Guest Room Inspiration: A Whiter Shade Of Pale


Guest bedrooms can be the trickiest rooms of the house to decorate. You have so many tastes that you need to cater for. Your grandmother is not going to appreciate the same colour scheme as your best mate, yet you want them both to feel comfortable when they are staying with you.
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If you have gone to a lot of effort to make your guests welcome, prepared a lovely meal and made sure that they were entertained, it is a shame to ruin it all by cramming them into an ugly spare room, constrained, or a room with packing cases and boxes of junk. When we have people stay with us, I typically make a small welcome hamper. It doesn't have to be loads of things, just little treats and practical items that I know they will love.
You cannot go wrong with white in your guest bedroom. It does not have as much use as other areas of the house so the fabrics will stay looking crisp and clean for longer. It gives a fresh, wholesome appearance that appeals across the generations. It also makes it incredibly easy to mix and match! You can buy some expensive quality items and mix them in with some second-hand store bargains.
White is a classic look and will not go out of fashion so once you have your guest bedroom set up it will last for years.

Choosing a guest bed

Obviously, a double bed is ideal but if you are pushed for space a single is fine or even a roll-away bed or futon is acceptable.  
Don’t skimp on the bedclothes, you want your guests to feel that they are welcome! The range at Plumeria Bay is ideal because it is such high-quality Egyptian cotton percale. Your guest bed linen will be luxuriously lightweight, crisp, yet soft and will be appreciated by your guests who will remember their stay for all the right reasons.

Curtains, carpets and finishing touches

The cheapest way to get lovely curtains or blinds is to make your own. Purchase fabric and simply hem a rectangular shape which is twice the width of your window. Then add the curtain tape at the top and hang them up. There are plenty of tutorials available that will give you loads of guidance and advice.
A white carpet is rarely practical, even in a guest room, so you could whitewash the floorboards instead for a shabby chic vibe. There are plenty of washes and stains to choose from and it only takes around a day to complete.
You can use white chalk paint to renovate old furniture and give it a new lease of life. It works very well on dressing tables and bedside tables but is also great for stools and chairs. Make some cushions from delicate fabrics to finish the look.
Glass vases with white flowers finish off a white guest bedroom perfectly. Buy some spray cans of gloss white paint and spray pretty flowers such as hydrangeas and roses. Allow them to dry for 24 hours and then arrange in a glass vase with some small white pebbles at the base.

Let me know if you have any questions or if you're entertaining soon!