Super Bowl Ready

Do have a sport that you enjoy? Well, I certainly do. However, to be honest, aside from watching the Premier league football and going to the matches with my father when I was young, when it comes to the NFL (football), I don't know the slightest bit.  

That's where entertaining perfectly comes in! The Super Bowl seems to be one of those sport events that a lot of people take part in globally—being able to enjoy a good snack fest with friends and join in on all the fun—be it to watch big performances during halftime or the game itself. Even if you aren't very knowledgeable in the actual game, there are plenty of ways to take part in the occasion.  

This is exactly what we did! In collaboration with Oriental Trading, I hosted a pre-game party, essentially providing you with more than enough sufficient reasons to get your party on ... and in sporty fashion. I've never thrown a Super Bowl party, so this was such a fun one to put together.   

Detailed Décor:
Firstly, it's all about the fun décor! Having themed decorations for your party always makes guests happy, especially when you have adorable aesthetics.  

These game day pieces were more than the talk of the party, from the chilli bowls to the referee serving tray, everything worked with the concept. Not to mention, the printed balloons were a bonus! Remember when I told you there were balloons for every occasion and seasonal theme? I decided to go for an asymmetrical arrangement for this, then added a wall hanging with a few other elements to pull everything together.  

Party Extras:
I made a couple of filling foodie sides: fresh baked soft pretzels, and chilli bowls to go along with the other snack options. 

For the lollipop holder, I just used these dry foam sections that I had from my floral designs, then cover it with printed napkins. Arrange the napkins inside a wooden crate, then insert the lollipops into the foam. You can grab the field goal DIY below. 

I've made a couple of DIYs with the spirited theme for inspiration: a field goal food container, and a lollipop crate holder. Both of these are affordable and quite easy to create, which is the best part.  

What do you think of our sport-themed party?
The goods: Some products in this post were provided by Oriental Trading. Shop the sports collection hereAs always, all opinions expressed are my own. Feel free to add your favourite libations for a more adult-themed party. 


Dona Versatility

As an ardent tea drinker, I will occasionally stray away from my usual selections and stumble upon a good find. Even if slightly delayed in discovery, it still feels like a first win. Dona Chai is one of those finds!  

Founded by NYU alumna and entrepreneur, Amy Rothstein, Dona Chai is dedicated to preserving the quality and taste of the ginger root in producing their special concentrates, blends of tea. 

Now, a few years in, and a family-run businessDona Chai continues to make a growing impression with their small-batch goods. You can find Dona Chai on the shelves at Whole Foods and Anthropologie online, or if you're amongst the fortunate people who happen to live in New York City, Dona Chai is locally stocked in cafes and shops. 

Brand offerings include turmeric, and masala chai (which simply means "spiced tea") as well as gift sets of their quality tea concentrate concocted with plenty of healthy spicesa real treat for your post-holiday palate. What's more, if you're still not on the golden milk train (and you really should be at this pointthis particular turmeric concentrate is subtle enough to make you a believer. 

Both concentrate versions are lightly sweetened and flavourfulnot too pungent. If you're a fellow creative: gastronome, baker, and so on, then you will also love experimenting beyond the teacup. 
Masala & Turmeric: The Blends 
Don't think of this as a traditional Indian masala chai (which we love)this is a tad less peppery, instead, just sip, sip away—soon you'll understand how this Brooklyn chai has its own way of warming up your taste buds. It's fragrant and steeped slowly with cinnamon, ginger, green cardamom, organic loose black tea leaves, and black peppercorns. I actually added a bit more cinnamon to mine because I love the taste of cinnamon and I am used to a stronger flavour!

The turmeric concentrate is a fresh blend of ground turmeric, allspice, ginger, pink peppercorn, black pepper and lemongrass. This version is more of a sweeter and soothing turmeric tea and not bitter.

On The Go Friendly: 
You needn't all the time in the world to make a cuppa with these concentrates—simple to use steps at the readypour equal parts concentrate as milk (1:1 ratio). Don't be shy with your experimentation! Feel free to also add these in recipes, as I did. Breakfast muffins, chai ice cream, or even a spiced tea loaf will take your afternoon tea to new territory. Brooklyn bound, of course.  

Homemade Cinnamon Chai bread, using masasla chai. See the recipe post, coming up soon! 

What is your favourite type of tea? Have you tried Dona-chai?  

The goods: Turmeric and Masala Chai set-Courtesy of Dona Chai

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