Summer Soles: Peperosa 2014


Peperosa Shoes is a luxury Italian footwear company that specialises in handcrafted designs for stylish women.  Their range in footwear varies from embellished modern creations to upgraded classic styles for the contemporary woman—all heel heights are welcomed and appreciated. 

I have collaborated with the progressive brand to show you some of the more diversely casual, but summer-ready options for both daytime and night-time. If you’re like me and adore leather paired with first-rate craftsmanship, then you may already know the brand well, as they have been in existence since 1956.

I chose the textured leather sandals in silver and the colour blocked leather heels in mustard yellow and taupe. These were great because they’re not too over the top, yet still matched my style. I’ll admit to being faithful in finding a style with a little dash of metal on the heel (I am absolutely obsessed with metal details)—it also paired well with my nautical day look.  I was looking for a more versatile style for resort wear, as well as styles that would be suitable with certain maxi dresses that I have waiting to be showcased for the season.

Both pairs of shoes are entirely different but very comfortable to walk in all day and night. A wedge is usually the inescapably safe summer option for me, as it gives support with a wee bit of elevation. However, surprisingly wedges did not even come to mind when I went searching for which pieces to wear. 

Here are a few of my favourites that I selected from Peperosa’s latest collection, in addition to a couple styles in their autumn/winter line below. The silver flats that I am wearing are also available in gold. You can find Peperosa footwear at various retailers in the UK, Germany, and Italy.

What is your favourite style of shoe and height?

Do you tend to buy more colourful, and textured styles, or do you prefer solid hues?
(Above) AW 2013-2014 (Ankle Boots)-Art. #D405/1, SS2014 (White/Silver Sandals) Art. #G801/1, (Zebra Tassel Loafers)- Art. #B605/1, Fringe Heels-Art. # G101/2, and AW 2013-2024 Teal/Burgundy Wingtips-Art. #7435/3.
The goods: -Style-Art. #G306/1-Silver Sandals, and Style-Art. #F904/3-Colour Blocked Heels-Provided by Peperosa Shoes. All opinions expressed are my own. You may view more styles for spring and summer at

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  1. Such a fabulous outfit.

  2. Those silver flats are sooooo nice, Madison. And I like wedges for the summer, but unfortunately, I can't drive or walk in them too well...sigh....

  3. Kira13 May

    Hi Madison,

    Deine senf gelben Fransen Sandalen sind so schön, wäre auch meine Wahl gewesen. Ich bevorzuge eher hohe Schuhe wie Du weißt und farblich bin ich offen. Nach Lust und Laune :-)

    Hab auch eine schöne Woche!

    Liebe Grüsse,

  4. Hi MAdison! The collection is super cute and I really love both pairs you got, especially the flats one. You look very lovely in both outfits, the navy one is of course my fav! I havent a fav style to shop, just the one that soon caught my eye in that moment!:) Kisses dear, hope ur week is kicked off well! xo

  5. lamodalena13 May

    Beautiful collection! fantastic shoes! :)

  6. Glam up your Lifestyle13 May

    Hallo Madison. Die Auswahl an Schuhe ist wirklich klasse. Die roten Stiefeletten habe es mir angetan. Deine zwei sind natürlich auch super und mir gefällt, wie du sie kombiniert hast.

  7. These shoes all look amazing. I tend to wear flat shoes on an everyday basis but love a wedge heel in the summer with dresses.

  8. Daniella13 May

    Both shoe picks are great Madison! I love that you went for two very different styles. Lovely looks my dear :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  9. These shoes are so stunning. I love the colour block pair.

  10. Marcela13 May

    Nice outfits!!! Beautiful shoes!!!
    Have a good week!! and my g+ for you!!!

    Besos desde España, Marcela♥

  11. DemiMist13 May

    Very nice shoes! I'm looking forward to wearing sandals!

  12. Vix Brearley13 May

    Those first pair of sandals are gorgeous, love the colour combo! x

  13. francesca r13 May

    I have peperosa shoes as well and I really like them a lot!!

    Don't Call
    Me Fashion Blogger



  14. mustwearthat13 May

    Those shoes are so lovely for the season, and you looks amazing both of your looks, love the mixed color of the lovely skirt looked:). Thank you so much for dropping over:). xx.

