Titá Bijoux: Jewelled Refinement


When there’s a unique story behind a brand it always gets my attention, especially when there’s undeniable passion within its roots. Titá Bijoux is an Italian brand that specialises in luxury lace accessories and fine jewellery.

Keeping It in The Family:
Innovative mother and daughter duo, Laura and Céline founded the Titá Bijoux company. In 1996, Laura, a successful interior designer opened a design workshop in Milan, called Laurarte. Seven years later, she decided to provide her clients with furniture covered in finishes of lace and macramé. Her clientele as well as her daughter, Céline, adored the lace detailed decorations. And, in 2005, Céline used the macramé and lace bits from her mum’s remnants to design statement earrings, which now sells in their shop.

The talented designing pair produces high-quality accessories that are easy to love, and carry an imperial aesthetic. All of their creations are handmade with precision and fervour, and are in essence pieces to be cherished and fully talked about when worn. 
What To Love:
Today, the Titá brand carries everything from diverse jewels of precious metals to colourful and elegant lace pieces. Of course, with lace being timeless, it intrinsically has a history of its own. Based in Milan, Laura and Céline makes certain that each item created is of the best quality. They also use local manufacturers to develop and reproduce a vast range of their own patterns in lace.

In collaboration with Titá Bijoux, I wanted to show you pieces from their stunning Skyline Collection. These intricate designed cuffs were one of my favourite items in their jewellery line. As an avid traveller and accessories devotee, I unsurprisingly gravitated to this collection. From postcards to posters—distinct cityscapes are always a much preferred way to remember any great metropolis, so the thought of having jewellery that evoked that concept was brilliant, in my opinion!

In the Skyline collection, you will find exquisite cutouts: earrings, pendants, and cuffs offered in cities like, Milan, London, New York, Paris, and Rome, etc. Check out a few of their other designs and more of my favourites from the Titá Bijoux brand below.

What do you think of Titá Bijoux and their Skyline Collection?
 (Above) From left to right: Lace earrings-"Lace and Macramè" collection, Pendant and Jewelled earrings-"Skyline" collection, necklace-"Under the sea" collection.
The goods: “New York City,”and “London” cuffs from The Skyline Collection in gold (Silver is also available)-Courtesy of Titá Bijoux. All opinions expressed are my own.

*Visit Titá Bijoux’s e-shop here. You may also follow updates on their Facebook page. To view other collections visit www.titabijouxx.com.

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  1. francesca r07 July

    I fell in love with these jewels!! They are so gorgeous!!!

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  2. These are stunning pieces, so so gorgeous. Looks wonderful on you too :) Happy Monday doll xx

  3. Elsie Davies07 July

    Beautiful pieces Madison. I love the under the see collection necklace. You are looking ever so lovely in those skinnies. xoxo

  4. What a shame! Im Italian and neither know this brand! I totally fell in love with their pieces, I see the high quality, care and passion they put on them. The necklace "under the sea" is utterly cool but I adore all and also your cuffs. You look pretty Madison, well done for this partnership!:) Happy Monday, hugs! xo

  5. Oh wow! The pieces are stunning, even made more awesome that they're handmade. Thanks for featuring another cool brand to check out, Madison:) Have a fab Monday.

  6. Very unique jewellery. I like their take on incorporating urban patterns and landmarks into fashion jewellery pieces! Very creative :))

    Lu | www.balgarka.co.uk

  7. thechilicool07 July

    Lovely bracelests!


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  8. Erika Sorocco07 July

    The Cuffs are just exquisite - the details!! I think the necklaces are my favorite!!


  9. These cuffs are PERFECTION! What a wonderful collection and story! Thank you for sharing! x

  10. They have so many beautiful pieces and that necklace is just awesome!
    I like your cuffs and gold will also be my choice!

  11. Impeccable designs and delicately stunning pieces. You are selling 'em styling it with that outfit. You look awesome!!`


  12. Glam up your Lifestyle07 July

    Liebe Madison,

    das sind sehr schöne Schmuckstücke und sie passen s gut zu deinem Stil.Von der Marke habe ich noch nichts gehört, aber klingt seht interessant

  13. Haha, Thanks so much dear! xx

  14. Thanks Rebecca, yes, true, there's really nothing like chilled water when you're thirsty. :)

  15. Jenmarie07 July

    I love discovering family-owned companies like this one! Their work is so elegant looking!

  16. stylentonic Constantinos08 July

    the cuffs are gorgeous! xxx


  17. Dressed with soul08 July

    Liebe Madison, das sind außergewöhnlich schöne Stücke - damit passen sie perfekt zu Dir, denn Du bist außergewöhnlich schön <3 Ich kannte das Brand bisher nicht, danke für Deine Vorstellung und wie immer siehst Du auch mit dem heutigen Look stylish und toll aus!

    Alles Liebe von Rena


  18. Daniella08 July

    Oo Madison this jewellery is beautiful! And your outfit is lovely, the print of your blouse is so pretty :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  19. love those cuffs! wow!

  20. Schöner Schmuck, ich finde die Skyline Armbänder super und auch das Necklace gefällt mir sehr. Wieder ein cooler post Madison!

    Viele liebe Grüsse!

  21. Ms Madge10 July

    Oh, I like them :) And I love the fact that it's a small family-run business. I love the Eiffel Tower earrings and the long necklace. I'm pleased to find out about brands unknown to me through you :)

  22. Thanks Lilli, I'm so happy to introduce you to this brand. I'm glad that you like their designs as well. They have such original pieces that are high quality. xx/Madison

  23. Thanks so much for your kind words, Elsie! xx

  24. Thanks, I loved that concept too!:)

  25. Thanks Alexis! As much as I wear lace I don't have many lace detaiiled jewellery, so it was good to view these.

  26. Thanks Emmy, I'm happy to hear that you like these pieces, handmade jewellery is always something to appreciate. :)-

  27. You're welcome Marj! Yes, I also loved that they are a strong family owned company.

  28. Thanks! It's perfect for you then! :)

  29. Thanks for reading Rowena!

  30. Liebe Cla, Danke. Ihre Designs sind handgefertigt, einer meiner Favoriten. Schöner Start in das Wochenende! LG, /Madison

  31. Thank you Busola, dear. xo :)

  32. You're very welcome. :-) I'm pleased that you were able to read the article.

  33. Liebe Rena, Du bist so süß. Ich schätze Deine Kommentare immer. Vielen Dank, dass Sie diese Entwürfe und meine schmeckt gefallen. und ich wünsche Dir einen tollen Abend.
    Alles Liebe,
    Madison xx :-)

  34. Kira, ja, die Skyline Halskette und Armbänder sind sehr original. Vielen Dank!
    Liebe Grüße!