Beauty, Delays, and Easy Travelling


Since I have been on an extended holiday, I had the pleasure of trying out a subscription from Beauty Box Five (BB5). Apologies for the delay, but it actually just arrived last week toward the end of my trip, so I am doing a quick review now, and heading to the airport as I type.

Even though I received their August box, there were still things that I could use going forward, and I still wanted to let you know about the products that were included in the that I received.

For starters, the subscription box will cost you $12/ month with free shipping for five beauty samples. I have had several subscription boxes in the past, but neglected them after a few months because; to be honest with my lifestyle, I really could not keep up! I would forget about it if I was away, and then heaps of boxes would have increased upon my return, which sometimes is a long time. But, I thought this was worth a try!

I think this box would be a good way to try several beauty items, especially if you don’t want to purchase full-sized products or if you want to be surprised with different beauty related products.

What’s in The Box:
The nail varnish was unexpected, as it has a unique glittery texture that almost resembles pencil shavings. It went on easily and I really liked it. You can check out the other colours here.

Make-up removing, oil-free travel wipes are just smart to have in your bag, even without travelling. Similar wipes and a Purell hand cleanser are great essentials that I already use and travel with.

The Novex Brazilian Keratin hair treatment is a brand that I have heard of before, so I am much looking forward to using it.

The sunscreen SPF15 by Pur~lisse Protect SPF 30 is something that everyone can use. I love that this is a travel-friendly size. Although, I must agree with most people who have reviewed and seen Pur~Lisse around a lot lately this entire season—many subscription boxes and brands have managed to sneak this in just about every beauty-related bundle. The pro is that it’s something that you can use regardless of the season, and it's the perfect size to keep in your handbag.

This lip gloss colour-wise is a flattering colour on, but I do recommend that you blend it with another lip gloss or nicer lip balm because it is quite sticky when applied. View lip colours here.

I think overall, this is a good box. Although, I am much looking forward to viewing next month’s box, to see the diverse range and variety of what BB5 offers.

Have you tried Beauty Box 5 or do you currently have any subscription boxes?

The goods: Nanococo lipgloss, Pur~lisse sun protection, Nail varnish, and beauty products-Courtesy of Beauty Box Five. The box is available to Canadian and US shipping addresses. All opinions expressed are my own.

Reuse // Travel-Friendly Tip
Lastly, aside from travelling a lot this past month, I also wanted to share a little trick that I used when I needed to consolidate a few personal care items in my luggage.

On my second trip, I decided to use Crystal Light containers to keep some of my beauty travel-size pieces, as well as liquid items that I wanted to keep quarantine. These containers are transparent, which makes it helpful during your TSA check (if using it in your carry on). 

I added little stickers that I printed to label each container. This would also be an excellent idea to use for children’s snacks or using these containers whilst travelling on a road trip. I used these to store my energy bars in the car as well.
Other uses:
-Keep swimwear separate from other clothing, if you’re in a hurry or have no time to fully wash your swimwear.
-Great for storing allergy medicine, mini soaps, cotton balls, etc. on the go.

-Basically, this is ideal for anything small that you want to keep divided.

-At the airport sometimes its annoying when you might not have time to finish your sandwich. So just stash your wrapped goods in this container. And, with the secure lid, it's not smelling in your bag or leaking from the paper bag wrapping. You can always wash it out and reuse the container or simply toss it out after you're finished completely!

*You can buy Crystal Light here for UK and EU, and here for USA if it's not in your local grocer. If you already use this flavoured water, then it makes it easier, this way you are reusing the containers in multiple ways.

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  1. Hi Madison! You find some nice product in the box, the nail polish and the lip gloss are the ones inspire me most. And thank you for the tip, actually I never thought of containers since I use transparent bag but in this way the stuff is better stored. Have a lovely day Madison, many kisses! xo

  2. That nail polish looks fun to put over another nail polish for some added texture!

  3. Chrissie02 October

    I love the idea with the little boxes!!! THX for that :)

    LG aus der EDELFABRIK

  4. Ivana Džidić02 October

    These containers are a fabulous idea! so great for storing stuff and especially so when travelling!

