The Top 6 Reasons To Love Winter

When you think about winter, unfortunately, you might think of the freezing temperatures outside, catching a cold, or even the dark and longer nights and the shorter days. Don't worry, I promise, winter is not at all miserable! It can be a joyful season of excitement, and here’s why:

#1 Christmas Is Coming

No celebration gathers such joy and enthusiasm globally as Christmas. Some people start decorating their house weeks in advance; (we do in my home) whilst others do it in a hurry with only a few days to spare. But we all agree on one thing: Christmas is the season to bring joy to each other and to cultivate togetherness.

#2 Amazing Snow Holiday

If there is one reason to enjoy the cold winter, perhaps playing gleefully in the snow comes to mind. My nephews love making snow angels and there’s a natural playfulness that even adults can enjoy. Suddenly, snowmen multiply at the corner of every street, and the laughter of children fills up the town. For many, winter is the guarantee of a happy family break together in a ski resort, such as in one of the locations of snowmass vacations for example, where everyone can revert back to their playful nature with a pair of skis!

#3 Delicious And Indulgent Food

It’s no secret, winter is the season of indulgence. Just look at your Christmas menus to see the proof of it. The weather is colder, and consequently, the plates become richer and warmer. You are more likely to indulge in a slice of chocolate cake when the temperatures are at biting temperatures. Somehow, this is the image that you unconsciously share with the rest of humanity about winter: A cup of hot chocolate with a handful of marshmallows on top, a larger than usual gingerbread man to dunk in it, and a piping hot pumpkin pie in the oven will warm you right up.

#4 Feel Good Spa Treatment

As the temperatures drop and your skin becomes more fragile, winter calls for additional care against the cold and the wind. Whether you prefer a spa at home day or a visit to a regular spa centre, it is the official season of pampering and nice bubble baths.

#5 Amazing Winter Style

There’s one thing about winter fashion: It is cosy. It is the time to wrap yourself in warm layers of wool, and everything is permitted: thick socks, beanies, ugly Christmas jumpers, long wool dress, school-like duffle coats and even more! There is no limitation to the winter fashion as long as you are comfortable. It's a great excuse to don your favourite jumpers or purchase one. Whatever you choose, there’s plenty to love about our warm clothes.

#6 The Season For Reading

People tend to read more during the winter months as they prefer to stay inside and avoid the cold. So, if you have a few books on your reading list, now it’s the best time to start them! There is nothing more satisfying than reading a book in front of the fire with a warm cup of cocoa: It tastes of peaceful childhood. This is why the colder months see a lot of homeowners working on a library décor at home, to indulge in their guilty pleasure. Now is the time to dive again into the world of Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings!

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