Harvest Delivered: My Texas Market


Sometimes, the best way to gift a friend or loved one is to give them a care box or subscription. It's especially good when you've tried the box first, because then you can specifically give them an honest opinion of what to expect. I like to give gifts that are tailored to the person. When I came across My Texas Market, a close friend of mine (who is originally from Texas, but residing in the land "down under") came to mind.

My Texas Market (MTM) provides monthly curated boxes that can really be felt from the heart. It's all about supporting their local businesses and sharing them with others. Special homemade Texas apple butter, cranopeno jelly, and pumpkin spice brown sugar scrub are just a few items that come from local farms from the area.

It was such a treat to use and taste the products in the MTM November box, and know that the containers can be recycled. In fact, the company supports the idea of reusing materials from your box. I would reuse them anyway since I don't even like to waste my candle jars!

From Scratch Farm, the makers of the homemade brown sugar pumpkin spice scrub, encourages customers to send the jars back if you prefer them to recycle the container, and receive an additional discount in return. This scrub has the aroma of fresh baked pumpkin pie, but even more fragrant (in a good way).

What's different about this box? It's not a foodie box subscription, so if you're looking for a variety of items, this box might be for you. The uniqueness of the My Texas Market box is the fact that they are eco-conscious, and every item within the box is from local artisans and farms, and independent businesses who produce their goods specifically in Texas.

Cost: 35 USD/Month: The November box is geared toward the harvest season. In my family, Christmas is the holiday for us, and quite a huge celebration. But, this box was a great way to embrace and experience a "Thanksgiving," with a Texas flair. There's also recipes that will be featured using some of the products from the November box delivered straight to your inbox.

Personal Favourites
My absolute favourites were definitely the gratitude cards, pecans, and wonderfully fragrant candle. To be honest, the pumpkin soufflé candle smelled good enough to eat. I usually travel with a candle and this one is small enough to carry with me, but large enough to change the mood and aroma of any environment. The Texas native crispy pecans were incredibly delicious as well.

The pecans are made with filtered water and sea salt on a family farm that has been in existence for three generations. They do not have any added sugar in them, which were perfect and had a nice buttery crunch. I'm not too familiar with apple butter, but I have had apple jams that my nan used to make. The apple butter was really good on toast, and I'm looking forward to trying it on scones as well.

A muslin bag filled with empty card-stock strips was included in the box. It's a game and an encouraging reminder to count your blessings. At the table during the holidays or anytime, each person writes one or two things that they are grateful for on each strip. I loved the concept of the bag to give thanks, and we will likely use it during Christmas holiday.

The Verdict: thankfully, everything in this box contained useful and practical goods, and also tasty items as well. This box certainly had a comfort feeling to it, and although I usually lean more toward foodie subscriptions (being the obsessed gastronome that I am) this one has a medley of different products that can be shared. I think my Texan friend would appreciate this box.

Additionally, My Texas Market fosters eco-friendly principles, which includes their recycled box packaging, as well as vendors who make small batch goods, which was good to know.

So, I'd say if you're not able to make your way to Texas, this subscription would be a lovely idea to get a taste of local goods that are both homemade and handmade from a different part of the world. You can also acquire other products via the MTM online market.

Have you been to Texas? What do you these harvest items from My Texas Market?

The goods: The Harvest box-November-c/o My Texas Market. *All opinions expressed are my own. View the subscription here


  1. Cool box to have and share in this holiday season.

  2. The contents of this box is amazing! I love scented candles, sugar scrubs and pumpkin scented anything:) This would make an excellent gifts for the holidays.

    Keisha xo