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Perlier has been in the bath and beauty business for over eighty years with a team dedicated in continuous research for their products. With laboratories in both Milan and Turin, the Italian brand uses scientifically formulated products from active ingredients from medicinal plants.

I have used only a couple products in the past, but was recently asked to try out their Golden Almond line of bath and body products. The newly launched Golden Almond collection is made with the Sicilian Avola almond.

Active ingredients: Golden almond oil (Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis) of omega-3, minerals, and vitamin E. Fruit extracts, cacao seed butter oil, shea butter (Butyrosepermum Parkll Butter) for conditioning, and Stearyl alcohol (a naturally fatty alcohol from stearic acid, vegetable fatty acids, or coconut oil) to soothe and soften, and work as an emulsifying agent. (View full ingredient lists here)

View the helpful video about Avola almond.

1. Nourishing Body Balm-Oil: This is probably my favourite item in the collection, mostly because of the silky texture that it leaves my skin feeling. You will definitely feel like luxury with the balm-oil. Given the name, one might think it would be oily, but it isn't. In fact, it's a hydrating body lotion that has a thick whipping cream-like consistency. A little goes a long way.

Its claims are that it melts into the skin. It does just that, and rubs in easily when blending into the skin. To protect the look of elasticity, and youth. The result is a better-looking, smoother, hydrated and firmer skin – younger feeling and looking skin that has a glow. I can speak on all of these claims except firming. I didn't notice so much firming, but everything else was spot on. I loved the balm-oil.

2. Super Nourishing Hand & Nail Butter: Claims: "A first-time true natural tonic that helps to deeply nourish and hydrate while making hands look instantly smoother and brighter."

In my opinion, this would best suit someone with very dry skin. This is a nice formula, but slightly oilier than the balm-oil. I could see this working well for winter time or when your skin is extremely in need of some restoration.

3. Bath & Shower Cream: The first time that I used this was in the shower. Then, I used it for a bath and decided that I liked it better for a bath since it's fragrant. Having it used in a larger amount of water worked best. It lathers really well and comes out in a semi-milky formula.

The claims: A rich cream that naturally and gently cleanses skin, and caresses the body. To moisturise, give vitality to the skin and provide a velvety feeling after using. In my opinion, I felt that it was just as any other shower cream, yet simply with a scent.
Overall Scent: The aroma for the products in this collection is fragrant, but the mildest of scented item would be in the shower cream. It's a perfumed elegant smell that is potent but very pleasant as it wears. It doesn't smell like your typical almond products (in that it doesn't smell like traditional almond at all) and you needn't wear any perfume, in addition to using both the shower cream and balm-oil together.

The Golden Almond bodycare collection is lovely trio, full of slightly floral notes with a rich creaminess to each product. Top notes are of bergamont, almond blossom, and tangerine enveloped in a Karo Karounde Base (an African flowering shrub) that includes tonka bean, and cashmeran to give it a powdery, woody and velvety musk odour.

Favourite(s): Although, these products are not anything that I'd typically buy for myself because it's quite fragrant, I was pleasantly surprised by them because it did not irritate my sensitive skin like many perfumed products. If I had to choose one product, then it would be the balm-oil. It's lavish and goes on very smooth as the hand cream, but in a less oily way. I used the balm-oil after my shower and it made my skin feel luxurious. It was also good in deeply hydrating and nourishing my skin.

Have you tried any of Perlier's products? 

The goods: Golden Almond Bath & Shower Cream, Golden Almond Nourishing Body Balm-Oil, and Golden Almond Super Nourishing Hand & Nail Butter-Courtesy of Perlier. Last image (above) via here. All opinions are my own and honestly expressed. 

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  1. I've always been curious abt this line coz I used to see it a lot in our local shopping channel. As someone with uber dry skin, the butter sounds right uo my alley:D Thanks for the review, Madison!

  2. These are amazing!
    Must try!


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