Style, Halts, and Café Moments


I wore this outfit a while back when I met up with a musician/banker friend for a café chat.
It had been a few months since we'd seen each other, so a proper catch up was overdue. I had been in an earthy safari mode all day due to my antique shopping. Browsing, rather commenced because of the rainy weather earlier that morning. I really didn't feel up to carrying anything unnecessary, even though I saw a magnificent vintage giraffe sculpture that would go perfectly in our living room.

It was a layered fashion type of day, so I piled them on. However, later the sun was smiling and decided to emit bursts of brightness my way. With my sketchbook in hand, and this colour blocked messenger bag as a sidekick, I felt as if all I needed was eye frames, and a school portfolio carrier in hand. Consequently, a simple and nostalgic memory of art school entered my mind, but the thought came and left within moments.

I finally arrived at the café, saw my friend, and ordered an Americano. The friendly guy that took my order (covered in neck tattoos, and a short hair cut, with a sleek side-swoop)  gave me a look as if he wanted to ask me, "are you sure?" Then, an older woman (ginger-haired with a bold lip (similar to Dior's Rouge Massaï #869), and likely his supervisor gave me a smile as she greeted me, "Nice to see you again, Madison."

I had forgotten that some people know if you're a "regular" at a café, and my usual Earl grey/Green Tea had turned into an Americano, something that I tend to only order on the weekends. This was not actually my "usual" place, but clearly he and his co-workers took note. But, it was definitely an espresso type of day. My friend ordered the same.

We both became so immersed in our enlightening conversation that we forgot it was just supposed to be a quick cuppa. I only had an errand to run shortly after, and dinner plans far later in the evening, so it was fine. Hours passed, and I noticed that I had already done a few sketches and jotted down artsy notes in our elevated brainstorming session.

My mobile was on silent because I usually have the ringer off during work hours, but I'd forgotten to switch it back on. Needless to say, a good amount of missed calls, social notifications, and voice mails (I presumed, nothing in the state of emergency) was definitely worth getting the silent treatment in the end.

I love days like that — catching up with a close friend, laughing, and getting motivated for new ventures. Sometimes getting lost in time is actually a good thing. Life is too short to not cherish the little things ...

When is the last time that you enjoyed great company and conversations without checking your tech devices? 

The goods: Army green wrap dress, and Messenger bag-c/o SheIn, Zipper leggings-Love Culture, Céline T-shirt-gifted (buy similar), Peperosa leather platforms-c/o, Denim-Asos, Eagle leather belt-Vintage, Hat-Urban Outfitters, Mirrored sunglasses-F21, Studded belt-H&M.  

*I was recently honoured to be interviewed by the lovely Denise for Greek blog StylishlyBeautiful. Take a gander, leave a comment, or just read the feature here.

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  1. Good for you, darling! I literally sleep with my phone lol
    Love the look!