  15. I liked a couple of their shoes. Loved your casual shorts and stripes look!

  16. Madison, their shoes are so gorgeous. I love both pair, but my favorite are the silver ankle sandals. They are suh-weeeet! HAAHAHA

  17. Lalaine Hagler14 May

    i use to love heels so much but with little kids kinda hard to run errands with it so flats are great these days for me!

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  18. Blond Duck14 May

    I LOVE those white ones!

  19. Very lovely doll, I like these shoes, fantastic designs :)) Love the white and silver ones. I hope you have a gorgeous day xx

  20. ElleSees.blogspot.com14 May

    i loveee that shorts outfit! it's so me! and the shoes. give em all to ME!

  21. Gorgeous looks! Definitely love the lavender on you!

    Rachel's Lookbook

  22. Hi Madison! Adorable looks! Both pairs are gorgeous! I prefer flats and the silver ones are stunning. Have a wonderful day pretty :)

    xx Mira

  23. Both your picks are so stylish Madison! And it's good to hear that they're comfy too. I tend to prefer peep toe wedge styles during the summer.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  24. I REALLY like the flats you are modeling! They are something I would absolutely own myself. I like to wear different heights depending on the outfit and the occasion.... no limits here!

    ~Alexis Grace of North On Harper

  25. These shoes are truly beautiful! I like the block heels so much :)


  26. Elsie Davies14 May

    Those shoes do look comfy and lovely. You look great in both outfits Madison!!

  27. Rosalind jana14 May

    What a delicious array of shoes. I especially like the look of the flat silver sandals, but also the small image of the dark plum coloured brogues is very tempting for a girl with a continuing brogues obsession.

  28. Both pairs are great - I'm quite partial to the silver flats, but you can not go wrong with italian footwear!

    Chic on the Cheap

  29. Sharon15 May

    The heeled sandals you chose are gorgeous!


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  30. Dressed with soul15 May

    Liebe Madison, das ist eine sehr schöne Schuhmarke und natürlich gefällt es mir wieder sehr gut, wie Du die Schuhe kombiniert hast. Ich trage sehr gerne Schuhe mit Absatz, im Winter am liebsten Stiefeletten und im Sommer Pumps und Sandaletten. Zur Zeit gefallen mir aber auch Sneakers sehr gut :)

    Ich wünsche Dir einen schönen Start ins Wochenende!

    Alles Liebe,

  31. Vielen Dank.
    Haben Sie ein schönes Wochenende!

  32. Thank you Lilli for your sweet comment. Have a nice weekend. xx

  33. Thank you! Wedges are great, I also love them, but I decided to try different styles here.

  34. Haha, I agree! Italian footwear + leather! Thanks!

  35. Thank you Alexis! No limits? That's perfect! The silver sandals/flats are very comfy too!

  36. Thanks Lu!
    Enjoy your weekend.

  37. Thanks Cee for your comment. I think you would love Peperosa, they have a pretty beautiful selection of shoes.
    Have a great weekend. xx :) /Madison

  38. Hi, thanks so much for your compliment.
    I hope you have a nice start of the weekend.

  39. Thanks so much Daniella! :-)

  40. Thank you. Yes, you definitely should be cautious with height--everyone is different. I agree, and I love to mix my heel height as well.x

  41. Thanks Nicky!
    Ciao! xx

  42. Thanks for your comment Emmy. Yes, heels/wedges can be tricky to drive in, lol. :)

  43. Haha, thanks Elle! :)

  44. I adored the flats, even in gold they are beautiful, but I loved the silver version best. Thanks Mira!

  45. Thank you Rowena. I'm glad that you liked them too! xo

  46. Liebe Rena, Ich liebte auch die Senf gelbem Rand Sandalen! Ja, hohe Schuhe geht mit Ihrem Stil perfekt. Danke für Deinen Kommentar!
    Habt ein schönes Wochenende!
    Alles liebe,
    Madison xx :-)

  47. Danke für deinen süßen Kommentar. Ich bin froh, dass du mein Outfit gefiel. Ich wünsche Dir ein schönes Wochenende! :-)
    Liebe Grüße,
    Madison xx

  48. Kati16 May

    Since I'm an always-flats girl, I prefer flat shoes for summer also! These zebra ones are so cool!


  49. RedTagChicLA16 May

    Lovely shoes you chose Madison!!! I'm a huge fan of wedges & I gravitate towards solids for work but I'm trying out patterns for Spring!