Insta Living: Special Vol. 13


You're probably thinking, "Madison, where have you been?" Or, at least in my mind your lovely caring hearts are wondering what's up with the sporadic posts lately. Even though I try to do a pretty good job at commenting on everyone's blog, and pushing out quality posts that inform you (as well as inspire you creatively), I have found myself incredibly overwhelmed as of late.

I am actually in business school at the moment. To be honest, between work, dutiful business travelling, scholarly assignments, and getting my creative juices flowing, I don't know how I've miraculously been able to fulfil all of my tasks. If you've ever been in business school or know anyone who has, then you probably already understand. I just relieved myself from a couple of freelance projects to focus on research, although it's still a bit tough working full-time simultaneously whilst completing extensive research. But, it is possible.

However, amongst all of the chaos of life there are some sweet and beautiful moments, and for that reason I am still going to keep this blog open. Time off will happen in these coming weeks. I merely wanted to make you aware that these are crucial times for me, and I am only at the tip of the iceberg with the things that I plan to do.

With that being said, thank-you for sticking with me during my blog journey so far. And, yes, I will continue to read your posts via Bloglovin' (in my spare time), I am even going to try to continue my social media platforms as best as I can ... hopefully. It might take me a much longer time to get back to you, and/or post more. If you already follow me on Instagram and Twitter, I will also be using those to respond or comment occasionally and see what you're up to.

Don't worry, I will still have a few new posts coming up soon before everything takes effect.

Wish me the best! P.S. Sending virtual smiles, positive vibes, or virtual hugs wouldn't hurt either.

Above: Snippets of the past month: Weekend aquarium visits, My new leather handbag, Homemade gluten-free goodies (recipe coming soon), New beauty products to try out, An outfit preview full of colourful knitwear, Another decoration preview, What a typical weekend is looking like at the moment: notes and research, My current beauty obsession: this beauty palette, More culinary goodies that I made: homemade plant-based herb cheeses. *This post may contain affiliate linking.


  1. I wish you the best in reaching your goal its a stepping stone to success. I do understand being overwhelmed I been done with school but I travel for business and now I travel more than before so I reduce my 5 days posting to 3 days and occasional 4 if I have time. I so need a break for myself to capture my creativity. So doll I get your schedule. Keep your head up you could do it visual hug.