Style Files // Pineapple Curry

You know that you’re mingling with the right bunch of friends, when they refer to your outfits in the exact manner as you would—fervently vivid descriptions that blend two of your passions, food and fashion. So, when I heard the word “champagne” muffled in the background of the room, followed by my friend saying that she loved my blazer because it reminded her of a spicy curry, I decided to use those interpretations to my benefit.

And, that night I cooked a Sri Lankan pineapple curry paired with a champagne cocktail. See, inspiration is literally everywhere, and I reckon that I should thank my outfit for that!

Naturally, as a self-proclaimed gastronome, I gravitate to colours and patterns with any reference to food and drink. Fashion is also often fused with artful and animated influence from food, nature and wildlife, amongst other things regarding naming patterns or colours (think, raspberry red, zebra print, or sky blue). 

Finally, here’s an outfit that I wore on a windy day to meet up with a friend to go shopping for light fixtures for an installation that she was working on. I love going to interior décor shops, and home furnishing warehouses, which is how our day was spent. Of course, café detours and vintage boutique halts along the way certainly doesn't hurt.

What do you have planned for the weekend? I think we will take it easy, as it's been quite a full week, perhaps enjoy Netflix or check out a new film … any recommendations?

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The goods: Pineapple jacquard knit here, and Long Blazer-c/o Trendyfine, Denim-Express, Shoes-Anthropologie, Leather clutch bag-Kohl’s, Claw earrings-c/o Oasap, Beaded wooden necklace-Gifted.

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Weekends: Insta-Living Vol. 05

I have not been able to get motivated to take new style shots, as it’s been unbearably cold, and it has been weeks. I still have a couple styles that were taken earlier, so the next task is not getting distracted, which might be difficult since we have friends in town.

On the other hand, it’s been rather nice to finish up other blog related things, as well as get back to sewing, drawing, and doing some fabric shopping. I also got a new personal laptop and I am just getting to setting up ... everything! I am sure you can understand, both the excitement and impatience of wanting everything to upload fast or magically function seamlessly in a glance.

Below are some January favourites from my photo diaries, including a style preview of what’s coming up, post-weekend snapshots, brunch memories, and other random captures that were taken. If you follow me on Instagram, you've likely seen a couple of these.
Above: Style preview, open faced kale, walnut, and pesto and herb salad on fresh oat bread, New globe mini-notecards on my creative desk space, Inside style shot of my sandals, Brunch tablescape memories in black and white, Earl Grey teatime, Beauty obsessions with Shiseido facial cotton, and Mario Badescu products, An evening sky, Notecard details, Fabric gifts from coffee friends, Morning foodie starters plated, Art purchases, Reading style with Valentino frames, and More bag and art details.  

We indulged in home baked almond croissants over the weekend. I used the gunny sack bag that I was given from a friend to add to our table decor, which will also be cut soon for a burlap project that I have in mind.

Current Tunes: The Softer Side
Music is always playing in my home, offices, on the plane, and everything in-between. Sometimes it’s a lyric that grabs you, sometimes it’s the tone of a ballad, or a band that does more than catch your ear. Here are four tracks that we've been listening to recently: “Brother” by Mighty Oaks,  James Bay’s, “Let Go,” “MiddleGround” by Mark Wilkinson, and Labrinth’s, “Jealous.”

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Timepiece Style + Eco-Giveaway

The past week has been an eventful one, but mightily productive for me and I will share more about that soon. I also have a fab giveaway from the sustainable watch brand, Jord.

Natural wood accessories have been very popular in the past few years, especially in home decor, interior design, and fashion.

The wonderful team at Jord is backing this lovely giveaway. One lucky reader of Fashion Tales will receive a massive treat … one $120 e-gift certificate with FREE shipping! Here’s a recap of their offerings below, so do check out some of my favourite timepiece styles from them in my previous post here, or on their site, and enter below. The only mandatory thing is to leave a comment below.

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Buying a new watch would be a great gift for that special loved one in your life or for yourself, a Happy New Year indeed.  

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Winter Tales: Brunch Style

You've rung in the new year,  maybe even partied a little, and relished time with family over the holidays. Now, that you have returned to work it’s often difficult to get back into the swing of things.

When it comes to creating a relaxing environment or merely entertaining, we certainly understand, and try to do it in a fun way. Setting aside time to swap holiday stories and new ideas with dear friends doesn't have to be complicated at all. In fact, the simpler the better!

