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I have always enjoyed attending weddings, expressly outdoors. I've only attended a few indoor weddings, and although they were very lovely, I absolutely prefer outdoor weddings the most. Since my mum was a caterer, I was used to attending grandiose events and even small intimate dinner parties in my youth. And, since I grew up with parents that constantly hosting and entertaining, it was inevitable for me to not love it as well as I got older. I've had a love affair with wedding planning for decades, but have never got into the business.

I thought The Knot Outdoor Weddings, by Carley Roney and the editors of the knot was an ideal way to indulge in my wistful wedding fascination. Firstly, the book is filled with a mound of inspiration from choosing wedding cakes to ceremony seating.

I have recently been commissioned to help a co-worker friend with his wedding, but with furnishing table details and décor. It's a joyful, yet laborious undertaking, but one that I'm rather thrilled to participate in. I have not styled huge weddings on my own much in the past, only large fashion events. However, I have done more wedding projects in the last few years, and also loved helping with my friend Zoë's pre-wedding details for inspiration.

I was excited to read The Knot because I was seeking new concepts for the upcoming wedding. I have loads of ideas and hope to share some of them in the near future, if time permits.

Inside The Book:
Some areas of influence will come natural as outdoor styling "do's," especially if you're already a DIY décor junkie, a floral arranging guru, or decorating enthusiast, namely a tabletop styling aficionado. But, this book offers a full serving of flawless details and elements of reference, nonetheless. Not everyone can be Martha Stewart, but I adore perfecting creations just like the next crafting devotee This book will definitely give you inspiration to take it to a higher calibre. In time, hopefully your event will look just as incredible.

 The thing about weddings (especially, today) is that you really can do  anything.  Merging old traditions with modern concepts, or creating your  own traditions entirely can easily be done with proper preparation and order.

 My favourite parts of the book includes: venue details (top wedding  locations by the season), menu layout embellishments, as well as  marvellous captures from actual weddings. The diverse photography from  each wedding is stunning, and close-up images of all of the charming  details that you'd want to see are present.

 Helpful tips on what to do for all-weather situations come rain or shine was also a great section of the book. I remember at one of my close friend's weddings, they provided shoes for us since the secluded area was quite a walk to get to by foot. The women were given comfy foldable flats. This book suggests wellies or parasols—it's a rather practical and smart idea if it happens to rain.

I favoured all of the varied wedding venues, from the countryside to a cityscape setting. The Knot is compiled with an exceptional showcase on how couples can blend nature into weddings whilst still adding that personal touch that every couple desires for their special day.

Overall, if you love weddings and are interested in learning how to plan, decorate, or blend minimal elements with the elaborate for weddings, then you will enjoy this book. There are tips on selecting the best reception tents: pole tents vs. frame tents, and the best flowers to stand up against the heat, and outdoor wedding check-list essentials.

This book is a worthy reference for the wedding planning novice, bride to be, or seasoned outdoor event stylist. So, yes it did live up to my expectations, and gave me a fair amount of inspiration for future wedding projects.  

Did you have an outdoor or indoor wedding? If you've not tied the knot yet, what would be your perfect wedding location?
The goods: The Knot Outdoor Weddings by Carley Roney. For more info. about the author click here. I was given this book for an honest review via Crown Publishing Group. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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  1. Great information for a bride to be. I been to so many outdoor wedding and I think is so chic than the traditional one inside.

  2. Looks like a must-have tome!