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This past weekend I felt that I had struck every sale that I could—if only I weren't too meticulous in selecting patterns or styles, then it would have been even better. You may have seen a few items that I scored during my shopping venture here, but I have heaps of other pieces that I bought and cannot wait to wear.

Even before my shopping excursion, I had been in search of another moto-jacket, preferably in hunter green or cobalt with leather panels. Although, I didn't find a hunter green version, I did stumble upon this army green and faux leather jacket at Marshalls. This was actually the only big-ticket item (BTI) that I bought for the entire trip, (I like to have at least one BTI when shopping), considering being budget-friendly. Every BTI that I own is a piece that be carried into multiple seasons. It's always versatile, and for me, these pieces are generally outerwear or footwear.

Each item that I purchased was on sale, and my favourite piece other than the jacket was this Cynthia Rowley Tee for a tenner. Only two items that I bought on the entire shopping venture was just under thirty dollars. I had to double check the quality of the jacket since I am a savvy jacket collector, as it must meet my fashion inspection, as well as my arm length standards. Well, it did!

I also managed to score big at H&M in their organic cotton section as well as a few more autumn pieces, including jewellery, a snood, and a great spring printed dress that I am transforming for the season. All from three to seven dollars. I will share more details about those later, so do check out the updates via Instagram and Twitter.
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Finally, after messing about with the Lumia, I made it custom to my lifestyle, because setting up your favourite fashion layout and other applications takes time, not to mention the music section on any mobile device is a whole other entity. 

I found a couple of great apps that I am enjoying at the moment; one is called Smart Budget. This helps you to keep track of how much you are spending, whether it's at a grocer or local department store—a simple and safe way of budgeting without having to be logged into your bank account. You can even graph out how much you've saved and spent daily and monthly.

Have you tried any new shopping apps? What are your favourites?
The goods: Nokia Lumia 635-c/o Nokia. Faux leather moto-jacket, Marbled Tee-Cynthia Rowley, and Moto-pants-Marshalls, Lace-up boots-Target. *This post is sponsored by Microsoft, all opinions expressed are my own. 

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  1. RedTagChicLA22 October, 2014

    It's one moto-inspired look worth replicating this weekend - thanks for the inspo Madison!!!


  2. Vix Brearley22 October, 2014

    That jacket looks great on you and so do the boots.
    I'm probably the only person in the world without a smartphone so I'm afraid the second part of your post went over my head!




  4. SHE Jenmarie22 October, 2014

    You sound like my kind of shopper! Getting most everything on sale is a major win, in my opinion! I really love the moto jacket you found!

  5. Hi Madison! I didnt know or use any shopping app but that one sounds very cool and useful. Well done on the jacket, I know you will wear it a lot! You look so pretty and the whole match is so stylish amd perfect for fall. Many kisses! xo

  6. You caught some really good sales Madison. They've been so plentiful. I love your jacket! It's so cool! Thanks for the shopping app suggestion. I haven't tried an app for that! It sounds like it's really helpful. I need a beauty budget app! LOL

  7. Your autumn wardrobe must be coming together quite nicely with your shopping ventures. That's a great jacket and the whole outfit looks fantastic.

    Yes I have made satay style tofu before. It's really tasty like that. I also enjoy having it baked.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  8. Closet Fashionista22 October, 2014

    Love that jacket! You styled it perfectly too!
    And I love a good money-tracking app! I use MINT because I can use it on my computer and phone

  9. Ivana Džidić22 October, 2014

    glad to hear you scorred during the sales...organic cotton section- now that sounds lovely! fantastic jacket...I absolutely love this outfit! xoxo

  10. So so love that moto jacket:) And I must admit I don't use apps for shopping too much. I usually do most online shopping over the web.

  11. francesca r22 October, 2014

    How cool is your biker jacket?? I like it a lot!

    Don't Call
    Me Fashion Blogger



  12. Another great outfit Madison. Loving the moto jacket, the colour and leather panels look awesome. I'm also loving your boots and how they look against the army green colour of your jeans. The app sounds cool, thanks for the tip :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xx

  13. Everyone looks good in a jacket like this, and you are no exception. Wanna hop on the back of my bike?!

  14. jamielouborile22 October, 2014

    Colors are amazing!