Our solution for bringing everyone together, whether it’s for discussing new ventures with friends or catching up with longtime associates always involves food for us. Why? Because it’s an easy way to unwind comfortably—some of the greatest conversations with friends have come from our dinner parties or fittingly, a weekend brunch gatherings like this one.

In collaboration with Harry & David here’s our weekend brunch table that I styled for a casual setting—a late brunch for a proper post-holiday catch up with friends. Harry & David is known for their infamous decadent treats, including their signature gift towers, gourmet food, and Royal Riviera® Pears.

To celebrate our first weekend of the year together with our artistic crew of friends, we used some of Harry & David’s delicious appetizers to accompany our light brunch table.

I decided to add a few handmade touches to the table by using a chalkboard theme. A fun way to make your guests feel warm and welcomed is with custom glasses or settings. Blending the old with the new for a simple, yet sophisticated and approachable setting was ideal. So, I used vintage lace overlaying it on a cobalt and cream printed tablecloth with a modern motif.  

The menu included an artichoke pesto spread, potato corn chowder, Norwegian smoked salmon, raspberry-lemon tarts, and miniature cinnamon doughnuts, amongst other epicurean bites. The bruschetta spread is extremely complementary on toasted slices of a French baguette. The merlot-laced spread is boldly flavoured with tomatoes, red peppers, a kick of merlot, and has the bite of balsamic vinegar and artichoke.
The Artichoke Lemon Pesto (a group favourite), is creamy and tangy, and finishes with the fresh flavour of lemon. We used a champagne sharp cheddar to go along with our spreads as well. Add cilantro or jalapeño slices to top off the soups, then finish with Hungarian paprika, and “Voila!” I highly recommend the pumpkin bisque, as well as any of the delightful spreads, which will be a brilliant companion to many other meals, such as the spreads atop grilled veggies, poultry, or with your favourite crostini.

This comfortable and refreshing setting was the perfect way to enjoy good company and a first brunch gathering of the year.

What do you think of our brunch styled setting?

The goods: Classic Bruschetta, Artichoke Lemon Pesto, and Merlot Laced Artichokes, Pumpkin Bisque, Harvest Vegetable with Pastas Soup, Potato Corn Chowder, and Wild Mushroom Soup-Courtesy of Harry & David. Shop other items here. Other items: Vintage lace cloth overlay, Ralph Lauren tablecloth, Whole foods: Norwegian smoked salmon, Handmade chalkboard glasses with chalkboard paper, Martha Stewart Paint-buy it here, or use other templates here. View the cinnamon doughnuts recipe-here


In The Know: Artist Spotlight

Inspiration for me comes from a multitude of places. Often, I am inspired by my surroundings and other times I am influenced by other artful forms. As liberating as it is to regularly come across exceptional work by emerging creatives from across the globe, it’s equally refreshing for me to share personal inspirations and current favourites regarding design and the arts.

These are a few independent and respectable artists that you should check out—all of whom are talented, and each bring their own perspective to the art, music, and fashion industry. Celebrating established talent moving and shaking up the community, in addition to a unique and stunningly sharp cover for your playlist.   

Colour Theory:
Astrid Sarkissian creates printed silk scarves for men and women that not only have character, but bring life to textile art. The Central Saint Martins alumna started her luxury eponymous label in 2012, and has managed to produce striking prints motivated by everything from baroque and gothic architecture to her own paintings.

She uses traditional and progressive techniques on silk fabrics (including digital printing), which are often fuelled with brilliant colour, thematic motifs, or uptown patterns. Take a look at her work below and see how each piece tell a story of their own. There's something for everyone: daring fashionistas, sophisticates, gents, and even hipsters. Shop her pieces here.
Images (source)

In My Ear: Kiah Victoria
 Image: (source)

You don't even have to be a fan of Coldplay’s “Fix You” to know the gist of how the tune goes. And, if you are, then you've probably heard countless renditions of the UK band’s song. But, you’ve probably not heard any version quite like this one by songstress, Kiah Victoria. You will be pleasantly surprised. 

The young New York native stayed somewhat true to the original development of the song, however it’s sharply enveloped in her individual musical style, and spurs out a chock full of riveting vocal control and range that’s pretty phenomenal. There’s been buzz about her for quite some time and more recently with her ace covers.

