses (or skirts) with pants. If they're too short, you have to wear them with something, right? and to me it always looked so cool and effortlessly stylish to wear them with pants (though leggings are a good option too).

    I'm above 5.9 ft, which is not really considered very tall when I'm from but still I have problems finding dresses and skirts of the proper length. If clothes are "one size fits all" I know they are too short. However, when there is something I really like I make it worth by wearing it with something else.


  54. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Enjoy your week. :)

  55. Hi Ivana, thanks for your sweet comment. Oh, we are around the same height, I think many dresses tend to be on the short side when searching, so it's sometimes a bit frustrating. It's always great to be inventive with pieces like this.

  56. Well done, Madison! You took a bad situation, and a garment that no longer worked for you, and turned them both into something totally positive - good for you :) Your now-top looks lovely over skinny jeans and those heels are fabulous!

  57. Emmy MW14 March

    Despite what happened, that's great that you're able to still make it work. I've ruined items myself, not the dry cleaner unfortunately:P 

  58. tia_cherie14 March

    This is such a chic and classy look.

  59. Margaret Cruzemark14 March

    So inspiring. I love your look and i love the natural pose on your pics. Fantastic.
    Kisses and hugs
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  60. I'm not sure I'd be so easy going as you are about the snafu. However you did turn those dry cleaning lemons into delicious (if not cropped) lemonade. Great look!

  61. Madara Lieciniece14 March

    Really great and interesting post! loved reading it! :)

  62. I'm so glad you were able to repurpose that dress because it is too cute!  And I'm loving those shoes lady :)

  63. love the first outfit and your jacket in the 2nd!!