  5. very useful! great stuff dear! I loved the container idea as my travels usually don't give a lot of time when moving from one please to another!

  6. Erika Sorocco02 October

    I love the concept of subscription boxes, but I don't currently use any of the services as I feel as if they contain a lot of stuff I don't use. I like just going to the store and selecting stuff that I want. :)


  7. I have heard about those beauty boxes and there are 2 in my country (I am not sure though) but I have never purchased one. I am a little bit sceptic about products they provide, since I can't see whether the lip gloss is sticky, or the sunscreen smells good. But that's what are blogs for! Thanks for sharing the review, even in a hurry. Looking forward to see some photos from your trip! xo


  8. Let us know how you're liking these, esp. the Novex one:) Sounds like a really good hair treatment.

  9. You received a good mix of products in this box especially that sunscreen. I tend to buy Asian beauty boxes and I prefer the ones that don't require a subscription. Love your Crystal Light container idea. I use Tic Tic containers from time to time.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  10. SHE Jenmarie02 October

    I am so glad you liked your box from BB5! I'm a beauty contributer and partner of the brand and think their monthly boxes are great! The lip gloss color you received is gorgeous!

  11. Glam up your Lifestyle02 October

    Hallo Madison, die Box hört sich gut an. Ich mag solche Boxen und wir haben viele verschiedene in Deutschland. Danke für den guten Tipp.
    Schönes Wochenende

  12. Missy May02 October

    I haven't tried this Beauty Box nor any one before. - But I've seen a lot of bloggers do this box subscriptions and the products they get are great. Yours is no exception. Love the shade of that lipgloss - so bold. Thanks for that traveling tips. Its a great idea! :-)
    *Alles Liebe Schwester....xoxo*

  13. Allie Mackin03 October

    No I haven't and I do not do any of the monthly services but there is a Birch Box brick and mortar store near my job and it is amaze-balls.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  14. Jessica03 October

    I currently do not get any monthly box subscriptions but posts like this remind me how fun they can be. I also really love your tip about using Crystal Light containers when traveling. I would have never thought of that.

  15. I never got a subscription box cos I'm picky when it comes to beauty products, I would not try everything so reviews are important to me if I can't get a sample. The travel tip is great. I loved zipper bags. xoxo

  16. This looks like a great box of goodies. I did something like this once before, but I should really do it again as it was great. Love the travel containers as well, should get something like that. I hope you have a great weekend doll xx

  17. Rosalind Jana03 October

    I have to say that it would never even occur to me to use a subscription box - but possibly because I'm a creature of habit (as well as being a minimal product user) and thus tend to stick with what I already know.
    Those natty containers look incredibly useful for traveling. You are SO organised.

  18. that's a pretty nice box madison! i love the lip gloss shade color. too bad it was sticky :( uggh (most are though) i LOVE your container idea. i have GOT to try that!

  19. Oh that storage is nifty! I'm always hoarding jars and empty packaging for travelling, haha.

  20. I just started to get the idea of subscription box but I think I would never use the products because I am picky and also love sticking to the same brands for like forever. Oh mine the packing tip is a lifesaver Madison.
    I have a bad bad vibe with airport security. So I am taking your advice for my trip back home for sure.

  21. I haven't subscribed to any beauty boxes, though always tempted. I like the look of that lipgloss, I find lip glosses really great to keep your lips moisturised but agree that they can often be quite sticky and that's really unappealing!

  22. Dear Madison, Thank you so much for sharing this. I really love the idea of those light weight, see through containers. I travel a lot and know from own experience that simple things like these can really make a difference and make life much easier :)

    To Beauty Box: I don't have any subscriptions but enjoy reading about other's boxes :)

    Love from Vienna,

    Mahshid مهشید

  23. I really like Purlisee, it is a great moisturizer!

  24. Thanks for your comment. :)

  25. Thanks Mira. Yes, the nail colour was surprisingly a favourite. :)

  26. Thank you. The container idea really helped me, so I'm glad that you like it too. give it a try.