Festive Weekend With Mason Cash

We've started a bit early this year with holiday gatherings, and to get it all started off, this time I wanted to share a more intimate way of how we're enjoying our weekends. This of course, before the joyful chaos of massive guests, holiday parties and Christmas hosting schedules awaits.  

For autumnal days with wintry winds, there's nothing like having a festive little graze tray set before you. What's more, when your mugs glisten in the colour of holiday cheer, red.  

Mason Cash has plenty of items to stock your kitchen with for the holidays. But, I also love that fact there's a range of many other functional products to help decorate your tableitems to even make the cosiest corner well-dressed. In our case, a small and intimate spread that I made for our autumn weekend 

As you've seen previously with the Varsity collection that I featured, Mason Cash doesn't disappoint when it comes to classic style being paired with innovative design. Quality and function are essential for the English heritage brand which is why I am showcasing favourite pieces that can be used for every day 
Cutting boards are versatile and I really loved the long rectangular shape of this one—of course, it also makes a great serving board or tray when entertaining.  

The holidays can get quite busy, especially when it comes to baking in the kitchen, and keeping certain ingredients separate is sometimes essential. These preparation bowls from the Bakewell range will keep your recipes organised—the small ceramic bowls are miniature versions of the iconic mixing bowls.  


I styled these pieces with a warm and inviting aesthetic and since we weren't having too many people stopping by to join us, it worked out well. This was a perfect time to write out Christmas cards, book fight dates, and plan our next big party. I mustered up a few nibbles, including garlic toast with black truffle butter and a homemade rose white-hot cocoa for starters

Next up is a Christmas wrapping party to wrap toys and gifts for some children charities. It's always fun to have a laid-back and relaxing pre-holiday weekend because there will be plenty to do in the coming weeks.    

If you're looking to add contemporary classics to your cupboard, you will love the Bakewell range. The flour shaker has a convenient opening in the bottom to fill with your preferred flour. It's ideal for baking and makes things a lot easier when you're making a dough of any kind. 

You can see many branded items used by chefs and home cooks, especially in baking contests (The Great British Bake Off), and certainly, Mary Berry approved. On par with the rest of Mason Cash's range in quality, the Bakewell collection is influenced by mid-19th century Derbyshire country kitchens

Derbyshire is historically rooted in baking, especially for their renowned tarts and puddings.  
With a few touches of seasonal embellishments, I let the red come through as statement accents and arranged the autumn leaves as a centrepiece for our corner.   

What do you think of our festive weekend? What are you looking forward to this season? 
The goods: Essentials Serving Board, Bakewell: Flour Shaker, and Preparation Bowls, Original Collection Mugs-Provided by Mason Cash. As always, all content and opinions are honestly expressed and my own. Shop the Bakewell collection here. 
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Shop LC Savings

The time has come for seasonal sprinklings of happiness, even if that means retail therapy.
Autumn is here and soon winter will arrive in about a month.

This means that holiday shopping and seasonal sales are ever expanding. Have you even started your shopping lists yet? I have birthday gifts, and house-warming gifts to buy in addition to Christmas shopping, so I usually buy the bulk of things online versus at stand-alone stores because it's easier.

Shop LCis a network that offers low pricing for customers not limited to jewellery and accessories from its former branding channelIt was founded in 2008, and the network delivers a multitude of diverse products to shop for onlineI perused their offerings to see the latest sales. Most items are well under twenty dollars—the site seems to cover a variety of customersfrom the discount seeking shopper to customers looking to acquire luxe merchandise, all at low cost.  

After looking at the Shop LC site via my tablet, I found comfy throws, great blankets and comforters, which would be perfect to warm additional guests that are staying over the holidays. With sites like this, you need patience so I may suggest making a list of what you're seeking, then sift through the categories, or you can view their online videos and deals of the day as well as grab exclusive seasonal savings 

I am quite selective with my jewellery and handbags, so I kept it simple and enjoyed looking through their home, and kitchen areas. I was sent a royal blue blanket of flannel Sherpa, and black and cream throw, which will be ideal for wintry fireside evenings. 

Ways To Shop: 
You can watch their hosted live auction shows, or you may shop quickly via your Smartphone and tablet for convenienceThere are amazing prices on nearly everything listed on the site: Brazilian aquamarine, diamond rings, Australian opal pieces, 24K necklaces, and more. Other products available included Murano glass outdoor chimes, sequins pillows, and storage benches, etc. 
Check out a few selections I've picked out, including this golden kale necklace (wacky, unique, and cool at the same time)! Don't ask me why, but I actually have a friend who would absolutely adore that necklace. 

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Have you heard of Shop LC? Do you shop online mostly?  

 Images: Fashion Tales, some images courtesy of Shop LC, edited by Fashion Tales.This is written on behalf of Shop LC, and sponsored via shopping links. As always, all opinions and content are honestly expressed and my own.

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