A Seasonal Dessert Tale


I had reservations with this book, thinking that I wouldn't have many of the ingredients. I was wrong and had most ingredients in my pantry with the exception of a couple because of the season. I bake quite often, and really enjoyed this Yossy Arefi's book. Sweeter Off The Vine offers a well-executed and thoughtful approach to baking. There are plenty of recipes that are both simple and complex, so whatever stage of baking you're at, you will be sure to find one recipe that resonates with you.

If you like rhubarb, there are several recipes for that, but also savoury recipes to fully indulge in. The book is full of fruit-based desserts for any season. But, you will likely also need to run to the grocer if you don't bake regularly—spelt flour, rye flour, and whole wheat flour are just a few ingredients for some recipes, but well worth the buy. If you entertain as we do, then it's especially a favourable investment.

I've already tried 5 recipes from the book so far, and they are all very good. This book is inspiring for your baking heart and will have you concocting your own flavour blends in no time as I did.

 This is an excellent book, occupied with a marvellous array of recipes to experiment, and equally filled with stunning visuals (more than most cookery books  that I own), but I'm so happy that I chose it. I loved the fact that it had both metric and imperial measurements, which was very helpful.

 The only modification I would make would be to number the steps for  each recipe,  but I'm sure it was intentional because of how the layout of  the book is. It reads like  a storytelling book, which is a lovely angle for a  cookbook and you get a sense that  you are getting to know more about  the author. Since many recipes are quite lengthy, I would have liked to see numbered steps instead of long paragraphs, but that's minor.

The Goods: Sweeter Off The Vine by Yossy Arefi. You can purchase the book here. I received this book  from Crown Publishing Group for an honest review. For more information about the author click here.


  1. So yummy!
    Thx for sharing!


  2. I will love a plate right now to enjoy delish.

  3. Love dessert , never finish my Dinner without having it

  4. I really enjoy cookbooks and food writers who use food preparation to relay stories. It's certainly why I love reading Nigel Slater (his descriptions are so senses-laden). So this sounds like a treat of a book.

  5. Wow seems delicious