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HerbSardinia is an Italian cosmetics brand rooted in the island of Sardinia. The brand is proudly the first company in its native land to receive the accolade of CCPB Organic Certification for international markets. 

The Italian brand wants to promote healing, whilst uplifting the mind and body of their customers, and take pride in making fine bath and body products without parabens, chemical components or synthetic colourants. The past month, I recently tried their range of organic products which are all made with locally sourced ingredients, including myrtle, honey, and basil, to name a few. (View the full ingredient lists here.) 

Organic, Natural, All-Natural: There are companies, especially outside of Europe that use the word "all-natural" and "organic" in their non-food labelling with only a small percentage (5%) of organic ingredients in order to state that the product is organic.* Don't be fooled with faux labelling. Fortunately, with HerbSardinia (HS) being CCPB certified, this is reversed and means that at least 95% of organic ingredients must be present within products produced

The HS Range: Iyou already use essential oils on your body and beauty regimethen you are used to naturally earthy perfumery or somewhat aromatic scentsIt was refreshing for me to use something different containing myrtleand the helichrysum plant (also called the "everlasting flower") for its skin renewing properties. Here are five items that I used:
  1. Natural Bath Scrub ( No. 24): This salt scrub comes in a jar with a secure lock-clasp closure and smells amazing of floral and citrus but with an elegant embraceIngredients include rose fruit oileucalyptus leafand sunflower seed oil. The formula needs to be mixed well with a spatula to get a thicker consistency, yet it was still somewhat oily to apply 
However, the magic happened upon using—this scrub rinses off really lovely and it's perfect for dry skin, namely on tired feet and hands. My skin was radiant and felt smooth to the touch. 

  1. Natural & Artisanal Agri Soap -Rosemary & Mint (No. 03): This is a mildly scented soap that comes as a cut slab bar in branded news printed paper inside a recyclable box. I actually liked that the rosemary and mint wasn't overpowering at all, it's very faint. To be honest, it had a slight smell of myrrh, which was nice. 
  1. Organic Moisturising Body Cream–Helichrysum (No.21):  
This product comes in a jar-like container with a screw top. Out of all of the products that I tried, this one had the strongest scent—first notes smelled almost medicinal but not in a bad way. 
I didn't like that the body cream came out very runny, so be careful. It has a milky consistency, therefore a little goes a long way. I made a mess of things at first and used too much. After using the cream more, I found it to be hydrating, non-greasy, and it made my skin feel very soft and silky. As you rub the cream into your skin it has a sweet herbal and floral aroma with a slightly wood and spicy scent.

It is made with myrtle, chamomile, juniper, and helichrysum (in the sunflower family) which also has natural antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. 

  1. Organic  Juniper Vegetal Liquid Soap (No. 04): This juniper, honey, and myrtle infused soap has a convenient push pump lock closure. It's not overdrying and comes in a translucent amber colour with the beautiful fragrance of spicy citrus floral, but I also caught a faintly lingering anise scent. It lathers well without over foaming and rinses sd any traditional liquid soap. 

  1. Organic Ten Essences Aromatic Body Oil (No. 10):  I enjoyed this body oil because I could use it right after a bath without the feeling of having a greasy layer on my skin. This comes in a dark amber jar with a metal screw top. It's a lightweight and dry oil that can be used on the face, hair, and body. Containing a blend of ten Sardinian essence oils, including rose, myrtle, sage and thyme, this body oil's fragrance has a nod to frankincense meets floral, which is difficult not to love.  

Rating: 8/10: Overall, this is a line full of rejuvenating, free radical protection, and antioxidant agents within the ingredients. I was pleased with the completely recycled packaging of this range and loved the modern apothecary labelling aesthetic. If you love Italian bath and body careor want to try a new range of organic products made with healing herbs and oils, then I think this is a worthy and unique range to start with. 

Have you heard of this brand or tried any of their products yet?  
The goods: All products mentioned c/o-HerbSardinia. Shop HerbSardinia here. As always, all opinions are honestly expressed and are my own.*Ref. HerbSardinia.

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