Mucuna - The Velvet Bean

Brain, Hormonal, and Herbal Healing


Mucuna pruriens  

Let’s talk about Mucuna, the magic dopamine bean! Mucuna is also called velvet bean (or kapikacchu, in Ayurvedic medicine). It has a restorative effect on the brain, hormonal systems, and nervous system. The seeds are rich in levodopa (L-DOPA), an amino acid that aids in producing dopamine, a neurotransmitter that regulates your mood, cognitive function, and desire to exercise. (1) (2) 

This plant has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine (for infertility treatment, stress, anxiety, and menstrual issues, and used as an aphrodisiac). Some of the benefits and medicinal uses for Mucuna have been as follows: 


  • Can be used as a coffee substitute, if you want energy boosting without the spike or effects of caffeine. Mucuna means journey, and powerful guidance from two planetary references, correlated in astrology as being ruled by Mercury and Uranus, with many chemical characteristics knowns to stimulate neurotransmitters in the brain. Fittingly, mucuna can be used for comforting oneself from sadness or used to activate and energise a state of higher consciousness.  

  • Clinical studies have also shown use in treating Parkinson’s Disease, making it an effective alternative just as standard pharmaceutical options in treatment but with fewer side effects. (1),(2), (3) 

  • Think of it this way, if you are in a season of transition in your life, hormonal change, a state of change to unfamiliar territory, or need clarity, this is a plant that can help you on your journey of connecting to what you need to. Be it, a state of bliss, or a subtle enhancement of energy in the body/mind.     

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Make these rose truffles with mucuna for an uplifting treat for yourself. 

You should listen to your body and use mucuna in stages. Perhaps, one week on and one week off, or a couple times a week, then maybe a few times a month. Monitor the changes that you experience, even writing down how you’re feeling can help you understand the plant more and how it affects your body and relates to what you’re going through in life at that moment.   


Mucuna in a jar