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Children can give you the best ideas without even knowing it. One day after spending time with my nephew I was helping him pick up all of his little toy cars. Getting his room sorted is fairly easy when I visit because I like order and he has so many different bins for his toys.  

Weeks later, I wanted to make something elegant with that child-like inspiration for my home space—containers that I could store my office accessories and tools, like copper paper clips or random bits, such as the leftover rocks from my succulent planters, or even twine. The solution was using some toys, grouping them together and dressing them in coppery paint. That's all she wrote! The result? It was pure magic!  

After finished this DIY last month, I was in a design store and saw ceramic elephants in whiteAlthough they weren't with clear mason jars, I really wanted them but the outrageous price tag was not justifiable. Perhaps, I will make elephant versions of this as well very soon. I hope you are inspired! 

Materials Needed: 
Toy animal miniatures or small figurines 
Metallic paint – (in copper, silver) 
E6000 or industrial glue  
Mason Jars with lids 
Fixative or clear sealant spray, food safe – (Optional) 
Newsprint or plastic, to line work surface  

  1. In an open air environment, place the mason jar lids on a flat working surface, dispersing them evenly across the work area. 
  1. Set one toy animal atop one jar lid in the centre of the lid top. Check placement. Then, add a small amount of glue to the bottom of the toy animal. Let dry for 2-4 hours. Repeat this step for each toy animal. 
  1. After reading the directions on the spray can, use metallic spray paint to cover each attached toy animal with 1 coat of  paint, making sure to get all sides evenly with the paint. (I used 2 coats for the large lids). 
  1. (Optional) Spray a non-toxic sealant or use a fixative over the painted jar lids. Let dry, according to the instructions on the spray can before using.  

The base from one of my pineapple candle holders broke (don't worry, I have more), leaving me with a broken setI decided to use the top and paint it silver. See the results below. You can do so much with mason jars, try this project with door knobs as well! Stay tuned for more décor inspiration. 

*Tips: For this project you may also use canning jar lids. Just add a small amount of glue to the top outer edges of the inside lid (the small removable lid piece), then adhere it to the inside of the top lid (the twist-off lid piece). Press firmly, and set aside to dry overnight.  

*Using a sealant (non-toxic) is optional but I recommend it even though you are only painting the outside of the tops, especially if you want use the jars for food storage or packaged snacks, candies, etc.  

See it here first! // This is an original DIY by Madison, FASHION TALES. 

What do you think of these stylish containers?


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