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I remember during family holidays, we could always count on my mum to bring plenty of tea on-board—she's an avid tea drinker, primarily of Earl Grey, and now various blends such as lavender infused Earl Grey. Of course, during those days it seemed a tad embarrassing, but little did I know that she was far ahead of the game.

With age comes wisdom, and after my collegiate years I found myself also carrying favourite teas along with me as I travelled. Whether going away on business or for leisure, it's often difficult to find loose teas within reach. Well, at least this is the case if you're without the fortune of having a lot time at your disposal. Enjoying a proper cuppa in minutes can sound too good to be true.

Blackbird Tea Co. (BTC), a fairly new tea brand, provides a range of certified organic teas for casual tea drinkers and tea connoisseurs. I recently tried their Mocha Maté blend, an Argentine and Uruguayan (South American) staple that's traditionally enjoyed in a cured gourd by using a metal straw. You have likely heard of maté if you've had Paraguay tea or yerba maté, as these are synonymous. The Quechua people actually called it “mati."

This version of maté is smooth and rich with subtle cocoa notes in taste that's not overpowering. In a mere sip you can also taste the slight earthy flavour with hints of cinnamon spice and a kiss of vanilla flavour. It's not heavily flavoured with cinnamon to impart a shock effect, just a complementary addition to the finish. If you're a rooibos tea, and cinnamon fan, then you will like this tea. I am not usually a mocha type of person when ordering tea, so this was an interesting first encounter. I could taste more vanilla and cocoa in the aftertaste, which was a nice comfort. This is a good tasting tea that I will like to use on-the-go with my self-filtered thermos!

Packaging: Tea comes packed in a simple cylinder branded cardboard tube that is compact enough to carry with you most places, and the tea is stored in a bag inside.

Check out the range online or if you're ever in the Seattle area stop by in person to support the family-owned business (these are the same owners of Seattle Seed Company). Some of BTC's other tea offerings include Chai Rojo, Duke of Earl, and Marrakech Mint amongst others. Save with the voucher code below, and view the tea collection here.

What is your favourite tea to drink?  

The goods: Mocha Maté Tea-Courtesy of Blackbird Tea Co., Patterned Tablecloth-Lenox, Sheffield china teacups and saucers-(Buy similar). *All opinions expressed are my own. Learn more about this type of tea and its origin here

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"We believe in promoting connection, joy and health through tea, and that the process shouldn't be mysterious or intimidating."  
                                                                      -Blackbird Tea Co.

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  1. Tea time how I miss my grandma tea and scones great tea cup. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Thx for the discount code!
    Green tea is my fave :)