DIY: Tumbler Warmers

Faux fur or vintage fur, approx. 27cm
   (10”-11”) long and 4cm-5cm (1.5”-2”)
Skinny flat elastic yardage, cut approx. 20cm-25cm  (8”-10”)
Sewing machine
Ruler or measuring tape
1 Tumbler, for fitting fabric

*If you don’t want to sew, alternatively, you can always use adhesive tape. Sewing will secure these the best.

  1. With a ruler, measure the widest part of the circumference of your tumbler or cup (usually the upper part of the cup), then use this measurement to cut a strip of fur fabric lengthwise by your preferred width for your cosy (I cut 27cm Long X 5cm Wide).
  2. Turn the fur piece over so that the back side (wrong side) of the fabric is facing upward. Cut two flat elastic pieces slightly shorter in length than your fur cut piece. Then, place one flat elastic piece (lengthwise) on the inner edge of your fur piece, centred. 
  3. As you start sewing the flat elastic to the fur piece, slowly pull the flat elastic, creating bunches or gathers within the fabric. As you pull the elastic piece the fur will start to form gathers. When you get to the end snip off the excess elastic. Repeat this step for the second elastic piece. Alternatively, you can use only one flat elastic piece in the centre but I liked the stability of using two. 
  4. Next, fold the fur piece in half from one end to the other so that the face sides of the fabric are facing each other, and the exposed elastic side (the wrong side) is facing towards you (upward). Run a stitch to sew the seam closed. Cut off excess fabric and threads. Snip off corners for a clean finish. Then, turn inside out. Now, you have a furry cosy to keep your hands warm and your tumbler stylish. 
Click the image below to see the full details of our November 2017 autumn campfire party that we used these for!