    ♡, Jamie of www.spotlightonjamie.com

  15. Glam up your Lifestyle23 October, 2014

    Eine Shopping App habe ich noch nie benutzt, hört sich aber interessant an. An deiner Jacke wirst du noch lange deine Freude habe, ein schönes zeitloses Teil.

  16. Very nice - especially those olive trousers!!

    Have a great day,

    P.S.: Thanks for leaving such nice comment on my last post!

  17. Oh, my favourite jackets this season are biker and faux leather too! Congrats on all your purchases! I don't use any shopping apps (actually I didn't know about their existence but there are apps for everything nowadays).


  18. Love your jacket and hat <3 Cool and comfortable outfit which is perfect for fall.
    The only shopping app that I have really been using ( not only looking through) is from Amazon.

    <3 <3 Mahshid مهشید



  19. Looks like you got some great ensemble from the look of this jacket. It's really GOOD! Love the two-tone detail with the leather and military pair. I need to dig out my boots, cos you're enticing me with yours. Lol! Du siehst sehr toll aus Schwester. :)
    Alles Liebe!


  20. Erika Sorocco23 October, 2014

    So in love with this look - it is very much the type of thing I would wear!


  21. Edita Lozovska23 October, 2014

    Looove the jacket!



  22. Marie a la Mode23 October, 2014

    Such a great fall jacket! And who doesn't love sales?? ; )

  23. Hi Madison! Oh I love and hate the sale at the same time. I always buy things that I don't need (und auch noch zuviel davon). You look amazing. I love your new moto jacket and the cool pants. I think I need this app. Maybe it will stop me from buying more. Hab einen wunderschönen Tag!!

    xx Mira


  24. Love this look on you!


  25. I have serious hat envy right now - your hat is fabulous and works so well with the whole outfit! xx


  26. Great edgy look! A good moto jacket is so versatile! Love urs! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style Delights Blog

  27. I love the hat! Boots are gorgeous too :)



  28. I love those boots! Great styling of the moto-chic look.



  29. Glad you did well at the sales! It is always nice to have one really special thing to come home with , and the jacket is fabulous. I'm styling a biker jacket on the blog today too!

    Chic on the Cheap

  30. I love your jacket!
    Great outfit!

  31. I try to avoid sales, I always end up with things I don't really want/need. That jacket is lovely! x

    Josie’s Journal

  32. Dankeschön! Ja, nicht zu viel Ordnung einkaufen! haha, ist die App hilfreich. :-) Ich wünsche Dir ein schönes Wochenende.xx

  33. Vielen Dank Cla! The jacket is my favorite piece.

  34. Danke, meine Schwester! The jacket is really the best, lol. I'm sure you will look great in these boots! xx

  35. Thanks Lydia. Loved your jacket too! :)

  36. Thank you Kim. Yes, totally everything I bought was under 30 USD, amazing!

  37. Thanks for your comment Hayley.:)

  38. Aww, thanks! I collect hats and love them so much. Enjoy the weekend./Madison

  39. Thanks Stanislava! Yes, there are loads of apps for just about everything. :)

  40. Thanks so much Daniella. What a sweet comment. I hope you enjoy your weekend dear. x

  41. Thank you Rowena. I had a lot of fun shopping. I was fortunate to find excellent deals. :)

  42. Absolutely! I never pay full price for ANYTHING. haha. I refuse! :) Thanks for your comment.

  43. Yes, the Conscious pieces are pretty good. I sift through many pieces before committing, as I like to find unique pieces for layering. :)

  44. Oh my, you look amazing! I have been on the hunt for the perfect moto jacket and haven't been able to find one that's just right! Yours is so beautiful--and for such a steal! Lucky girl! xx

    <(') Hoda | JooJoo Azad

  45. You look so cool and effortlessly stylish. What a great purchases.

    xoxo Ra



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