Modern & Classic Entertaining With Porland


Entertain with style and sophistication with Porland, a porcelain tableware and dinnerware company.

What started as a modest tableware store in the mid-70s, has become a globally admired brand — from Britain to the States.  


With contemporary designs of porcelain dinnerware, there really is something on offer for every style and occasion. You’ll find a range of designs including tableware for entertaining enthusiasts that are artful, minimal, elegant, bold, classic, and more. 

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dinnerware with cucumbeer and lime

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Porland produces a range of premium dinnerware that’s made to last using advanced technology and innovation.  


I am featuring dinnerware from the Twilight collection and the lovely Marine Blue collection, a line inspired by the rhythm of the sea and its beautiful creatures. The latter is a delightfully aquatic collection that the company hopes will bring “both peace and vitality to the table.”  Take a look for yourself!


Within the 12-piece set shown here are dinner plates, salad plates, and small bowls, all made of premium alumilite porcelain. The weight of the pieces is of great quality and feels rather elegant even handling them. The best part (especially for families) is that these gorgeous dinnerware pieces are entirely dishwasher safe, and will coordinate with the serving bowls within the rest of the collection.  

blue and white plates with fish and olives


Twilight was inspired by the setting of the sun; the brand describes that this collection “will make you feel like you are reaching eternity with its unique colour transitions.” In my opinion, up close, you can certainly get lost within a glance of the plates by their alluring aesthetic alone. It makes you feel like you want to rustle up something luxurious, or cook something simple and beautiful, period. 


Thus, for this styling, I added a medley of fresh vegetables to uplift the mood and palette of the tablescape. With the Twilight collection, you can easily illuminate your kitchen alchemy – present your delicious creations and impress your guests. 


To me, the Marine Blue line is playful, and practical, yet still has a sophistication about it — each plate has a slightly different formation or design element within the maritime concept.  


I’d love to know which collection is your favourite, or perhaps both are suitable for your lifestyle.  

Take a look at some of the latest products by Porland, including pieces from the Marine Blue and the Twilight collections. 


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Sardines with blue and white plates and lemon slices
Black plates with cucumber and red peppers

The goods: Tableware and dinnerware (in Marine Blue, Twilight)-Provided by Porland, a FASHION TALES media blog partner. Shop the Porland collection here.  

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Blue and white plates witt fish print

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blue and white fish plates
Porland black and white dinnerware

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