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Styling and entertaining for events, weddings or any party is not for the fainthearted nor is it always glamorous but if you're organised, passionate and have a shred of confidence, you'll be just fine. If you've planned any event be it large or small, then you know that it can be labour intensive as much as it is exciting.  

One of the things that I tell novices or those needing party planning inspiration is to make it easy on yourself; even if it's just one area of décor it will help. Commissioned to host and create a small tea party, I decided to work with an Alice in Wonderland theme. After perusing through some of my past party styles, I wanted to do something different. The adventure was only beginning ... 

I partnered with Talking Tables to exclusively show you some of their party décor including some marvellous bits that were perfectly suitable for an afternoon tea, and yes, you've probably guessed it with dear Alice at the centre.  

Since this was a smaller event, it certainly didn't mean that intricate details and elaborate embellishments were neglected—fairytale favours and charming accents from the Truly Alice collection provided a playful romance for guests to be visually whisked away in happiness. "Muchness," quite liberally was a challenge for me this time. So, how does one make a carefully arranged setting without going madly overboard? It's simple.  

The secret is … well, you must give in a little bit for this one. Then, follow these tips: 

Creative Details: 1, 2, 3!

No. 01: Play with shape and scale. As you can see, I used miniature flatware as well as mix and matched the place settings. Some place settings also have large Roman clock placemats that I made. 

No. 02: Don't mull over it too muchand by that, I mean to not overthink exactly what this "wonderland" business is because it doesn't have to be entirely frilly to work! I actually focussed on characters with a few favourite details (see below) 

No. 03Add your own personality to any party, and I always remember that when I style an event for clients and friends. This is your signature, something that people will remember! love to add retro elements; I used a variety of contrast pieces from vintage glassware to DIY framed clock prints. To add a touch of the outdoors, I used preserved moss and designed separate areas of the table as a divided table runner.   

When you have a well-known concept such as Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, it's quite easy for the theme to overshadow some of your own personal stylings. One way to make sure that this doesn't happen is to incorporate DIY creations, and small details to your guests' gifts, or incorporate practical pieces that fit the theme. I did all of the above and used retro-style wall decorations to blend everything together. 

As you may have noticed, I had loads of fun with this theme—filled with frivolity and sweets evoking magical childlike memories that only an imaginative wonderland could provide. If you want to take your party to the next level tell your guests to wear their favourite hats, their most ridiculous fascinator or allow guests to choose their own patches to wear. Try these as great starters. 

Statement Décor: 
The real showstopper, in my opinion, wathe buffet stand, an absolutely essential centrepiece for a brilliant adventure in decorating your very own party. This was quite easy to assemble and comes with 3-dimensional styled cut-outs of a few of Alice's mates. Thbuffet stand makes for inviting décor as well as lovely conversational piece throughout the tablescapeThe centrepiece is basically saying, "Have a seat at the table,but don't take yourself too seriously 

I was completely enamoured by this collection and decided on printing invitations with a wax seal. These were actually used as small takeaway favours with quotes and gift cards inside because I wanted a special customised gift token for each person.    

What do you think of our Wonderland themed tea party?

Which elements are your favourites? 

The goodsSome items in this post were provided by Talking Tables, a FASHION TALES media blog sponsor. Shop the Truly Alice collection here. Printed Wallpaper-Mural Wallpaper, Blue bottles-Vintage, Moss table runner-(Buy similar). As always, all opinions expressed are my own and honestly expressed. Print these Alice invitations here.

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