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It shouldn't be complicated to pack your favourite skincare when travelling, but occasionally I find it difficult to do so, when several locations and climates are involved. With each locale comes diverse changesfrom metropolitan cities to the countryside. When it comes to skincare, everything from the environment to your lifestyle matters! This is especially the case for me, being a person who also has allergies.

Jet-setting, whether for business or leisure can often leave you with tired skin, and your body exhausted. Sometimes I have to be up at the crack of dawn, and in addition to having the occasional long nights, one thing that I've learnt, even in my youth is that my skin should not suffer.

To revive my skin I've recently added a few new products to my weekly regimen by Skyn Iceland, a skincare brand dedicated to producing products that protect, strengthen, and soothe stressed skin. I've partnered with Skyn Iceland to share with you my beauty travelling favourites at the moment.
For rejuvenating my skin I have been using the Skin Hangover Kit, which comes in a resealable bag that's easy to travel with. The name for this kit is totally appropriate because it has everything needed to de-stress your skin, including the Icelandic Relief Eye Pen, ANTIDOTE Cooling Daily Lotion, two of the Fresh Start Masks with ice age mud, and Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels.

The Icelandic Relief Pen is simple to use like twisting a tube of lipstick, and glides under your eyes to help with puffiness and dark circles. It just worked okay for me, as I did not see much difference after using. But, I felt a difference as I put it on, and I loved the instant cooling effect, and light weight application. The Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels seemed to work better for me, as I could put them on even as I painted my nails in 10 minutes. The cooling eye gels reduced eye puffiness and basically gives your eyes a fantastic wake-up call. Both can be kept on-hand for fast-relief during your journey.

Jet-setting, whether for business or leisure can often leave you with tired skin, and your body exhausted. Sometimes I have to be up at the crack of dawn, and in addition to having the occasional long nights, one thing I've learnt, even as a young girl is that my skin should not suffer. *Tip after a long day, cleanse face and use the cooling lotion, it's refreshing and gives your skin a wonderful tingling sensation.

What I love about Skyn Iceland is that their products are designed with the woman on-the-go in mind  creating skincare that encourages a healthier complexion with anti-stress elements. I've been a using the brand for years, in fact but my usual go to product is their Glacial Cleansing Cloths, which I regularly use. They're also ideal to use post-workouts.

"The first and only skincare brand created to combat the effects of stress on skin." -Skyn Iceland 
First-rate Essentials:
This is a beauty brand that not only produces 100% vegan products, but actually delivers great results. There's no irritation, which is excellent since I have sensitive skin. To be honest, my absolute favourite to date has got to be the Fresh Start Mask, and the Nordic Peel (exfoliating pads)--it works wonders. It claims that it gently and effectively renews the surface of your skin. It does!

Even after the first use, my skin was glowing, and after two weeks of using the pads for only 3 times a week there's a difference in my skin. It's a great exfoliate that clears blackheads, and made my skin brighter, very soft, and smooth to touch.

The pads are a thin cloth (a cheesecloth texture) macerated in the liquid beauty potion that makes your skin feel cool initially, then revitalised afterward. Some of the key ingredients includes, jojoba seed extract, witch hazel, papaya extract, lactic acid, and has pollution-free Icelandic Glacial Water. The peel has a curative, yet purifying and pleasing smell--not over powering. That's how I'd describe it, and there's no need to actually peel anything off your face, the drenched pads are enough to do all of the work on your tired skin.

The following day, I used the Fresh Start Mask, which was a first for me. This mud mask is not a typical one, it has a two-step formula to follow, and does not dry like a traditional facial mask, instead you gently wipe it off. I left it on a few minutes longer. The blue clay is the first step, then applying the activating gel follows. The result is an incredibly smooth texture, leaving your face feeling heavenly polished.

I had just finished giving myself a pedicure, so of course the singing was in full effect. When you put the mask on make sure to have some music to help you pass the time. You can go for relaxing soothing tunes, or  play this as I did. It was an after-hours pampering (and dancing) paradise, and I didn't even have to leave my hotel room. The only thing left to do was soak in a lavender infused Jacuzzi.

Have you tried Skyn Iceland products before? 
The goods:  Skin Hangover Kit, Fresh Start Mask, and Nordic Peel-Courtesy of Skyn Iceland. Shop Skyn Iceland's products here. *All opinions expressed are my own.  


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