Spotlight Series: The Biscuiteers


When it comes to hosting, details are what make the experience enjoyable. Of course, when there’s afternoon teatime, it’s no exception.

In collaboration with the Biscuiteers, I wanted to put the spotlight on the exemplary British brand that merges two things that Fashion Tales adores—travelling and fashion, obviously! For the afternoon tea, I chose to use the “Vintage Traveller” biscuit tin, which if you’re a fan of the novel, Around the World in Eighty Days, you will appreciate the inspiration, which was Phileas Fogg. The tin is filled with intricately designed biscuits in the form of a compass, passport, aeroplanes, hot air balloons, and a vintage suitcase.
The “Fashionista” biscuit tin was also a personal favourite, and I used them to dazzle our tablescape setting. This tin is perfect for the fashion enthusiast and would clearly be an edible “statement” accessory. There’s clutch bags, earrings, and embellished dresses.

But, the biscuits are not only unique, they are simply sweet handcrafted treats that are artful and delicious. Each one is remarkably produced in just about every type of theme and shape imaginable: from festival season to Royal Ascot-inspired biscuits. The Biscuiteers is certainly not your everyday type of biscuit bakery. And, being a biscuit enthusiast myself, I do appreciate the range of clever themes and playful styles that will suit any occasion.

If you want something other than biscuits, they also make cakes, chocolates, and macaroons, all of which can be personalised.
Flourishing Extras to Love:
Husband and wife team, Harriet Hastings and Stevie Congdon, established the Biscuiteers in 2007. Their brilliant concept of creating stylish biscuits that are all handmade and delivered with topnotch service is what set the brand apart from the lot of many. And, the proof is certainly in the (sugary) pudding, so-to-speak!

“We wanted the biscuits to be beautiful and witty. We called them ‘collections’ because we knew we wanted to launch them seasonally like fashion collections and to keep refreshing and developing the range,” Hastings said.

The now, well-known brand has partnered and worked closely with award-winning companies and fashion brands, including Burberry, Swatch, Net-a-Porter, and Selfridges, amongst others.

Almost, exactly two years ago, the Biscuiteers expanded the company and opened their very first Biscuit Boutique & Icing Café in Notting Hill. They even offer icing classes for those willing to go onward with the task of learning how to frost a biscuit.

Come join the visual tea party in high-fashion. I hope you’ve come with an appetite! Just sit back and indulge in this tablescape voyage, all provided with an imperial front-row seat. But, don’t fret, we’ll skip the tea sandwiches, and keep them stowed, so that you can have tasty seconds for the ultimate biscuit-dunking experience.
Have you bought or tasted a Biscuiteers original? What do you think of the afternoon tablescape?

The goods: Vintage Travelling Tin, and Fashionista Tin-Provided by The Biscuiteers. All opinions expressed are my own. Tablecloth-Vintage, Sheffield china, and all other accessories/food-Fashion Tales. 

*Fancy attending their icing classes? Click here. For more information or to shop these charming treats visit
 (Above) Other inspired biscuit tins. 


  1. Vix Brearley22 August

    They are little works of art! x

  2. The Mora Smoothie22 August

    Love it!!

    Kisses Paola

  3. This sounds and looks perfect!! How wonderful these are, love them :)) Happy Friday, I hope you have a gorgeous weekend xx

  4. miss b22 August

    Yes I have bought and tasted Biscuiteers and they are just as delicious as they look. I was fortunate to visit the café in Nottinghill, London. My biscuit was a bikini design! I also bought some adorable Easter biscuits to take home. If I had had more time I would have liked to have stayed to ice my own biscuit. Maybe next time.Your afternoon tablescape is fabulous and so creative. Great post!

  5. Ileana22 August

    Nam!!! I would be sad to eat these ^^



  6. Oh Madison! I never saw something as much adorable as these biscuits, how cute! Their concept is so lovely, I like both tins, vintage traveling and fashionista, my only fear is that they wont last much, would eat them all!:) Have a wonderful weekend dear! xo

  7. Wow!! What a yummy and cute idea <3

    XX from Vienna,

    Mahshid مهشید

  8. I'd buy those just for the tins alone:P

    Those biscuits look soooo good. I've never tried this brand but will do so if I ever see them here. So cool they offer icing classes:)

  9. Chic Street Choc22 August

    fashion *.*

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    follow me on instagram! i will follow u back!<a

    I'm waiting for u!

  10. Glam up your Lifestyle22 August

    Haha ich sitze hier gerade und genieße meinen Nachmittags Tee. Natürlich mit ein paar Keksen. Da ist ein tägliches Ritual bei mir. Tee trinken und ein paar Kekse dazu. Deine sehen sehr verlockend aus, ich könnte da nicht widerstehen. Grüße Cla

  11. ElleSees.blogspot.com22 August

    loved reading about this! i've been to london but haven't been there. wanderlust!

  12. Erika Sorocco22 August

    Le sigh...these are far too adorable to eat!


