5 Ways To Revamp A [Summer Garden]


Let's Get Started! 
If you have been struggling to find ways to improve your garden for the season, we’re here to help!  

Summertime is a great way to revamp your current garden, be it with the overall design aesthetic or simply with additional functional features for your needs. 

First things first, before any garden renovations you will need to ensure that there are no critters or unwanted creatures lurking in the area you plan to garden. Using a professional place such as, Critter Stop can help with effective wildlife removal and nip any squirrel problem you may have in the bud. A pest removal company will take care of everything from trapping and removing to prevention. You will want to get those unwanted creatures away from your working area before starting any of the following projects to limit damage and ensure your garden stays beautiful for many years to come.

Below are five ways to improve your summer garden. 

  1. 1. Paver Patios: 
    If you decide on creating a paver patio, remember to prep your space beforehand. Think about electrical lines, plumbing, or cables, as these are all important to note before digging. Digging deep will provide you with better results. Check the soil to be sure it is not too dry. Softer (or damper soil) will allow better execution for digging. 

  1. 2. Counting the Cost: 
    Be certain to think about the cost of laying a patio. Fortunately, paver patios can be made with a multitude of materials that don't have to break your bank account. With modern techniques in designs and treatments, 

    As a result, you will save money by cutting down on repair costs, staining and because there isn't the need to continuously seal it. If you are an excellent DIY enthusiast, it will help a small budget.

  1. 3. Themes: Gardens with an artful concept adds style and personality. You may want to select a vintage or repurposed theme, using frames, a bathtub, or large urns. 

  1. 4. Adding diverse flowers:  
By adding flowers of contrasts and a varietal selection, this helps your garden to stand out. If you aren't keen on flowers, try fresh herbs with striking colours in your garden. Lavender, thyme, hydrangeas, basil, or spring onions are all great options. 

  1. 5. Focus Points 
Choosing a new focal point or even repotting a few plants can really bring life to a garden.