Spring: Insta-Living Vol. 12


It's been quite some time since a style post has graced this space. Some of you are so lovely with your messages and if you're wondering if more fashion will still cover the FT blog ...Yes! I wanted to show you a handful of favourite ordinary snippets of my April, including this comfortable tee that I have been practically living in.

Additionally, here are several images from my Insta-feed, amongst others that were not shared. As I am travelling away on a short holiday this week, I will return next week regularly, and will visit your blog sites soon. Of course, you may catch up with me via Instagram.

Recently, I had the pleasure of flying to Nashville in the States to catch up with a dear Southern chef friend, Chris who just had a baby boy last year. One thing that I took away during my spontaneous jaunt was all of the amazing food that we ate, in addition to how generally sweet people seemed to be there. I also did a photo shoot of some culinary goods, but that's a whole other story for another time.

I was only there a couple of days, and although it was a full-on extended weekend of leisure, there were productive moments that made me boundlessly passionate about food entirely, and to a higher degree.

I have always been into science (and even as a fashion design major and physics minor) naturally gravitate to all things stylish with precision in motion. Chris decided to give me and a few others a lesson in molecular food---the art of gelification in gastronomy. It was a real treat creating spherification experiments, and fun developments. I am looking forward to sharing recipes and the experience in the future, so hold on to your baking sheets!

How has your spring been so far? Did you go to any festivals, art exhibits or new restaurants lately? 

 Above: Break time Casual style shot, Jewellery trays, New Kate Spade "My Lips are Sealed" bangle, Homemade entertaining goodies, including lavender ice cream (top right), beet-berry, and coffee caramel molecular desserts flowery concoctions, and oatmeal & flax energy cookies.

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  1. Looking forward to your recipe doll. Great images.

  2. Fun pics, darling! Love the jewelry trays!