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There are some types of clothing that I used to stay away from because it evoked not the fondest of memories or elements of well-known traditional school uniforms that were worn growing up. Then, there are ways of wearing the same style of pieces in an outfit, but with a modern twist–making them form a more upbeat and very workable ensemble.  

This outfit is just that: plaid, stockings, and loafers–all three elements that could easily stand alone with inspiration from an old schoolgirl uniform. Yet, by added embellishments and modified style lines they marry nicely for a grown-up version of moi! Although, my style has evolved over time, there are still elements of the past that I love!

I wore this outfit to pick up a friend at the airport, as we had also scheduled a day of unwinding with spa treatments and afterward spent time furniture browsing (which I recommend as great inspiration as well). As we chatted with ladies at the spa, “youth” came up in conversation, specifically how we dressed. “If I were as young as you two I could wear that …” a woman said, pointing to my stockings. What!

Hmmm, newsflash! By the end of our conversation, I found out that we were all around the same age.
This made me think about many other women who believe that they cannot wear certain items because of their age. I am not talking about career specific dressing vs. a night out with the girls to paint the town red, black, or blue! I am merely talking about very simple elements; everyday pieces that can also be worn by anyone! 

Certainly, we've all heard it before, and I agree. Confidence is absolutely more than a lending hand to how a garment is worn and even the overall look perceived. However, I must say, when I am fifty, even sixty, whatever age I may be if I feel like wearing knee-highs or leather trousers guess what you’ll find me in … likely knee-highs or leather trousers! 

Then again, in the broadest spectrum, I don’t typically put myself in a box of “dressing for my age,” per se! 

I would love to know your thoughts? Aside from factoring in your occupation, trends, or types of prints, because some people even believe that leopard print may have an expiration date or associate a certain type of style/woman who wears it ... that's a shame! 

Be honest, do you tend to put yourself in an age bracket or have you in the past when it comes to your style of dressing in general or not? 

It wasn’t too long ago that I saw a beautiful mature woman crossing the street wearing a Tee with Aladdin printed on the front, yes, all paired with platforms and a maxi. I wonder what she was pondering when she left the house–something tells me, I doubt it was her age!

Needless to say, of course I wore these stockings cheerfully and proud!

The goods: Vintage loafers- Massimo, Knee-high bow stockings-c/o Oasap, Dress-Love Culture, Denim jacket-Calvin Klein.


  1. Kim A.08 April

    Hey Madison! You look cute in your plaid dress and stockings. You go girl! I say go for whatever makes you happy. I was watching a television show, and this mature lady had a fascination with the color pink. Everything was pink in her life! Clothes, home decor, makeup etc. Some people in the audience thought it was juvenile, but I just viewed it as a style and taste she loved. People will find fault in anything you do, if they don't like it. Bottom line, is people judge others based on what THEY think. Well guess what? It's not all about you! Different strokes for different folks. People need to stop being so judgmental and narrow minded and open up to new things :)

  2. francesca romana capizzi08 April

    I quote you word by word Madison! I LOve those stockings on you!

    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger



  3. DaintyDoll08 April

    Love the dress and those little knee socks are gorgeous!! Perfect outfit for the changing season!! You look gorgeous!! I hope you have a sweet week doll xx

  4. SACRAMENTO Amate08 April

    Only you could pull such an unique piece.
    Fabulous always, dear Madison.

  5. Wow gorgeous and the stockings looks so rad. Love it



  6. I love this look, perfect for spring. I really adore the shape of your plaid dress and the denim jacket is such a great partner for it and of course the stockings add a quirky and unexpected twist to the whole outfit.

    I have to say I am in agreement with you on the age thing when it comes to dressing! Nothing is more upsetting/infuriating when a woman thinks she can't wear something because its not "age appropriate" (ah hate those two words!) maybe I'm being naive but I can't ever imagine myself not wearing something I love because of my age, how depressing, it's just clothes! :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  7. Gorgeous look, darling!
    Those stockings are amazing!


  8. Not many woman are gorgeous enough to carry off this look but you do! x

  9. AlexisGrace08 April

    I think confidence in a look makes all the difference. That being said- it is still important to dress for your body- which isn't necessarily an age thing, and speaks more to one's body type. Regardless--- you look adorable!

