Comfort At The Table: Gather Round


When comfort food comes in many forms, pasta or noodles are sort of on their own level due to their diverse varieties. This culinary spotlight comes to you via Italy. Enter, the burgeoning brand, Eattiamo (cue the music solo to set the mood). 

After visiting a friend during a business trip, I came across this wonderful emerging brand that I definitely felt I had to share, given their unique concept and niche market. Eattiamo is a food subscription service that allows customers to eat authentic Italian food by local artisanal brands in Italy in the comfort of their own home. Eattiamo supports small Italian producers and provides high-quality goods, so that you as the customer get to taste regional authentic flavours of Italian cuisine.

This particular service would seem to be an obvious choice if you already fancy Italian food, although even if you're impartial you might be pleasantly surprised with the ingredients overall. 

What To Expect:
A closer look at each Italian brand with a brief description about their product and locale. Boxes come with an assortment of authentic Italian food for 4 people: Seven gourmet products for a three-course meal. I recently reviewed one of their boxes last month, which included one of each of the following:

Tiberino - Bucatini All'Amatriciana (Pasta)
Pecorino Cheese block (Fresh)
ReModena Truffle Balsamic Vinegar
Borgia Cremolio - Solidified Olive Oil with Lemon
Borgia Peperone Dolce - Italian Crushed Red Pepper 
D'Onofrio Coffee (Fine Ground)
Savoiardi - Biscuits (Ladyfingers)
Bonus -Organic Apple Pomegranate juice
The Details:
This themed box whisked us away on a rustic holiday (right into the heart of Amatrice to be exact), in a small centrally located Italian village. The village is also known for the "pasta all' amatriciana." Because of quality production, all of Eattiamo's ingredients are also free of chemicals according to the brand. There is definitely a wonderful quality to the Borgia goods, the extra virgin olive oil producer and innovator in Montenero di Bisaccia. Our particular pasta package said three servings and actually did serve three comfortably for a regular amount, instead of four.

Tiramisù is not my favourite but thinking outside the box I used the ladyfingers biscuits provided to make an alternative version with almond flavouring whipped goat cheese, raw dark chocolate and a touch of amaretto.

Overall, I think this is a great box for any Italian food lover to experience new brands. I cooked the pasta and nothing was left in the plates, so I guess everyone rather enjoyed the meal. Each box is different and curated by Italian chefs and foodie experts. I also appreciated the lovely personal handwritten note was included by the founder, Filippo. These small details from brands make all the difference with customers. 

Coffee Lovers Unite:
We loved the finely ground Italian artisanal coffee, it was smooth and not bitter, which was well-suited as an after supper dessert accompaniment or an even better liquid morning boost. The D'Onofrio coffee is roasted using an old-fashioned method of a wood combustion engine. Therefore, the old traditions of smart roasting blended with years of experience come through in the robust taste of the beans.
Subscription: 69 USD/ month.
You can subscribe for the upcoming Eattiamo box here. *The brand donates 10% of every subscription to support earthquake victims.

What do you think of Eattiamo's box? 

The goods: Eattiamo October box-c/o of Eattiamo. * All content and opinions are honestly expressed. Shop or subcribe here. Visit the Italy EU/EN site here or, USA here.


  1. As an Italian I can't but appreciate this box! I love tiramisù, you should follow the traditional recipe with mascarpone if you want to taste the real thing! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY

    1. Thanks, I knew you would love! I actually don't like marscapone, that's why I changed it. x/M :)

  2. Italian is always the Best food !
    Thanks For sharing

  3. Anonymous19 November

    Thanks for sharing -- looks amazing! :)