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Many of us have humidifiers or diffusers and depending on how well you have done your research (before your purchase), it might be enough. However, when it comes to everyday pollution, dust mites, pollen, pet hairs, and other particles that are blindly seen in the air to the naked eye, do you really know the air quality of your dwelling place?  

If you’re a person who has serious allergies like me, then you may very well know, or at least feel, rather, the effects of your surrounding environment. Have you ever tried using an air purifier? 

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Let me introduce you to the Roger, an air purifier by Stadler Form, the Swiss design brand of sleek indoor and outdoor climate devices with innovative technology. The collection of designs includes humidifiers, air purifiers, fans and heaters, amongst others in a variety of scales and styles. 

All air purifiers are not created equal. Stadler Form’s Roger is an impressive air purifier that uses the German-made High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Dual Filter™ with carbon weave for optimal performance, allowing gas pollutants to be removed from the air. I must say, at the onset, I pondered whether I would actually feel a difference at all afterwards, and would my inhalations be deeper, more pleasant and less toxic? I thought I had used everything out there in the market.  

I will get straight to the point because there are many benefits from using this regularly in my home, office and studio to keep to myself. In short, yes, there was a difference in air quality.  

What To Know
The Roger absorbs particles measuring up to 0.2 microns with an efficiency of over 90%, and filters even smaller particles from the air, but with a tad lower degree of efficiency. The multifaceted filter design allows the air purifier to eliminate bad odours, formaldehyde, tobacco smoke, gases, toluene, volatile organic compounds amongst others and filters them out of the air. 

Just so that you understand, there are about 25,000 microns (micrometres in diameter) in an inch/2.5 centimetres. Therefore, 2.5 particulate matter or fine particles are so tiny they are able to travel through the respiratory tract, right at the lungs. PM2.5 is particles smaller than 2.5 microns. Particle pollution is definitely real, which is why your environment affects your well-being.  

I am very mindful of this because of travelling for work often affects my allergies. When you move from location to location and with frequent climate changes—that may seem like normalcy because you’ve tolerated it—there are constant agitations. These fine particles can cause transitory health-related issues: shortness of breath, worsen asthma, eyes, throat and nose irritation, or more. Think of it this way, the average human hair is about 60 to 70 micrometres, that’s 30 times bigger than the largest fine particle.  

Life before the Roger was a battle due to scent sensitivity from all sorts of people walking in and out of the office with different fragrances on, which would often drive my allergies bonkers! Roger can automatically monitor and differentiate pollen from cigarettes, and even cooking smells from atmospheric particles.

In my opinion, this device might especially be excellent for city dwellers; the auto-mode takes care of detecting your air quality (the blue colour means good quality, red is poor, and orange is medium). If you have a small flat or if you’re looking to buy one for smaller rooms, then Roger Little will cover your needs. Not to mention, those with allergies or pest control concerns with related fibres in the air will be pleased with an air filter.

Now, make a note, this calibre of quality is an investment. Although clearly, if you’re a glass half full type of person, and think more along the lines of long-term results (because this is a health and wellness investment), then it makes sense. The same sense that exercising or eating clean does for a happier and healthy life would make, just saying! To be honest, the Roger will spoil you though, and youll likely want to have at least one in your precious abode. The filter will last you a remarkable 8 to 12 months. 

My favourite details about Roger are the following: The touch-sensitive keys are convenient and stylish, the sleep timer: it dims the light so that you aren’t disturbed too much if you happen to get up from your slumber, and if you really don’t want the light bright then there’s an extra setting that dims even more. I also love the easy to use functionsthis practical approach is thoughtful in design and concept.

The set-up is also quite fast and following the simple instructions are quicker than setting up a new Smartphone.  I was really impressed with the overall quality, design and function. It is well-made and also easy to clean. 
*CADR ratings: Smoke 307 ft3/min, Pollen 361 ft3/min, Dust 331 ft3/min 
*Rating: 9.8 out of 10 

What do you think of Stadler Form’s air purifier?  


The goods: Roger Air Purifier -Courtesy of Stadler Form-a FASHION TALES BLOG media partner. View and Buy it here! All opinions and content are honestly expressed and my own.             


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