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As keen traveller, over the years, I have had to adjust the way that I travel. Keeping up with the latest technologies and having the ability to pack swiftly and efficiently are just a few things that I have refined and tailored for trekking about. When it comes to trying out new things related to the travelling experience, I am always gripped by a good product, which is why I wanted to share with you a genius design by CalypsoCrystal.

CalypsoCrystal produces beautiful mobile accessories with a luxury aesthetic that are all perfect for travelling as well as everyday use. The brand offers products with exceedingly functional design. All accessories have clever capabilities alongside quality craftsmanship.

I recently tested their CalypsoTag, which is a luggage tag with a GPS chip that allows you to navigate your bag by location. By using your smartphone device, you can locate your luggage tag. Forget the busy crowds! Just relax in the airport and know that your bag is safe wherever you’ve placed your tag.

You're notified when your bags come out from the carousel. Therefore, you are aware if someone tries to claim it as their own. I’m sure you may remember a few of my airport stories. Nowadays, everyone usually has a black luggage set and, unless you have an incredibly identifiable style of bag, it’s often frustrating to have to wait for your bags to come around. Although, it only takes a single horrifying experience to have your bags lost to understand the anxiety that one goes through, this design concept entirely alleviates that!
Calypso Luggae Tags
Luxury Travelling Calypso Crystal
All you need to do is download the supporting app on your mobile device and fix your settings by following the instructions, depending on what phone you have. Some people have had mixed experiences with the app, which is by Chipolo. However, after I contacted CalypsoCrystal directly (great customer service by the way) I just made certain that my chip/battery was securely inside the tag, and everything worked perfectly for me. Make sure that you have the proper mobile capability: iOSiPhoneiPad, Android, and Samsung Galaxy. 

I was impressed by the actual tag, which has first-class, hand-crafted Italian leather. The company also has several additional products, including the CalypsoKeyamongst others. Each style of item has its own witty and intercontinental name, such as the “Auckland Jam,” the reflective hue of the “Lyon Exupery,” and the boldness of the“ Shanghai Twists.”

To view more information about CalypsoCrystal visit:

What do you think about Calypso Crystal’s design?
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The goods: CalypsoTag in Barajas Gate,” Courtesy of Calypso Crystal. All opinions and views about this product are my own.

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  1. Thanks! Glad that you were able to get your luggage back, yes it's not a good feeling not knowing where your bags are. :)

  2. fifth n sixth15 April

    This product is totally cool & functional in this day and age, never knew something like this was on the market..Thanks for sharing with us as always!

  3. nadieyaa gibb15 April

    one of the most creative thing ^^
    nice post...

  4. stylentonic Constantinos15 April

    Super gadget! I need one! xxx

  5. Janice Lunes15 April

    hmm never heard about it before :) So cool I will check it out :)

    Stop by my blog whenever you have time for a chat :D

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  6. great post, thank you for sharing traveling is more relaxing with this!

  7. collected by Katja15 April

    Love things like that! Both helpful and stylish - perfect mix! -

    Kisses from Vienna,


  8. That's pretty neat indeed! I'm always on the look for new fash-tech items. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Martin Meyer16 April

    Damn I love it!! Such the perfect piece for every traveller!!