[Easter DIY] Glitter Bunny Rabbits

This DIY is fairly easy but it is time-consuming due to using chalk paint markers. You will need to hand-paint each ceramic rabbit. Shaking the chalk paint markers vigorously (with the tops on) before any application is highly suggested. 

*Alternatively, you could indeed use spray paint but I did like the non-dripping issue and the effect of manually using the paint pens a lot better because it works sort of like a primer with the gold leafing glue.


Dry paintbrushes, 1 paintbrush per colour
Chalk paint markers, in 2 to 4 different colours
Dust-free cloth

  1. On a flat working surface, use a dust-free cloth to remove any excess dust, or chalky ceramic bits from your ceramic rabbit or whichever ceramic shape you are using.
  2. In the colour of your preference, use one paint marker to start painting the ceramic piece, in a back and forth motion, as if you are scribbling. Do this until you have completely covered the ceramic piece with paint. *It’s okay if some areas are more sparse than others. Let the paint dry completely (approx. 15-30 minutes).
  3. Add gold leaf glue or glitter glue liberally with a dry paintbrush to adhere it directly to the painted ceramic piece. *Long brushstrokes work best initially, then use the dabbing method to allow more gold leafing to stick on the ceramic. Let it dry completely.
  4. Repeat all steps for each ceramic piece.

Use these dazzling pieces around the house as décor accents or for entertaining!