  10. Shybiker08 April

    I applaud your attitude. You're exactly right. There's nothing stopping us from dressing with pizzazz but too many women inhibit their style. These stockings are amazing!

  11. kim bim08 April

    You look sexy babes, wish i could try this look but mehn.. have no balls haha... you shoes oh~la~la# <3 it.

  12. Lilli C.08 April

    I agree with you Madison! And I just love your stockings, they are so cool and lovely! You wear them so good!:) The dress is nice too! Kisses dear, happy Monday! xo

  13. Emmy MW08 April

    As someone who used to wear a uniform, I can totally understand your sentiments:) And in regards to to dressing appropriately, well,,,what can I say? The people around all tell me I don't dress for my age, and at my age, all I say is "who cares?" I will always wear my Hello Kitty shirts no matter what:)

  14. Erika Sorocco08 April

    I love the way those stockings bridge the gap between sexy and playful. And that dress...glam! :)

  15. sartorialsidelines08 April

    I really, really hope that I will continue to dress as I see fit regardless of my age - I really do. I certainly have no attention of changing. And wow, those stockings are awesome!

    Courtney ~

  16. Viktoriya Sener08 April

    Adorable combo of tartan dress and denim jacket!

  17. jenniferfabulous08 April

    Those bow stockings are AWESOME!!!!

  18. That plaid dress is SO cute!


    The Other Side of Gray

  19. Rowena Rolala Loves08 April

    Yes it could have gone the way of a a school uniform but you totally pull this look off with the way you styled it. And the confidence with which you wear it of course. :) I don't think age should ever inhibit one's style.

    Have a fabulous week Madison!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  20. aniacytrynka08 April

    amazing jacket <3

  21. alessia milanese08 April

    Nice jacket!




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  22. FashionablyYours09 April

    Love those red and white loafers and the plaid dress!

    Juneli from Fashionably Yours

  23. LGreaves09 April

    Way to rock these fun stockings! I adore them on you, and I don't think age has to limit what you wear :)

    Trendy Teal

  24. miss b bobochic09 April

    This is the ideal spring look. The little denim jacket goes so well with the pretty checked dress and who knows, if the weather eventually warms up, you may even be able to take off the jacket!

  25. Love your plaids and denim--very chic

  26. Oh wow, those knee highs are so exciting!

  27. Love your dress! Such an original design.


  28. Fleurani09 April

    Madison I love those stucking, how fun and girly playful they are. Du schaust bezaubernd aus :-)


  29. Lucie Srbová09 April

    Those stockings are totally awesome!!! love them so much!!

    Style Without Limits

  30. Sam @ Frills & Thrills10 April

    Hi sweety, how are you? Love your sentiments about age and dressing, I completely agree. I adore the bow socks, they are very charming and I think you've styled them perfectly too.

  31. Oh, hi dear, haben eine gut Woche!Dankeschön. xoxo :-)

  32. Thank you Kim for your great comment! xo I agree! Hope you are having a nice week so far.

  33. My point exactly Daniella! Thanks so much dear for your comment! xx

  34. Entirely agree ... that what I was saying, confidence definitely makes the difference. Thanks for your comment Alexis! :-)

  35. Thank you very much! :-)

  36. xx Muah! You're so sweet love!

  37. Yay for "Hello Kitty" goodies! :) Thanks for reading Emmy!

  38. :) Love that comment, yes don't change! Thank you!

  39. :) hehe, I'm certain they would look fab on you too! Thank you Laura!xo

  40. Absolutely, Rowena! Thanks for sharing and commening.

  41. Thank you Cheryl! And, yes I agree with your comment. :-)

  42. I agree with you Mary Jo! Age really shouldn't matter when it comes to what you love, especially if it suits your body,etc. Thanks for commenting and sharing your thoughts!

  43. Thanks Miss b. Yes, will have to wear it again sans the jacket! :-)

  44. I know it's cliche, but age really is just a number. "Young" is a state of mind. I just turned 26 and I feel like that sounds "old" but I'm still such a kid at heart. Anyway, your outfit is adorable, ESPECIALLY the stockings -- I would dare to wear those for sure!

  45. Margaret Cruzemark10 April

    Nice pieces you have chosen here Madison. You have created an uber stylish outfit!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark