So Anthro: The Marble Series


A few months ago, I created small décor accents for my art studio. Then, I decided to revamp a couple of them to design luxe trays in my home space. I wanted trays with a slightly modern and industrial aesthetic, and something that I could also store my perfume bottles.

I love to occasionally rearrange parts of my vanity space. Now that I have a larger area, I didn't want everything to have the lucite/plexiglass effect (as much as I adore that)—I already have the acrylic æsthetic for most of my beauty storage. Then, I was inspired.

I have never done a DIY that was solely influenced by anyone, yet alone a store but I was recently inspired by a box that I saw at Anthropologie, which made me think of a new series that I am starting, called 'So Anthro!' Initially, a tongue in cheek series idea turned blog inspiration developed when I was chatting with a friend. As we were shopping at a homeware store she kept saying, that’s so Anthropologie, very "anthro." My friend B. has lived in Canada, London and Texas so she has a bit of a lovely draw when she speaks sometimes with certain words. We're poking fun at each other's accents and sayings. Thus, I knew the series would have to be called this! 

Meanwhile, I was up for a challenge. Since renovating, I've been in search of multiple ways to be creative in new décor terrain. In an effort to save money (because believe it or not the asking price of the marble candle box above was a bit ridiculous, in my opinion) I decided to make a few marble pieces of my own. My design will cost you a few lattes, in lieu of a Manolo Blahnik shoe, just one left slipper that is!

Above: Large marble tray made from marble tile. Small trays with painted rose gold/copper for the handlebars. See tutorial here.

I have not seen anything in stores or any marble DIYs for smaller items or dainty jewellery, I've only seen a large tray. And, I'd already made ring trays so I wanted something more versatile. That's when I decided to create these trays. I also used brilliant rose gold tape to kick it up a notch. Why paint when you don't have to, even if you have a steady hand for straight-lined sections? The copper tape will take care of all of that!

I do hope that you're inspired and fall in love with these as much as I have. To be honest, I cannot get enough of these! The addition of the rose gold washi tape that I added just amplified the contemporary opulent effect that I was seeking. If you're looking for sophisticated and minimal looking pieces, here's some inspiration and the best part is that it's quite simple to create and‚’SO Anthro!’

Read the tutorials below to make a large marble tray, a marble gift box, or small jewellery trays.
Above: Small marble jewellery trays for rings, necklaces, and other dainty pieces.

Stay tuned, this new series is where I will guide you to create Anthropologie-inspired pieces for a fraction of the cost or other original handmade crafts that aren't in said store but probably should be. These will still look artfully sophisticated without the hefty price tag.

You don't have to be on a budget to be a smart home decorator. A few of my friends have used some of my past DIYs and decorating tips in their posh homes. That's always a great feeling when you can influence others to be crafty and budget-friendly.

What has been inspiring you lately?

*Tip: Try your local hardware or homeware store for marble tiles, and small cut slabs. I found some Italian marble at an interior design store and these were merely discounted samples that I asked for, which worked out perfectly. * If you don't want to buy marble, opt for marble vinyl paper (used on my marble gift box above).

What do you think of these affordable luxe accents?

See it here first! // This is an original DIY by Madison, FASHION TALES.