Framed, For The Weekend


Over the past weekend, we lent a hand to one of our elder neighbours to set up their internet and new television. Of course, with internet and tv bundles these days, there are so many options on offer. But, modern times mean modern methods, and these things do take time. So, I decided to prepare a few goodies on our side after lunch. I bonded with their granddaughter as we spoke about our favourite foods and new recipes that we wanted to try for the season.

We took a moment to rest, enjoy teatime and have coffee. Sometimes, it's easy to take the simple knowledge that we have of (doing day-to-day tasks with) technology for granted. Months ago, I recently met a woman who still has no e-mail address! Don't ask me how, even in this day that it's possible, especially if you do any type of professional business, but apparently it is!
Of course, with all of this generational gap banter, I took the opportunity to take a quick snapshot of my new sunglasses before reconvening with pimping up my neighbour's new flat-screen.

These sunglasses are my first from Firmoo. I loved the classic frame style and thought it suited my face shape best. You can expect me to wear these frames more because they go with just about everything in my wardrobe. My apologies for the partial shots, as the photographer was not on his A-game, but it's alright!

I was excited that I was able to don one of my new favourite vintage scarves that was once my aunt's when she was a teen. I'll likely be wearing this scarf often throughout the year. It also has a lovely floral print along with gold, navy, and pink hues that make it versatile to wear with any of my outfits.

The goods: Sunglasses-c/o Firmoo, Tee-H&M, Tank-F21, Denim-Topshop, Scarf-Vintage, Boots-Anne Michelle

Here's a preview of a leather bag that I handmade a few days ago, for which I may be adding bottom studs and details soon. There are other bags in the works and a couple are already finished, but I will probably upload them to Instagram or Facebook since it has already been quite a busy season.

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  1. alessia milanese13 October

    I love leopard print!
    Video outfit YOUTUBE

  2. francesca r13 October

    These shades look great on you, dinitely your frame!!

    Don't Call
    Me Fashion Blogger



  3. Vix Brearley13 October

    That bag is looking very interesting, I can't wait to see it! x

  4. You made me laugh. How come she doesn't have an email address haha. Have you ever seen The It Crowd? I love this series. One of the guys ask someone: Sorry are you from the past? Maybe she is from the past too! The sunnies looks amazing on you and your new bag too. Wish you a wonderful Sunday Madison!!

    xx Mira

  5. Loving the touch of animal print in your outfit, and can't wait to see the bag you created in details, I am following you on Bloglovin so I can't miss it =) If you have time, stop by my blog, would love it :-* Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies
    Fashion and Cookies on Facebook

  6. Couture Carrie13 October

    Gorgeous look, darling!
    Love the head scarf!


  7. look so fab. I've been over my mom's house to help her set up her internet, and I looked liked I just woke up:O
    Can't wait to see that bag in all its glory, Madison:)

  8. Erika Sorocco13 October

    You look absolutely fabulous, Madison - I'm obsessing over that head scarf. But even more...the bag you made! It is fabulous - I'm loving the aesthetic!! :)

  9. Ms Madge13 October

    Your sunnies are chic, but my eyes landed on your head scarf, which are uber chic. I'd love to copy that and post on Instagram for you to see. You look lovely Madison and an even lovelier neighbour xxx

  10. Daniella13 October

    Oo nice new frames Madison! Love their shape and I must sat your new bag is looking rather chic. Sounds like you have had a busy weekend but I guess the saving grace, is that, its always nice to give a helping hand and make new friendships :)

    Take care lovely,
    Daniella xox

  11. Lola Finn13 October

    Hallo Madison :)
    Du siehst soooo toll aus!!!
    I love your leo top <3

    Und diese Sonnenbrille ist so cool!

  12. A ovely post Madison. I love your style.
    Many greetings Sabine

  13. Oh a woman with no e-mail address? how is it possible!:) I couldnt live without it!:) You look stunning Madison, the scarf is so lovely and I also like the frames by Firmoo, they suits you. The bad you are making is gorgeous dear, great job indeed!:) Kisses! xo

  14. ROXTHEFOX14 October

    Girl, your sunglasses are rocking! Glad to hear you had a great weekend!


  15. natalie14 October

    LOVE LOVE that leather sandwich bag! so cute! x

    Natalie Off Duty

  16. Oooh love the peek of leopard layered underneath :)

    Dragonfruit Diaries

  17. Shybiker14 October

    You look chic, as usual. My brother-in-law owns a small business (selling sports memorabilia) and he not only doesn't have Internet, he refuses to use a computer. He does everything by hand (inventory, sales, etc.) and telephone. He's in his fifties and vows to never adopt any technology.

  18. kim bim14 October

    Hey babes,I really love your scarf, honestly,I was thinking of my old blue vintage scarf before reading your post,You really need to teach me how to rock that scarf,am not good at wearing scarfs. Omg!!! You are so good at DIY. I really need to see that bag once you are done,!

  19. KizzyDoll14 October

    You look fab doll, love the outfit. Can't believe she didn't have an email, but at the same time, it's quite refreshing. I hope you have a lovely week doll xx

  20. Janice Lunes14 October

    Looking amazing Madi!

    Those sunnies suit your perfectly and you got me curious on the bag!!!

    Just uploaded a new post so let me know what you think Girl :D

    Have a great day :D


    Are you a classic York lady?

  21. That's so awesome of you that you helped out a neighbor :) And love the new sunnies!


    The Other Side of Gray

  22. Amy Berry14 October

    that scarf is fantastic! talk about a great outfit.