  13. This are so so so adorable! it is kind of incredible the amount of detail in each biscuit!!! I'm so in need of some with my blog logo! a little chihuahua! I think that would be super cute :) Thanks for sharing!
    I invite you to visit my blog and let me know if you would
    like to follow each other and stay in touch.



  14. Lola Finn22 August

    Sieht suuuuper fine aus :)
    Wünsche dir ein schönes Wochenende, liebe Madison <3

  15. Missy May22 August

    Never tasted them before, but these look good. :)
    *Have a lovely weekend schwester! xoxo*
    Alles Liebe!

  16. These biscuits look so cute and absolutely fit for tea time. The packaging is so pretty.

  17. Allie Mackin22 August

    No I had heard of this company, the biscuits look amazing.They should do a wedding based series. Bet that would sell really well for weddings.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  18. SUPER COOL! look amazing these biscuitters

  19. I pretty much died when I saw these pics on your IG feed. Holy moly they are GORGEOUS!

  20. OMG these biscuits look too pretty to eat!

  21. Daniella23 August

    How sweet are these biscuits?! They look so yummy but also to cute to eat hehe. Great post Madison :)

    Take care and enjoy your weekend,
    Daniella xox

  22. ohhh my gosh these look so delicious! (They are making me so hungry!) I will definitely have to check them out next time I'm in need of some cute food!

    <(') Hoda | JooJoo Azad ~ Free Bird

  23. so cute! even if it's half as tasty as it looks - it is amazing!

  24. petra lorietta23 August

    wow!♥ the biscuits are perfect! lovely post!:)

  25. I've seen them do lots of great blogger events - these guys make the cutest biscuits!

  26. I would be too afraid to eat these beautiful biscuits. They are like pieces of art!

  27. I agree, definitely works of art! :)

  28. It wa difficult, but the guests ate them up! haha! :)

  29. Definitely! Do check them out, especially if you have a great friend/special one, occasion--it would make an excellent gift! Thank for your comment Hoda.

  30. Thank you Daniella! :-) xx

  31. Haha, yes, that photo had an effect on many ... thanks Laura!
    They were perfect for the afternoon tea tablescape.

  32. Yes, they are well-known company now in the UK, and they actually do have some fun wedding-inspired styles and every occasion imaginable. :) -- >

  33. Give them a try if you get a chance! Vielen Dank, Schwester!
    Alles Liebe von Madison x

  34. You must stop by the next time you are in the area. :)

  35. Yes, the biscuit are very adorable. After a good appreciation with eye gazing, they did not last too long, because everyone ate them with the tea and other treats. :) Thanks for your comment Lilli.

  36. Amazing quality and packaging--one of my favourite parts! Thank you.

  37. Hi miss b, Absolutely! So artful and marvellous, these biscuits are. Thank you for your lovely comment, I'm glad that you liked the tablescape a well. :)

  38. Thanks Rowena! Yes, well, I cannot argue with that! :-)

  39. Liebe Lola, Dankeschön!
    Schönes Wochenende!
    Madison xo

  40. Liebe Rena,Ja, das wäre sehr gut für eine Party oder jede Gelegenheit. Danke für Deinen Kommentar lieber. Haben Sie einen guten Start in der Woche!
    Alles Liebe,
    Madison x

  41. Ahm, I don't know if there is a blogger who doesn't love buiscuits, cupcakes or macarons! Those on the photos above are a piece of art indeed! Thank you for sharing, now I am craving something sweet!

  42. Cla,Haha, wie lustig! Ich hoffe, Deine genossen Der Tee.
    Haben Sie eine große neue Woche! :)
    Liebe Grüße,

  43. Hehe, thanks Stanislava. I agree, these biscuits are very much pieces of art, delicious art! xx

  44. Amy-Jo Tatum/Bride Chic25 August

    How truly inspiring! Love the golden accents . . .

  45. Oh to Be a Muse25 August

    Who doesn't like both fashion and travel! And I must say, the tin is quite cute.

  46. so wow, so much effort was put in those biscuits and they are all soooo lovely. ahhh adorable!!

  47. Tamara Chloé26 August

    I am getting hungy just looking at them Madison!
    Wow they are such pieces of art, I absolutely love them, I will remember the name and sure hope I can try them one day.

    xx Tamara Chloé

  48. rakhshanda26 August

    Wow adorable, so much effort was put in those biscuits and they are all soooo lovely.These have to be some of the most fabulous looking biscuits I've ever seen. Kisses <3

  49. These cookies are so pretty and the idea is very inspiring. I love playing around in the kitchen and this seems to be a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing :)


  50. Ms Madge26 August

    I love these!! I love biscuits and these are the type I'd buy..maybe not to eat immediately though. They're too pretty :) But you're right, it;s perfect for hosting. Thank you for introducing these to me. Yum! Have a lovely week xx

  51. Haha! Hi there Mira, Yes absolut! Danke! Schönheit in Essen ist gut, lol. :-) Ich wünsche Dir einen guten Abend. Enjoy the week too! xx / Madison

  52. miranda28 August

    These are almost too beautiful to eat!!


  53. I had never heard of these ! its like they are a real work of art - what a treat.