How To Let The Light In This January

It’s easy to feel a little low in spirit during the dark days of January. The twinkling gaudiness of Christmas has been packed away for another year, and it seems like a long old slog to spring. Talk of horrible inventions like Blue Monday can make the most positive of people feel down in the dumps. So, what’s a girl to do? Should you just hibernate under the duvet, only emerging to pick up supplies of comfort food? As tempting as that might be, forcing yourself to make positive changes is much more likely to put a smile on your face. Follow this guide, and you will feel happier and healthier.

1.     Put your pinny on and give your house a really good clean. You don’t have to wait until we have lighter days before getting stuck into a good old spring clean. Get scrubbing and get rid of any junk or clutter – you’ll be surprised at how much better you’ll feel afterwards. Once you know your home is in order, you’ll feel in control and ready to take on anything!

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2.     Ring in the changes by redecorating your home in new colours and fabrics. An interior design consultation can be really useful in helping you choose great pieces that really work together – and can help you to totally transform your living space.

3.     Refresh your personal style with a new haircut and colour. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can get your hair done in exactly the same way as your favourite celebrity: they are likely to have a completely different hair type, as well as a constant entourage that includes an on-call hairdresser! Talk to your stylist about which looks would work best with your hair type, and which ones would be relatively easy to maintain. New hair really can make you feel like a new woman!

4.     Reinvent your wardrobe by getting rid of things that no longer fit, and that aren’t suited to your body shape or colouring. Ask a friend to help you to objectively assess your clothes, and whether they are helping you to look your best. Size is irrelevant if you are wearing clothes that don’t flatter your shape, so go shopping and choose a few key pieces that highlight your assets at the same time as minimising your flaws: your confidence levels will soar! Find out about great discounts for your new clothes here.

5.    Try something new that is outside of your normal routine. You could join a club or class in your local area, take up cycling, try online dating, or learn a new language. Whatever you choose, doing something different will increase your self-esteem and you’ll probably learn a few things about yourself too!

The post-Christmas period doesn’t have to be the time of resigned lethargy – with a little effort, you can use this time to transform your look, home and your mind. By the time you bounce your way into spring, everyone will be wondering just what secrets are behind your glowing contentment!

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