  23. Madison, that was awesome of you to help them. More people need to do that. They need to give of their time and knowledge on things. So many elderly and young people need our help. Sometimes, they're just looking for someone to talk to. Wow! No email address. I can't blame her, sometimes I wish I could get rid of mine. HAHAHA But that would mean communicating by phone or snail mail :P Oh well. To each their own. Well you look great! Love your frames. I like the style of them and great outfit girlfriend. I love these pics. Very relaxed. I feel like I'm sitting across the table from you having a conversation. Have a great week doll.

  24. I can't imagine living w/o an email address but there are days I'd love to chuck mine lol. It's really nice of you to help out your neighbor like that and looking stylish at that. The vintage scarf is amazing!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  25. You are an image of class in those awesome sunnies, they suit you so perfectly Madison, love how you tied the pretty scarf as well.

  26. I forgot to add...Omg! You're making a bag, my hats off to you, thats an amazing feat.

  27. You're looking fab here! I love the layering and mix of prints as well :)


  28. Natalia14 October

    You make your own bags???!!! Wow... That's fantastic!
    You look wonderful as always and I really like the sunglasses on you!

    P.S. By the way, my hairdresser was one of those people who never used the web or had an email address... It does feel odd to me, though, I am practically an addict myself. :D

  29. miranda14 October

    Those frames are really cool!!


  30. I love all the detail shots especially that scarf! And uhm, no email address? What? I have a billion! ;)

  31. Dressed with soul14 October

    Liebe Madison, Deine neue Sonnenbrille ist toll und mir gefällt es sehr gut, dass Du das Tuch Deiner Tante als Turban auf dem Kopf trägst. Du siehst wunderschön damit aus und auch Dein Outfit ist toll. Hier in Bayern gibt es viele Menschen, die noch keine E-Mail-Adresse haben. Meine Eltern haben auch keine ... Es fällt mir auch schwer, das zu glauben.

    Ich wünsche Dir eine schöne und glückliche Woche!

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  32. issatchieu15 October

    cant wait to see ur DIY leather lunchbag!!

  33. MISPAPELICOS15 October


  34. Haha, I know how interesting! :)

  35. I know, apparently it's possible ... I was shocked as well. Thanks! :-)

  36. Thanks Sam for your comment. Yes, hopefully I will be shocasing the bag soon. x

  37. Thanks Kim for your wonderful comment. It was fun helping them out! I hope your week is going well so far. xx/Madison

  38. Hiya dear, Thanks so much Janice. xo

  39. I agree, it can be refreshing not checking a filled inbox. Although, I do love and use technology on a daily basis. Thanks doll! x

  40. Thanks Daniella! Yes, the weekend was busy but fun too. Hope you're having a nice week so far.xx/M

  41. *blushes* Thanks Marj, you're so sweet. Yes, do upload your instagram, I'd love to see it! xx

  42. Thank you very much for yoru comment. Will try to upload the bag soon.

  43. Yes, my neighbours were a bit older than fifties, so it's understandable. Wow, everything by hand maybe for backup is okay, but I do love my technology! Thanks for your lovely comment. :)

  44. HA! Love that comment, Yes, perhaps she was from the past, lol. Wishing you a wonderful week Mira. xo

  45. Hi Natalia,
    Yes, I used to make a lot of handbags, but now very seldom. Hopefully I will upload some pics of this one soon. Thanks very much for your comment. xx/Madison

  46. Liebe Lola, :-)
    Vielen Dank und Ich wünsche Dir eine schöne Woche. xxoo

  47. Aww, thanks Kim, so glad that you were inspired. Of course, I'll be showing you the bag soon. Enjoy the week, love.x/M

  48. Yes, I too was surprised ... I check e-mail so much throughout the week so I cannot relate to that one. haha. Thanks for your comment Ramona. :-)

  49. Love your outfit with the leopard pops!
    You just have such great taste.

    Have a great day,

    P.S.: Thanks for commenting on my last post - I highly appreciate it!

  50. Thanks Lilli! I agree, I just would not want to live without e-mail ... at least for now! :-)

  51. Liebe Rena,
    Ja, sehr interessant! Wow, meine Eltern haben E-Mail und "Hi-Tech"-Handys! Sie sind richtig und Ich nehme es hängt von der Standort. Danke! :-) Ich bin froh, dass du meine Sonnenbrille gefallen.
    LG, xxoo/ Madison

  52. Margaret Cruzemark16 October

    Just like a movie star. You look absolutele fabulous Madison.I love the way you pose here.
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  53. Dale Janee16 October

    That is so nice of you to help her and i know what you mean about the email thing. My own parents were resistant to get an email address for so long. Love those shades on you and you have a great blog. Following you now

    xo from San Francisco & Switzerland

  54. Hi Dale! Thanks so much for your visit and lovely comment. I'm so happy that you found my blog. :-) Have a great week! /Madison

  55. Ali Hval16 October

    Whoa, you made that bag! I'm super impressed. The best thing I've ever sewn was my underwear to my skirt when I was trying to take it in. Ah, memories. Props to you, lovely lady!

    Hehee, that's amazing when people don't have e-mails or lack Facebooks and stuff like that. I admire people like that, I really do.

    You look super cute, and I adore those glasses on you. Free glasses, aw yiss!

  56. krystal/www.avillagetown.com16 October

    how in the woooorld does someone not have an email address?! i wouldn't survive!

  57. C Michelle16 October

    You look great! The women you met without an email address must have been older! It is very noble of you to help your neighbors! Be Blessed!


    Instagram: Cmichellestyles

    Pinterest: Cmichellestyles

  58. Code Overdressed28 October

    Fab in leopard! Great job with the bag, can't wait to see the final outcome with the studds and all!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed