Soles With Soul


We've all been there: shopping in the shoe department, perusing the sales, or even window shopping with our hopeful eyes, as we take swift strides down the city streets. And, to acquire nothing during vulnerable times ... yes, that's even a skill!

Do you remember the feeling that you had when you finally found a pair of shoes that made you drop your jaw? You know, the slow gasp that you made as your eyes met with the shoes that you marvelled at for style appreciation? Then, you gasped mentally, and continuously did a double take because of the price tag! It doesn't have to be a style with an outrageous heel or one that's even extravagantly adorned. 

(Above) 1-Cascadei Ayers wedges for Prabal Gurung, 2-Grey Mer Python printed leather sandals,  3-Sergio Rossi Clash woven pumps, 4-Giuseppe Zanotti, Pointed patent pumps.

When I look at shoes that I might not buy, other than comfort, my predilection for art and colour still trumps all other elements in the admiring process! Just like certain garment silhouettes, shoes can also "speak to us," and express our personality. They can evoke casual whispers of minimalism or even daring shouts of vintage glam!

What ever it is, in that gazing moment it's like music to my ears ... a bit of rhythm, a touch of blues, classic pieces of rock, colours of jazz, and literally everything in-between. Because my personal shoe closet is quite eclectic. However, one thing is certain, they all have soul! Some just need the right mix or style duet rather, to accompany them.

Here's a few shoe selections that I wouldn't mind in my collection at the moment. 

Above: 1-McQ-Alexander McQueen-Printed Point Toe Pumps, 2-Pixie Market-Metal tip zipper bootie, 3-Reiss-Lelia Mint Pyramid platform sandals, 4-Jeffrey Campbell-In love flats, 5-Acne-Lila buckle ankle boots, 6-PixieMarket-Blue tassel flatform shoes, 7- Charlotte Olympia Bahia Sandals.

What are your favourite type of shoes? Do you generally buy and stick to a certain style or do you experiment with different heel heights, patterns, and colours? 

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  1. francesca romana capizzi30 April

    You know that I am a shoeaholic! I love your selection!!

    Don't Call
    Me Fashion Blogger



  2. kim bim30 April

    Omg!!! I love shoes, any kin of shoes 60's styles, retro's, modern styles, gothic styles bring it onnn.. lol i will rock the hell out of them all, i believe shoes play their roles in different kinds of events, i am not a fan of slutty shoes apart from the slutty shoes i love all shoes....

  3. aniacytrynka30 April

    wow, amazing shoes! especially I love that yellow heels :)

  4. aniacytrynka30 April

    love the yellow shoes <3

  5. KizzyDoll30 April

    Love all of these really, they come in great styles and colours, very varied and pretty!! Would have a hard time choosing one!! Have a great day sweets xx

  6. Such fabulous shoes...loving the strappy red sandals!


    The Other Side of Gray

  7. ofelia30 April

    For me comfort is the most important even over style. I used to wear any kind of shoes but the older I gotten; support and comfort has become the number one reason to buy shoes.
    I'm all about the PixieMarket oxford wedges; they look amazing and they look like they would give you lots of support.

  8. Lilli C.30 April

    Hi Madison! I know very well that feeling! Usually I like to experiment different kind of heels, colors and patterns! At the moment I'm in fact obsessed with pointy flats and looking for them so bad!:) Your selection is very nice, my fav pair are of course the JC flats! Kisses dear! xo

  9. Amazing selections, darling!
    Love the Sergio Rossi pumps!


  10. Yes I wouldn´t mind to have all of them in my collection too. If I had to pick one it would be the pair from Reiss. I don´t have a favorite type of shoes. I love everything <3



  11. sartorialsidelines30 April

    I love experimenting with my shoes and trying out new things - and I'm coveting pretty much all these shoes!

    Courtney ~

  12. Hi darling, I am in awe of these innovative shoe designs, they are incredibly creative and modern. I would wear most of them, if I could make the designer price tag.

  13. Erika Sorocco30 April

    Bold Visions. # 2. Swoon swoon swoon! I need those in my life! :)

  14. Daniella30 April

    Wonderful post Madison, I always enjoy reading what you have to say on things. I think shoes should be mainly an investment, so classic styles are always worth spending the money on, clothing sizes can change but shoes always fit. But then saying that I am always attracted to super edgy designs, as they can add spice to any look, whatever your style. Ah and those Acne ones!! SO cool :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  15. HaHa Madison!!! That's too funny and oh so true! My face shows everything so when I see an exhorbitant price it shows. I stick to ballet flats and sandals. I'm so tall, I've never been big on heels. Just way back when. Lol These are really cute.

  16. Yes, I will take every single pair! haha

  17. Thanks Ofelia! and, I agree for the most part, I have found that comfort plays a huge roll in most of my fashion choices. enjoy your week dear! xx :-)

  18. Haha, Kim! xo :-) Thanks for your comment dear!

  19. :-) Me too, I want them all!

  20. Thanks for reading Courtney! Yes, it's great to experience with different styles! :)

  21. Thank you Daniella! You're so sweet, and I always appreciate your comments. I knew that you would love the ACNE style, aren't they wonderful? xx Enjoy your day dear.

  22. petra lorietta30 April

    wow! love the blue pair from PixieMarket!:)

  23. Mary Jo30 April

    Love your roundup Madison! I'm trying not to look at shoes at the moment so that I won't go on a crazy shopping spree, but I really would like a pair of silver sandals with lucite heels...or at the very least an ankle strap.
    xo Mary Jo

  24. Thanks Mary Jo! Ahh, those lucite heels sound amazing, I saw a clutch that I wanted the other day, I resisted, but bought a handbag instead, haha! :) Enjoy your day.xx

  25. I don't have a favourite but any shoe that appeal to me and fill into my standards, like comfort, class and edge is what I go, for and I am a lover of classic shoes and bold colours.
    You have great taste and all your picks are fabulous!
    Have a wonderful rest of the week dear!

  26. Bold visions: number 2

    Alt heights: number 3


  27. tia_cherie01 May

    I can totally relate to what you wrote! My shoes obsession has become even more out of control than my clothing obsession. My favourite here are the really bright heels. For shoes I generally stick to the same style; either ballet flats or a classic/pump style of heels in either a plain colour or pattern

  28. When it comes to shoes, I'm of two minds - I love to admire more artistic and innovative styles like the ones you've showcased here; number 2 in particular called my name. But when it comes to putting on shoes on a daily basis, I always reach for classic styles. For me, nothing will beat a pair of basic black pumps :)

  29. Oh to Be a Muse01 May

    In the first group I love #3 and in the second group I love #4. I tend to buy wedges and flats because they are the most comfy, but I find myself leaning toward more ankle strap sandals recently.

    Oh to Be a Muse
    Shop Layered Muse

  30. That Reiss pair is gorgeous! I thought they were from the last Fendi collection. Definitely going to stop by the Reiss store after work now.

  31. LGreaves01 May

    The bold vision shoes are amazing *_* I'm such a shoe girl, so you hit my weakness! Haha


  32. Me too Cee, I adore artistic and unique shoe styles in general. Bravo to you for wearing pumps very high heeled. I love a basic black pump, which definitely goes with everything! :) xx

  33. I agree, shoes can say so much about our personality! Thanks Alexis for your comment. xo

  34. Lady, you take shoe buying to a whole new level; an art if you will, and I love it! Alas, the only shoes I'll be purchasing for now are flats. This knee surgery has really done a number on me and currently, I'm dragging my leg behind like a pirate with a wooden leg! hee hee! That said, I do love the cream colored flats you featured! Such a lovely color and like nana used to say, "they go with everything"! ha! Have a wonderful day! :)

  35. Margaret Cruzemark02 May

    Wow Madison, here we have such a collection. I am a huge fan of the alternative heights. More my style.
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  36. Thanks Bella! I'm happy to hear that you're okay, so take it easy, flats can definitely be chic! Have a great weekend. xx

  37. Thanks for your comment! Shoes can make such a statement. I'm also a fan of ballerina flats. xx/Madison

  38. I know you always have fab shoes! xx/Madison

  39. Yes, I loved those too! The colour is amazing! Have a great weekend.

  40. Thanks for your sweet comment dear! xx

  41. I love the colour of those too! xo Thanks!

  42. Fleurani05 May

    Love nr 3 from the bold version, how sophisticated :-9


  43. Lovely collection of shoes! My own personal favourites are wing tip brogues, a brown pair. I seem to wear them all the time. I really want to save some cash and invest in some churches as I wear them so much. Love them to death.

    I love women in heels, especially ones that are really colourful or quirky looking.


    Dankeshön Fleurani! xx


    Thanks, I love buying colourful shoes especially unique pairs! Yes, I vaguely remember you mentioning how much you like Church's, they do have excellent shoes. My bf loves wingtips as well and used to splurge sometimes at MrHare, not sure if you're familiar with them, but I found them years ago and got him a cool pair of shoes. They carry great colours in classic styles as well. More of an investment piece!