Sounds like: The sultry softness of Joy Denalane, and slight whispers of Corrine Bailey Rae with the cooling effect of Indie Arie, one that demands your attention. Victoria's voice is captivating and your ears will want gulps more if you also like jazz, D'angelo, electro-soul, indie, or neo-soul, etc. Check out some of her other tunes like Rooftop, and Lover's Anthem, a personal favourite.

Update: Soundcloud version of "Fix You" has been deleted.

Visual Art:
Photographer, Ricardo Abrahao found his forte after coming back from a backpacking trip to Asia. Having grasped a desire for visual storytelling, he decided to document his surroundings. Consequently, he became a photographer.  

From the moment that I saw the Kami editorial that he did for 160g magazine in 2013, I was captured by the visually striking colours, patterns, and details immediately in the clothing, and how it was photographed. It was a perfect example of how a garment, the styling, and the photography (lighting) worked in harmony for showcasing the silhouettes—the creative team behind the editorial certainly received my applause, so I wanted to highlight some of his work here.

Abrahao's work has been featured in a substantial amount of editorials, including GQ Style Brazil, and Schon! magazine. Originally from São Paulo, Brazil, Abrahao (currently based in Paris) continues to heighten his artistry with each project whilst experimenting in other avenues with his photography. Some of these other ventures include personal projects with diverse styling and imaging techniques. You may view more of his work here.
Images: Behance, (source)

What do you think about these artists? Which is your favourite?

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Rainy Day Style

Sometimes on days when you have the perfect outfit to wear, it rains and can somewhat ruin your planned fashion moment. But, fortunately on these type of days I have learnt to go with the flow of things at all costs.

I have a tulle skirt that I've been wanting to wear for some time, and this was supposed to be the day to wear it, but then an unexpected wind chill rolled in. Afterward, heavy rain showers (that was not on the forecast) happened. 

Suddenly, the notion of twirling in the wind on a winter’s day did not feel like a supreme idea, considering the climate. I was also feeling a bit unwell, so anything other than layered comfort wasn’t going to be on the wardrobe wearing agenda. 
I am still patiently waiting to bring out that special skirt, which will likely happen for a girl’s night or date night. But, I decided to wear these faux leather trousers instead. It’s been a long time since I last wore them, and for the gloomy day that graced us all with its presence, a classic splash of a red, black, and white colour palette was the perfect pairing, in my opinion. It was simple and uncomplicated, style-wise.

And, even though this was my backup outfit, it turned out to be a rather better option in the long run for a happy hour meet up with a friend. After sifting through my accessories and notions trunk (which are thankfully re-categorised now), I added peacock feathers to my hat.
The goods: Faux Pearl necklace, Animal print jumper, Bowknot wool hat-c/o Oasap, Leather handbag- Vintage, Leatherette Trousers-eBay, Shoes-BCBG.

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Style Files // Running with Errands

Happy New Year! 

I hope that you were able to ring in 2015 in a delightful way, wherever you were. I must say that I was definitely looking forward to this new year. There’s so much that I have planned already to do this year, both personally and professionally. I have just completed my new vision board, which has been very inspiring—it’s something that I typically do anyway. Creating motivational collages and visual art boards always get me inspired.

Instead of a scroll of traditional resolutions or impractical promises to myself I just make a set of monthly, and annual goals. This works best for me. But, I've also learnt many years ago to be open to change, because sometimes life throws you a curve ball and it works out even better than you had initially envisioned. Last year, I was able to cross off eighty-five percent of my goals, but there's a few sizable goals that I still want to accomplish this year, and that's okay!

Before the festive season started, I had a massive list of errands to do aside from the traditional tasks for the holidays. I also decided to work my travelling outfit into this look. So, here‘s what I wore for my errand run, as well as heading to the train station to meet up with family before all of the festivities commenced.

I am taking this weekend and the next week to leisurely get back in the swing of things before tending to the workspace. Of course, finding time for a much needed spa day in-between getting sorted will have to follow for good measure.

What’s one thing that you want to do (more or less of) this year? Cook, get organised, save money, recycle more, travel, etc.?

The Goods: Tweed blazer-Vintage, Leather boots-Franco Sarto, Hand-knitted beret-Gifted, Patent leather clutch-Vintage, Denim-Express,  Leopard jumper-Seen here c/o Oasap, Tank-H&M, Leather half gloves-c/o Choies.

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