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Smart Travelling: Foodies On-The-Go

In continuation of Fashion Tales’ Smart Travelling series, I thought that I would save one of the bests for last … food! During my travels whether it’s for business or leisure there have certainly been days when I just do not want to wait in line for a meal in the food court. This is especially the case when it has already been a lengthy travelling experience—those days when there’s absolutely no vacant seats in your gate area, or when your scheduled flight time erratically changes to an extra hour delay.

Yes, those moments are the exact reasons why I tend to carry my own food with me most times when I travel. Because, let’s face it, waiting in line can get exhausting and you’ll need food to help.

In my opinion, energy bars and healthy food options are always a great companion. They take up far less space than most foods, they’re not messy, and will satisfy your hunger whilst nourishing your body in the long run.
What to eat while travelling
NudeFood is a healthy food brand that I came to know during my recent voyages, since I am a devotee to gluten-free and low sugar goods. They provide high-quality products infused with all-natural components, including breakfast boosts (smoothies), various flavoured bars, and specialty unbaked cookies. Based in Boulder, Colorado, the company’s mission is to “feed people good food.”
 (Above) 1-Cherry Vanilla Macadamia bars, 2-Breakfast Boost Antioxidant Berry 3-Breakfast Boost Coconut-Pecan, 4-Pineapple Pomegranite Walnut bars.

What's to Love:
I have several food allergies, which means that I am constantly reading labels on what I buy. All of NudeFood’s products are 100% Gluten-free, Corn and Soy-free, Lactose-free, and non-GMO & Kosher certified; so to put it bluntly this simply means that they are … well, a respectable dose of marvellous to start! I also love the fact that the brand doesn't hide anything from you—all ingredients and nutrition facts of every item are listed, and can be found on their informative site.

I recently had the honour of sampling many of their products and I really liked them. My favourites at the moment are the mocha coconut cream bars, and the cherry berry raw nut unbaked cookies. The bars will cost you a bit extra than a Larabar each, but you get more in a serving. The breakfast booster packages are also delicious and may be used in a smoothie, in cereal, yoghurt, and oatmeal, etc. I used it in my yoghurt and smoothies, which made it easy for me to eat quickly and still have a balanced morning meal. 

With ingredients like Madagascar vanilla extract, golden flax seeds, and Fair Trade dark chocolate, okay I’ll wait … I know you might just need a “moment” to let that lusciousness sink in.
Smart Travelling Vegan NudeFood
So, how many do I pack on a trip? Well, that’s all circumstantial. Some people can go a whole four or five hour flight without eating a substantial snack or meal replacement. But, I wouldn't recommend it. What I've learnt from experience is that when you travel, it takes a lot of energy out of you, hence you need to eat! Whatever that is, of course is up to you, but you must fuel the body.

I am always on the move and have a fast metabolism, therefore depending on the when and where parts of my agenda, that’s what classifies the amount of food that I carry with me. Today, it’s a couple of bars in my handbag. I always keep a stash of dried fruit, almonds, and healthy bars in my carry-on for an energy boost as well, since I know that I usually have to eat something every three hours or so.  

To share my love of natural foods and smart travelling, I have partnered with NudeFood to giveaway some of their great products to one of my lucky readers. Don’t worry, fellow international lovelies, I will have something else again in the future. If you provide a USA address the company can ship to, you may enter. Or, do you have a friend or family member who would love this healthy box? Tell them to enter; this would be a great sample of goods to indulge in!

*Here’s what you’ll get:  a box filled with a bar of each flavour, 3 single-serves of Ultra-Dense blends, and a couple of each of the Licious Organics cookies.

TO ENTER: It’s simple: you may enter once or several ways below, including on Twitter and Instagram. If you use the hashtag #FTalesTravel, you get one extra entry per social platform.

So, if you love natural foods packed with fine ingredients, brilliant! Now, take a look at what NudeFood offers here or view the images above. Good Luck! 

Have you tried these products? What’s your favourite NudeFood product that you would want to try?
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For more information visit:
Food Products: Provided by NudeFood, All opinions expressed are my own.

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