Holiday Décor - DIY Boots

Ceramic miniature boots
Spray paint (in preferred colour)
Black acrylic paint
Mod podge
Paintbrushes (2-3 with varied thickness)
Chalkboard paint pen - (Optional)
Decorative sticker trim or tape
Beads, rivets or brass studs
Heavy-duty glue
Buffalo check/tartan printed napkins 
Grosgrain ribbon or satin ribbon trim -(Optional)

  1. Spray paint the ceramic boots with the base colour that you want. set aside to dry. Go to Step 3, if you only want one colour.
  2. At this point if you are having another colour add the second colour, then set aside to dry completely.
  3. Cut the printed napkin strip(s) to match the curve of the boot (along the tongue or the upper (vamp) part of the show).
  4. Use a paintbrush and apply mod podge or a sealant to adhere the printed napkin on the boot. Let it dry completely.
  5. If you want a print on the upper (band) of the boot do the same as step 4.
  6. Add trimming: decorative tape, grosgrain cut ribbon and studs/beads to adorn the front and back of the boot. Use hot glue or heavy-duty glue to adhere the trims one by one to the boot. (View images). Let it dry completely.
  7. Use a fine-tip chalkboard pen to write ‘Hunter’ or a guest’s name on the front of the boot. Brush lightly with a sealant (Mod Podge works!)
  8. Fill the boot with plants, holiday décor, or cutlery! 
Everyone will love these creative pieces. Have fun with it!