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There's nothing like a massive care package stocked with adorable gifts to love, and when special foodie touches are added, of course, that makes it even better!  

This hamper is for an upcoming family friend's DIY wedding party, so I went ahead and customised a few extra pieces for their theme. For the newlyweds, I decided to think a little outside the box, in that, each gift is specific to the couple, and not entirely traditional

Creating a hamper that's quite simple to put together but filled with creative gifts that you know the couple will love is always best. To get started, I've have prepared a few helpful tips to guide you through creating one of these yourself.  

Tip #1: Personal Touches: 
Grab your scissors, gilded ribbons and get creative! To start, I made custom labels and put together savoury snacks and sweet treats in gift boxes: spiced cocoa mix, ready to eat biscuits and handwritten send-off notes. This couple enjoys travelling, so I had a Mr & Mrs elegant luggage tags printed which go along with the copper and golden colour story in the theme.  

You can personalise just about anything these days, including this little wine kit. I added my own words and wrapped it in a ribbon. I also really love the idea of this wine tool kit. It's simple, great for travellers and surprisingly very affordable.  

A fun addition was my "perfect pair, two of a kind" playing cards. This would be great for a couple to commemorate their special day.  If you don't know what to write, use humour or a great quote. 

Tip #2: Extravagance doesn't always mean better 
If you're not the lavish gift-giving typethen don't try to be. If you don't bake, this is not the occasion to give your mum's new recipe a go! The best way to create your basket of goodies is to think about theme, the person(s) receiving it and to also think about how you'd like to present your gift. You don't have to spend a fortune!

You can create budget-friendly hampers that will speak volumes about you, your friendship and the couple. There's nothing wrong with raising your gifting game, however, stick to what you know.  
It can be as simple as paying for tickets to the cinema and inserting them into a beautifully customed envelope.

Tip #3: Make a Budget 
As I've briefly mentioned above, there are plenty of ways to design an affordable wedding gift hamper. The most important and often challenging task is to not overspend. It does not matter if your budget is peanuts or large enough to make a down payment on a palace—make one, and stick to it!

If you've spent a lot of time creating something by hand, be certain to make it known by a professional labeltag or custom sticker, etc. Let's face it, a scarf is just a scarf be it for warmth or style, but when it's hand-knitted or hand-sewn in your favourite fabric, then customised with your name in the label by someone dear to you, that makes a big difference. 

Making a hamper for a wedding or any special occasion takes dedication, creativity, and patience. If you're thinking about making one from scratch per se, stay on budget, and have fun with it. The joy that you'll bring to those newlywed faces will be priceless!  

Stay tuned for part two of the wedding gathering with plenty of gilded gems to love.

What do you think of these custom gifts & wedding inspiration?

The goods: Shop more wedding ideas and reception goods here. You can create your own custom pieces from the wedding collection! Some items in this post were provided by MarryMe & Oriental Trading. All opinions are honestly expressed and my own.

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