Five Minutes With George Styler


It’s always a special treat when I come across worthy talent to share. And, it’s even more thrilling to follow their fashion voyage along the way.

Right here, just last November I introduced you to Serbian fashion designer, George Styler, including him in the fashionably favoured roundup of designers to look out for! Since then, his creations have gained more esteem and commendable fashion nods, including Vogue Italy, amongst others. I caught up with the designer to give him a chance to tell us a bit more about his works.

 “I combine Balkan-ethno with other nation's styles with a touch of punk,” Styler said. In a glance, this is very apparent as well as intentional. It’s simple: he wants to capture and celebrate diversity between people and culture. 
“My collection is designed for people who want to be different and wear a unique piece of art. In my collections I'm in fact admiring differences in this world because differences are what make our world special,” Styler said.
George Styler Vogue Italy
He recently presented his new collection, Captivity II at 33rd Perwoll Fashion Week in Belgrade. This collection is purely a continuance from his debut, Captivity, which was inspired by a caged birdmetaphorically translated as modern slavery, and exploring human decoration with one’s freedom being deprived and expressed.

Captivity II is ingrained from an allegorical myth and drawn from the Slavic goddess Devana, guardian of the forest and wildlife alongside Veles. Much in love with the goddess, Veles ends up turning himself into a basil flower. With this mythological setting as inspiration, Styler infuses elements from the quixotic legend of the Slavic god and goddess. He interprets it through his use of pattern, colour, and the union of 3D technology with jacquard knitwear.

I’m certain we will be seeing more from Styler soon, and hopefully even gracing the runway for London Fashion Week in the near future. 
For more information visit George Styler’s Facebook page or for order enquiries click here.

George Styler on his work:
I would describe my creations as …
“Futuristic. World. Ethno.”

On his design process …
“I get the biggest inspiration during my travels, watching the way people live, and the way they face their problems. Then, I draw jacquards, sketches, and choose materials. I combine colours, design shoes, headpieces, etc.”

Regarding his art and inspiration:

“The world is my inspiration … the major motive is sending the message of love and peace.”

On the pieces he’s most proud of …
“The Bird of Paradise dress!” The Bird suit dress is my favourite because London stylists have lent that dress the most times!” 

A sculpted work of art implanted with daring colour ... yes, the bird dress (seen below) has garnered great appreciation from many, and we can understand why! Thanks George, we wish you much success!
 Photos: Courtesy of George Styler
To read more about the goddess Devana click here.

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  1. Veshoevius12 April

    Interesting designs - I particularly like the last one - looks like something I can imagine Lady Gaga wearing

  2. This is my first introduction to George Styler and I have to say, what a talent! I hope big things come his way :) Thanks for the introduction, Madison!

  3. miss b bobochic12 April

    So creative and original. The last one is a work of art!

  4. AlexisGrace12 April

    Thank you for the intro to all these fab indie designers! His work is so sculptural--- beautiful!

  5. Emmy MW12 April

    Oh wow! That bird dress is certainly stunning.
    I love how he used a Slavic goddess to inspire his new collection:)

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    Love that red strapless dress!


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    The second last picture is one of the most stunning dresses I have ever seen WOW

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    Love the last pic. Great stuff.
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  14. Stacey Ann Blake12 April

    Very unique and refreshingly different! Love it!

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    Happy Weekend girl!

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  17. jenniferfabulous12 April

    His designs are intensely gorgeous. Pure works of art! I'm stunned!

  18. Lilli C.12 April

    Hi Madison! I didnt know him, thanks for introducing! He is very talented, his creations are unique and so artistic! Kisses! xo

  19. Oh to Be a Muse12 April

    He's definitely haute couture imo. Love the first two images because I feel the girl's look is just as strong as the guy's look.

    Oh to Be a Muse: Ryan Gosling in The Place Beyond the Pines

  20. petra lorietta12 April

    Lovely inspiration! :) I'm following you on facebook (petra lorencova), hope you follow me back ;) Thanks in advance! Love,

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  22. sophisticated lace13 April

    Wow, so awesome!! Might have to steal your idea and feature him too! That last dress is just outstanding! I love emerging designers-I feel like so many of them are way more creative than the old crowd.

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  28. Erika Sorocco13 April

    Love. This. Interview. George's vision is amazing; and I adore the way he described the person who wears his designs. Perfect! :)

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  39. kim bim14 April

    fantastic interview and great collections,hat off babes on this one.. <333

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