Gems and Jewels: The User Experience


To me, searching for the right jewellery, whether it be for yourself or a loved one can be just as overwhelming as trying to find a great fitting pair of jeans. This is especially the case when there’s an abundance of options dispersed throughout a speciality store. 

Have you ever been online—fully committed to shop for items, perhaps even for something very specific only to be aggravated by options without in-depth descriptions or ridiculous pop-up adverts? I know that I have, so when  Anjolee, the manufacturers of fine jewellery contacted me about their products, I wanted to take a different route and review my actual user experience as an online customer instead of just showing you a piece of stylish jewellery. 

One of the first things that I looked for when visiting their site was an about page, customer service options, and their return policy. Since I don’t usually buy fine jewellery (rings) online (and I may be showing my age with this one, but let’s just say), this was going to be a new experience for me. 

I found the site set up to be quite informative. But, let’s face it, before diving into deep sapphire waters and need-to-know diamond jargon, I pulled up a comfy chair, a vintage fur (to set the tone), my evening cuppa, and began the journey in style.

First Stop: the anatomy of a ring
If you’re no ring expert yourself, then as a first timer you will want to read the details in this section of the site. From proper names of what to call the top of the ring to the smallest stone setting, Anjolee gives a quick crash course in the body of a ring. They also tell you about various finishes, special care, and a how-to in finding your ring size. Cliff’s Notes for rings? Sorted! 

Next, I went to read their customer testimonials. To me, this is a tell-all area about a company and product, and it’s nice when it exists on a site. I always read customer feedback. To be honest, in the past, it has actually made me buy or not buy a product.   

After reading, I found customers to be very engaging with the brand—stories about finding an impossible size to having their stones reset. Happy customers and a quality product that arrives on-time seemed to be the first-rate experience that the company was going for, and per their clients, quite a success! I’m convinced, it does help that Anjolee also allows you as the shopper to tailor your jewellery.

At this point, I was also ecstatic that my eyes weren’t jumping, so I took a jaunt with quickness over to discover the actual products offered. (See images below)

In conclusion, as a first time customer, the Anjolee site has easy navigation, providing much-needed information about the product and the brand itself. I also liked the fact that they’ve made typical questions that one might have about purchasing fine jewellery very straightforward.

And, to think … I thought surely I would need at least two cups of tea!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
You may view other jewellery including diamond wedding ring styles at
I really enjoyed navigating the site and learning more about their offerings. 

*Rating:  6.7 out of 8 because I did not receive the actual product. 
Images: Anjolee, Edited by Ladyofashion
This is a sponsored post, and all opinions expessed are my own.

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  1. francesca r06 October

    I know anjolee, this place is heaven to me!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Madison :). Eternity rings are amazing..especially the one in the second pic with the princess cut diamonds!



  3. Lola Finn06 October

    Every girl loves jewels :D

  4. you have a lovely blog! :)

  5. Couture Carrie06 October

    Beautiful jewelry.
    Love Anjolee!


  6. Hi Madison! I know this site too and totally agree with your review. The navigation is easy and the are many info regarding the products which are just awesome. Great job dear. Happy Sunday, kisses! xo

  7. sartorialsidelines06 October

    I really like Anjolee - they have a great product range!

    Courtney -

  8. Erika Sorocco06 October

    I love a site with easy navigation. It makes the entire shopping experience so much more enjoyable! :)

  9. Great website!!

    I love them jewels!

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  10. Ms Madge06 October

    I'm quite into fine jewellery (not that I have lots of it or can afford lots of it, but I love them! Hahaha) and it's the first time really that I've seen a fine jewellery site that gives you a tutorial. Most other brands already assume you know about fine jewellery lingo. I love that they call it anatomy as it's true, fine jewellery needs some fine dissection because it's an investment :) Have a good week Madison! xxx

  11. Thanks for reading Lilli! I liked going through the site and their products. xx Enjoy your Sunday as well.

  12. Thank you Julie! Hope to see you back soon.

  13. You're welcome! Princess cut is one of my favourites actually! /Madison

  14. Yes, they have great products. I liked the one that you chose as well!

  15. I agree, Erika, easy navigation is a must, especially when you have such a specialty product. xx/Madison

  16. Yes, I understand. Most of the fine jewellery that I have are family herilooms, vintage, or gifts from loved ones. It was great on their part that they have turtorials and insightful infor about their jewellery. Thanks for your comment. xx/M

  17. I just clicked on the link, and my....the site has beautiful wedding/anniversary rings.

  18. kim bim06 October

    Great post darling. I have checked the website,they seem to have loads of interesting stuffs there.

  19. Excellent! Happy that you were able to take a look at the site. Thanks for reading. x/Madison

  20. MOSAMUSE07 October

    nice review.. would have been nice if they sent you over a ring!

  21. Lavender07 October

    Very informative review! thank you for sharing, I've checked and it's really easy navigation and huge choice. Thank you for lovely comment on my blog, have a great week ahead Madison

  22. KizzyDoll07 October

    This was super doll!! Most of my jewellery has been passed down to me or something like that. This looks super though. Have a wonderful new week xx

  23. Well, I'm not the right person for this. I only wear decorative jewelry, even though I've worked on a few luxury websites before.
    I'm a serious opponent of the engagement rings, too. :) It's just me I guess ;))


  24. Thank you. Glad that you were able to read it. :) Enjoy your week too.

  25. Yes, I decided not to select a ring, that was an option, although CZ! :) Thanks for your comment.

  26. Thanks Sam. I agree,a nd loved that they included great info for potential customers.

  27. Andrea Funk07 October

    great post, thx for sharing!


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  28. That's fascinating, I never know all of the terms. I've given up trying to replace my engagement ring, I found it all too stressful!