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Productive and Rested

This week has been quite relaxing, considering the tasks load. But, through several breaks in-between meetings and errand runs, I managed to peruse through some inspiring proverbs, books, and magazines. Additionally, I was able to sink myself into a much-needed spa worthy tub of lemon and rosemary—handmade bath salts that my sister gifted me in the package for my birthday.

Here’s a few other things that I have loved and been inspired by this week.
I love bold colour and patterns to the nth degree. But, when it comes to nail colours and manicure techniques, I tend to embrace uniqueness, but simplicity the most. I kept flipping the pages back and forth, revisiting how lovely these styles were. There are colourblocking manicures to midi ring inspired styles, and it looks quite easy to recreate as well. A pre-autumn burst of influence, if you will.

I did a quick restock of some teas, and made a wicked homemade roasted beet, goat cheese, and spinach pizza with caramelized onions and with fresh basil, of course. You may have seen it on my Instagram. Then, we watched an oldie, but goodie, High Fidelity.

Easy Party Ideas: Have a Mr. and Mrs. Party
I am in the process of making a few hosting tokens for a small party for the mister, and had an idea of using these moustaches for little gifts. I grabbed these moustache sheets and paper at an art store, and I made easy boxes out of cardstock and corrugated cardboard. For my girl’s night beauty party, the women had lip smooches on their boxes.

This time the boys will have these moustache boxes. I thought it was a clever and adorable idea to make it special for everyone. I reckon, this would be great for a wedding party as well, so I will keep this concept in my archives.
I am undecided now, but I may fill them with mini-grooming tools with my personal styling tips, or funny fortunes, and miniature chocolates. 

Be Hopeful and Stylish
One of my close friends didn’t get the job that she had been waiting for after several successful interviews and callbacks, so I told her, “tomorrow let’s meet for breakfast, and dress to the nines.” She laughed, and said, okay. Here’s a glimpse below of what I will be wearing. Sometimes, when we don’t get what we want in the exact timing we want it doesn’t mean that something far better isn’t around the corner.

Happy weekend! I hope that you’ve been inspired by my brief captures of the week. 
 (Above) vintage clutch bag with dazzled heels, and an off-the-shoulder silk rosette top (both handmade by me).

Have you revelled in life’s simplicity and little treasures this week?

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