Ageless Luxury: a coppery tale


Culinary comfort has various meanings to different people—sometimes it's the simplicity of a meal, sometimes it means a familial pasta dish, other times a favourite dessert. For me, a few things come to mind, one being a pastry topped pie of any kind along with copper cookware that my grandparents would use. Copper was certainly a distinct element in our kitchen. 

I have fond memories of pots and pans hanging from its designated space glistening from every angle when the light would hit it just right, or hearing the perfect sizzle when a fresh cut of meat would touch the bronzed heated surface.

In collaboration with Mauviel 1830, for this spotlight series, I am featuring copper cocottes from their M'Heritage collection. Mauviel is a generational company with copper in its DNA and premium manufacturing at its core. It's not surprising that the esteemed brand is globally celebrated by professional chefs and seasoned home cooks.

Family-style cooking and entertaining is a big deal in our household, whether on the weekend or during the week. There's nothing like cooking for friends and loved ones, what's more, comfort cooking on a slightly chilled autumn evening. 

When it comes to one of your childhood dishes, no matter how simple or complex it might be, it must be cooked right to offer a casual frisson to the taste buds. These mini cocottes allow you to do just that, not to mention it's so much nicer serving individuals to guests, making one feel as if they're some sort of dignitary, even if only for the evening! These are excellent; with bi-laminated copper stainless steel safely lined on the inside and a polished copper exterior (90% copper, 10% stainless steel). 

Why copper? Well, aside from its sumptuous aesthetic, firstly, it's a brilliant heat conductor. Using copper allows you to cook more evenly, consequently providing better cooking control and higher performance at a swift speed than other metals. It's also good for delicate sauces that need tending to properly, hence it gives a cook the ability to control the temperatures.

I decided on a family-style stout pie with a homemade pastry crust and a piquant sauce fit for a hearty autumn palate. It's the type of pie that puts any shepherd's pie to shame and did I mention how much I absolutely love shepherd's pie, and blueberry pie, and Cumberland pie for that matter. You get the gist of where I'm going with this.  

Give me a flaky pastry filled with succulence any day. Cook it very well, serve it in copper, and I will be your friend for life! I will leave you with these delicious visual snippets from our kitchen to yours. Enjoy.

Have you used copper cookware? What do you think of these cocottes?

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