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In case you live under a rock (or simply aren't into the Olympic sport news)the 2018 Winter Olympic Games is nearly upon us. I couldn't pass up a post like this without virtually taking you on my global adventures. In fact, that is the theme of our extravaganza and you're invited! 

As a person who advocates positive thinking, I'm really trying hard to not let the bad vibes of the world get me down. Many of our friends are still so excited for the Olympics, as am I, and since the world needs more love, this party theme vehemently resonated with us. Showing love amongst one another despite our differences is purely the way to be. 

I was so thrilled to throw this bash—better early than not at all—and the only way that I could visually show you how we are doing it in style for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games is with this post.  

Let The Games Begin 
If you're hosting a party for the Olympics this year, you might want to have a pre-game of your own. Since this is a family fun event, I wanted something that adults and children could take part in. Come join us and get motivated with these decorations! 

Aside from the obvious snack platters, we will be playing our own games. I decided to have a fun flight game. Each person has a faux passport and is from a selected country, then tries to get as many stamps as possible by answering questions from said country. If you are wrong, then you must shift yourself to the next country/passport stop and you don't get stamped through customs 

Don't worry, we made a range of questions from the very easy to the supremely complex—think, popular culture, current affairs and artful questions. The international bookmarks really helped with the fun-facts for regions and countries. There's a little more to it, but it's essentially like playing global musical chairs.  

I sort of went all out for this one, although it's quite tame compared to what I initially wanted to do. With that being said, creativity can be limitless when it comes to even making the simplest pieces. I used these largely printed country flags as a tablecloth. My favourite piece though might have to be the 3-dimensional centrepiece. This torch is adorably fitting to the theme, don't you think?  

If you're thinking, "Wow, Madison, I'm surprised you didn’t' put lights on it," well, think again because I actually did ponder the thought for a few moments. I decided against it, however, for the main event I just might have to strategically place some LED lights on the torch flame ... just a few! I think it's going to look amazing. Confession: I've sort of already done a mock-up 

What To Expect: 
I'm serving local fare from all over the globe. Everything from Indian samosas to Moroccan tagines, and a few other favourites. Wet your palates with chock-full of menu options: spiced teas, hot cocoa, iced matcha infusions and quality aqua to boot or if you need an extra kick, then signature international cocktails are waiting for you. 

No matter which country or countries you will be cheering for, I wanted to provide you with inspiration to help get you in the spirit of unity and just good fun, and that's what parties should be.  

Will you be watching the 2018 Winter Olympic Games?

What do you think of my party décor?

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