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Can you believe that we are in February already? Even though everyone seems to be talking about spring, for some of us, winter is still very much upon us and this season one of the major purchases on my list was a new coatI bought one (a crop style winter coat a few months ago) and now I am looking for a casual style, something more versatile. 

It's not as simple as it soundshave coats but most are quite heavily lined or dressy. To shop well, I usually make a list of places that have the silhouettes that I am seeking. Then, I look for quality, factor in my budget plan and the style (which is a major deciding element).  

need a medium weight coat, one that I can use as a normal layering option. The dilemma is searching for a lighter coat that you can travel with, or a heavy jacket that can act as a coat to keep you warm whilst staying stylish.    

The Style Ramble Continues ...
Two of my vintage coats are wonderful, howeverfor some of the places that I'm visiting in the next couple of months, I don't really want to wear those styles due to the occasions or destinations. Some delicate styles are not ideal when living out of a suitcase.  

Alas, decided on a few smart style options that are seemingly versatile and vastly different from any of my other coats. Here are some of my favourites at the momentI did include a mid to heavy style (above #2) because I loved how simple it looked, plus who doesn't also love a good moto-jacket (seen below)? Go figure, what's a fashionista to do?   

What type of coats are you wearing this season? 

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