1Dress: Custom Style For Less


If you’re looking for sophisticated dress styles that are glamourous with a bespoke aesthetic, then you just might want to check out 1dressv.de.

Since 2007 1dress has been providing elegant dresses for women globally. They even offer dresses for little girls as well. There are dress styles for just about every occasion, including evening and formal events, cocktail hour, and especially wedding celebrations. I recently spoke with the company, and browsed the site to see their offerings, as well as find out what has made the brand so notable for the past seven years.

Firstly, they have an incredible amount of style options in dresses—you simply select your dress to order and choose from a wide range in diverse fabrics and colours. There are more than four-thousand styles all tailored for your preferred needs. There is also online help if needed.
Aside from attending the opera, there are only a handful of events that I go to annually, where I need an elaborate dress or evening gown to wear. And, I am usually quite selective in balancing colour vs. embellishments, so it was nice to see their variety, not only in colours, but dress lengths, and sparkled trimmings. Custom evening gowns like these would typically cost close to a fortune, but I found several styles on 1dress.de that would cost less than half the price of a handmade gown with intricate work. 

Typically, extremely low prices affirms that somewhere in the equation, there will be a lesser quality in product, but 1dress.de is the exact opposite. In fact, 1dress.de prides themselves in providing high quality garments and customer service with excellence. The assurance of making the customer happy whilst dressing them in style is the added bonus that sets 1dress.de apart from many other brands.

Here are some of my favourite styles.
Do you have a special event to attend? If not, then pretend that you do—what style of dress would you wear to an evening gala?

1Dress.de is an online shop based in Germany, and ships internationally. To shop, visit www.1dress.de *This is a sponsored post, but all opinions expressed are my own. Images: courtesy of 1dress, and edited by Fashion Tales.

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  1. Wow! stunning dresses :) Lovely post..Keep In touch dear..hugsrampdiary / My art Blog / Beauty and fashion Blog

  2. francesca r30 October

    Wow beautiful dresses, I will check the out!!

    Don't Call
    Me Fashion Blogger



  3. Hi Madison! The next "gala" event I can think is the new year eve and these gowns would be so perfect. You know, still didnt own anything similar, the black ones would be for sure my pick. Hope ur week is going well dear, hugs xo

  4. Don't really go to a lot of formal occasions, so I'm on the "pretend" side":D Love love love that orange dress you picked out, and those children ones are adorable too.

  5. Royal Wang30 October

    en, great, i will check out for sure

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  6. SHE Jenmarie30 October

    It's always nice to discover a place that provides so many different options for that one special thing you need!

  7. Missy May30 October

    Look at that lil gal in the middle...oh myyy, so adorable in that dress. They've sure have some great dresses. Thanks for sharing with us Schwester.
    Alles Liebe....


  8. Customization of an evening gown or cocktail dress? That is awesome! So many people need that. Fabulous styles. I haven't been to a formal in awhile.